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  • Self-Planning A Wedding – Impossible Or Possible?

    Ever since that hit of a romantic comedy, The Wedding Planner, starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey, hiring a planner for a wedding has sort of become the trend to follow. However, hiring outside help means allocating a bigger budget; one you can’t afford to have. The good news is that this isn’t the end of the world for brides out there. The other good news is that it is entirely possible to plan your own wedding.

    DIY-Friendly Checklists

    Many individuals have chosen to do a lot of DIY projects and events, simply because a lot of money can be saved in doing so. Money that can actually be allocated somewhere else where it is needed most. In the case of a wedding, maybe your honeymoon or the new house you’re going to move into.
    This DIY trend has been caught on fast by many experts out there willing to help and so the result is a lot of sound advice from books, videos, magazines, articles, and yes, the ever helpful checklists.

    When you’re planning a wedding, a checklist is a must. It helps spell things out for the bride-to-be and already comes in a pre-organized system. Do take note that not all things listed in a checklist may be applicable for your wedding. Don’t panic. Just do the things that are applicable and tick them off one by one until you achieve your goal.

    Free Assistance Available

    Many brides have made it through planning their own wedding because of the help of friends and relatives. Take advantage of your entourage and ask them to help you. It’s more than likely that they want to help wherever they can. Ask your maid of honor to help you pick out a dress and go food tasting with you. If your groom is able and have the time, ask him to go with you in picking out venues for receptions.

    Ask the Services of a Veteran

    This doesn’t have to be a veteran planner, but the advice of a bride who’s gone through whole wedding planning, either on her own or with the help of a planner. Asking someone who’s already experienced what you’re going through will be a big help for you. She will be able to give you a far accurate sneak peek into what could happen and what to prepare for in a wedding.

    Others Have Done It!

    Don’t feel like you’re all alone in this endeavour. Hold your head high. Others have done it and so can you. Joining forums where other do-it-yourselves brides can be reached will be a great source of help. You can ask them realistic questions and receive realistic answers in return.

    Remember, as much as you want your wedding to be perfect; don’t put that unnecessary burden on yourself. Not all weddings are perfect, no matter how good they look on pictures or in videos. Things that can possibly go wrong will go wrong. Don’t attempt to control everything in the hopes of achieving a perfect event. What matters is that you’re getting the wedding of your dreams. Imperfections are part of the package and can even be a good source of laugh when you look back it years from now.

    Oh, and if that passion to plan a wedding still lingers after yours has passed, then you might be on your way to starting a wedding planning business. You’ve got your own wedding as experience to back you up.

  • You’re A Bride… Now What?

    Whether you’re a bride for the first time, the 2nd or even for the 3rd time, the feeling is always the same. That heady rush of excitement you just can’t contain, that smile from ear to ear, and yes, even the anxiety. Looking forward to the wedding day always make every bride happy, but looking at all the things that have to be done in between is another matter altogether. If you’re one of those who feel like they don’t know where to go and what to do before their wedding day comes, here’re some tips for you.

    1.       Keep calm and don’t forget to breathe.

    Yes, you’re excited. You want to jump up and down. You want to shout it from the rooftops that you’re getting married. BUT, you do have some planning to do. When that reality hits home, you’re going to start feeling anxious. When you feel anxiety beginning to take over, stop, take a breather and calm yourself down.
    Go to a place you consider peaceful – a place where you can think. What do you do here? Start counting the time that you have between the engagement and the actual wedding day. How many months, or for some, weeks do you have? This isn’t to get you panicking even more. Knowing how much time you have allows you to arrange your priorities a lot better.

    2.       Take things one at a time.

     If brides could do all things at once, then they will, but unfortunately, they can’t. While it’s possible to book several wedding suppliers in one day, it’s not possible for you to consider all the necessary suppliers in just one day. Creating shortcuts just because you think you’re out of time will mean settling for less for what could otherwise be a great wedding day.

    Yes, there are many things that need to be done, but regardless of whether you have one year or just two weeks to prepare, you do have the time. Take things one at a time.

    3.       You have options!

    It has already been mentioned that taking shortcuts are not a good way to plan for a marriage. Booking one supplier and not considering all others is not a good move. You have options. It’s important to remember that.

    Of course, it isn’t wise to consider all the options out there. Strike a good balance and limit your choices to three at most and pick from those. Which suppliers have the best feedback, are within your budget, and can envision the same wedding as you or even better?

    4.       Unload! You’re not alone.

    What most brides fail to consider is the help that is readily available for them. They think that since it’s their wedding day, it’s their duty to handle all the little details. It is not. This is a common misconception that needs to be broken!

    There are plenty of special people in your life who want in on your wedding; friends and relatives who want to help in what little way they can. Let them! Unload yourself of what you can and let the others do it for you.

    There are even luckier brides who have grooms that are more than ready to take on some of the burden of planning. Let them! You’ll end up being grateful for what he does.

    5.       Remember, it’s YOUR day.

    Asking the help of someone else, be it a family member or a wedding planning, what’s important is that YOUR wedding dreams come true, not theirs. Remember, this is your wedding. It’s what you want that should get done.

    This is easier to do when you’re dealing with a planner, since they are inclined to what you want for your wedding. Dealing with family is a little different and this is where strains can be experienced. However, don’t stress it out too much. Learn to compromise and meet their needs as much as possible, without ultimately sacrificing your dream wedding.

    6.       Relish everything!

    What’s a wedding if you’re not happy? Relish the whole experience of being a bride. You only get to have that experience for once in your life. The planning may be a little hectic and more so the wedding day, but try hard to fight the stress that’s threatening to surface. Push it back and choose to enjoy the whole thing.

  • A Synopsis of the various types of rituals followed in Indian weddings

    In Indian culture, wedding is seen as an auspicious occasion wherein each and every member of the family takes part. It is a ceremony which enables two people to begin their journey of life with happiness and bliss. Well, marriage is not a weaving of two beautiful souls but also the amalgamation of two families with similar culture and background.

    In Indian weddings, the main emphasis is given on eternal happiness along with mutual-love. Therefore, many customs and rites are followed in Indian marriages which were inherited from the former ancestors. The point behind following the customs is to give importance to the ancestors and to make the wedding pious. The different types of customs followed in Indian marriage denote an act of obligation and Dharma towards the family and society. (more…)

  • Is it good or bad to judge the success of a wedding on the basis of Extravagancy?

    Since ages, Weddings have been the example of lavishness and all across the globe. Celebrating a wedding on a very high note has been the reason for this event to be planned lavishly. Each and every couple believes it’s an event once in a lifetime, urging the viewer for high-classed marriage merriment. But sometimes, this unessential view makes the entire efforts go unfruitful.  For example, recently in a marriage function all the Indian dishes were supposed to be shipped from India for the wedding reception, but due to bad weather condition, the flight was delayed by four hours which lead to a lot of humiliation for the host.

    Rich people can afford to spend lavishly on their marriages in order to show-off among their friends and family members. Marriages have never been this classy! The huge amount of money is getting spent to show the world what it means to tie the knot. According to a recent survey, India stands out for holding the world’s most expensive weddings every year. But this tendency of rich people in India to go over the top for celebrating the wedding has led various middle-class families in two-mind.

    But, do you really think the amount of money spend in a marriage is the yardstick for its success.

    Well, everyone in this world will have varied opinion, and that depends on the type of society you belong to. Simultaneously, a splendid service with vows made in front of hundreds, can place an obligation on the bride and groom to work through uneven patches rather than toss it all aside at the first hint of rough water. Possibly, we need to go back to the basics to find out the answers for questions like- what is our definition of wedding? What is our explanation of a dream marriage? Is it about the joy that comes with finally tying the knots with your dream man or woman? Do you want a wedding to mesmerize your guests? Or, do you want a wedding which, while giving you a beautiful memory, to cherish for the lifetime. Last but not the least; this particular topic needs a lot of discussion before coming to a conclusion about it.

  • Your Makeup Artist at Your Wedding

    There is a lot to do and think of when planning a wedding. One of the most important aspects that need careful planning is how you would want your makeup and hair done. After all, the bride is the center of attraction and would like to look beautiful with perfect makeup and hair style. She has to look beautiful in person as well as come out very impressive in the photographs. For the best results, it is a good idea to hire the services of an expert and experienced makeup artist for a wedding. It is always best to let the makeup artist handle your makeup and hair style on the special day while you can focus on the other things.

    Let us take a look as to how hiring a makeup artist during your wedding can make a world of difference to your looks for the special day.

    Hiring a professional make-up artist:

    Professional makeup artists will start working on your skin a month before and recommend tips on how to improve your looks and what diet and exercise to follow. By the time the wedding day arrives, they will, be well familiar with your skin type and will know what application of makeup will suit you and make your skin look flawless on   the wedding day. It will help if you get a trial makeup before the special day. Your makeup artist will examine your skin and will know whether your skin is dry and thus requires exfoliation. He might recommend a dermatologist if necessary.

    He will know how to highlight your best features and hide all the flaws and turn you into in stunning beauty. He will study your features and with experience know how to create the best frame by fixing those brow right and or covering pimples and marks.  An experienced makeup artist will know within not item as to what kind and style of makeup will go best with your personality and the wedding dress.

    A makeup artist should have:

    • a creative imagination
    • a strong visual sense
    • good communication skills
    • confidence and tact to suggest changes

    Keep a budget aside for the makeup artist. Already you are spending a lot on the food, music, decoration, venue, and photographers in the wedding. This is definitely a good investment and worth it as you simply can’t ignore on how you are going to look on this special day. Looking great with a good make up on will also ensure that you come out looking nice in those pictures too. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to hire the services of a professional makeup artist.

    Bride make-up products:


  • Picking the Perfect Wedding Rings

    The wedding ring is perhaps one of the most important purchases of your life.  This is the most special time when you, as a couple choose those rings together and get to know the tastes of each other. Many couples make countless visits to different stores, spending time together and taking their time to find the perfect set it would be a good idea to learn about the options available for wedding rings and see which is the perfect set for you.
    To start with, you need to be sure about the precious metal you would like your ring set to be made from. Many couples only prefer white gold or some would like to have yellow gold. However, when choosing gold rings, you also need to be sure if you would like to have 14k, 18k or 24k gold. The higher the karats listed for a ring, the more gold is in it and higher the costs.

    Another popular metal is Tungsten and carries high durability. It carries a dazzling luster when refined and polished and therefore makes the ideal choice for couples worried about the budget. Many other couples who like the tint of silver might go for tungsten because of it tint and price.

    Platinum is another popular choice for men and women’s rings and is just the right metal for diamonds, increasing their shine and Opting for platinum is a good idea as it is long lasting attributes, and is a symbol of couple’s love also being long lasting as well. Moreover, the density of platinum is the right compliment and strength for diamonds and other jewels. Sterling silver too is another costly metal that compliments the dazzle of a diamond. There are silver styles available for both men and women.

    List of platinum wedding rings:

    Many people are not aware of palladium perhaps and how beautiful it looks when made into a ring however, this precious metal is gaining more popularity and recognition every day. The white Palladium is 95% content in jewelry and looks very beautiful and trendy.

    When it comes to wedding rings, one will come across different styles to pick form as there is a huge variety in the market. There are unique styles and deigns available with well-known designers like Tiffany who are especially known for their wedding ring collection. Many couples like the designs of rings made by Verragio as well as like their prestige and beautiful, unique designs Tacori wedding rings are one of kind and very special creations you may want to check out before making a final choice.


  • Find a Wedding Photographer on Your Wave Length

    Weddings have become such an important affair today and every couple is looking for ways and means to make it more unique. In fact, they have become much more adventurous and imaginative when it comes to capturing their special day in photographs. Modern couples are bold and experimental and like to move in other directions rather than the traditional wedding photos and poses that we have seen in the past. Today, one can choose from different styles like traditional or funky, vintage or alternative.

    Before you hire a wedding photographer, you should read these pages:

    Many people just take the wedding photographer casually and don’t realize that he has a very important role to play. He can make the day even more wonderful and special and capture some of the candid moments of the day forever in his lenses. It is essential that you feel comfortable with your photographer and he should have the ability to make everyone feel comfortable too. He must be someone who is not only experienced, but fits with your personality and is flexible too. He should have plenty of creative ideas for your wedding. There are certain aspects to look in a wedding photographer apart from the basic requirements of professional expertise and experience

    Qualities of a photographer:

    • Detailed Oriented – the expertise to concentrate on tiny & big objects
    • Creative skills
    • People skills
    • Technical skills – using tools and software programs correctly

    The wedding photographer should be completely relaxed on the special day as well as make you feel relaxed too. Nerves are inevitable on the wedding day, and he should know how to deal with pressure and make things go smoothly go for the photographer who is full of smiles and relaxed and can thus do complete justice to his task.
    It is a great help when your photographer knows all the little nuances of makeup and can give you tips to come out more beautiful for the photos. He knows how to adjust that particular lock of hair just right, or suggest a darker shade of lipstick. The experienced photographer will know how to get the best out of everyone in the photo.

    Some wedding decoration products:

    Anything can happen on the wedding day like changes in the weather or moods. Things can take a wrong turn unexpectedly. The photographer should know how to cope with any last minute changes and still do his task with complete proficiency and shoot effortlessly and without panic.

    It is a good idea to check out the portfolio and samples of a photographer’s work before hiring him. Ask about their forte and how comfortable they are working in different environments. They should have the talent to express your personality, especially when it comes to your wedding photos and make sure that your personality shines through with every picture. Look closely at your photographer and if he is bit untidy or unkempt in any way, this might reflect on their quality of work.

  • Ideas to Pick a Good Wedding Caterer

    Weddings are special day in someone’s life and nothing can beat the excitement of saying the words, “I do” The day is meant to be special for the couple as well as for the rest of the guests to enjoy. Apart from the decorations, the wedding dress of the bride and the wedding cake, the guests will remember the wedding because of the food and wine served

    Wedding catering will not only take major part of the couple’s wedding budget, but also has to be planned well in advance. The careering should be carefully planned and thought out and it is very essential to pick the right wedding catering services very carefully. It is safe to stick to experienced and reputed names with  lots of experience in wedding catering. Keep in mind that low quality services and poor food can spoil the whole essence of the wedding.

    Reading this The Wedding Catering Cookbook (Nitty Gritty Cookbooks) can be helpful as well!

    The caterer should also know how to fulfill all the couple’s requests and understand their demands.. The right caterer is the one who can present solutions to even the most complicated requirements and are well capable of making your dreams come true. Sometimes couples have really wild requests and only an experienced wedding catering service can meet. The wedding day should be an accurate representation of the couple’s dreams.

    Therefore, they should make sure to pick the right caterers who knowhow to give them their undivided attention throughout the entire process. It will take an expert eye to pick the right services for catering. The right catering service will know how to build on the couple’s requirement and it should be ready to offer a sample menu which can be customized to suit the couple’s special needs. Most wedding couples expect the wedding catering service to pay attention to every minute detail and their expectations according to their preferred wedding theme and style.

    It is then up to the service provider to create the perfect wedding menu Only an experienced , and reliable wedding catering service will be able to make the dreams come true for the couple. Plan the food keeping in mind the [reference of your guests and the season Make sure that the service and quality of catering is world class and exceeds the expectations of the guests. Let your guests members the wedding as an excellent one, in terms of venue, decoration, the ambiance and of course the catering services.

  • The Importance of Choosing the Right Wedding Cake

    There are hundreds and thousands of weddings every year and they depend on experienced bakeries to prepare wedding cakes. However, every bakery and its services are different.  Moreover the bride and groom and their families are always looking for something special, different and unique. With the wedding season on, the couples and their families get busy as they have hundreds of decisions to make and one important decision is to order the wedding cake for the big day. The procedure of selecting the cake for the wedding might sound simple and straight. However, one should keep some essential aspects in mind so as to land with the right choices. After all, it is a special and a big day, and when ordering your own wedding cake, no matter where and what bakery you get it from, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    The first important point to keep in mind is, how big is your wedding going to be and how many guests are you expecting. The higher the number of guests, the bigger the wedding cake should be.  Where one is looking for a more ceremonial the cutting of the cake, make sure that the cake you order is made of real and edible ingredients. The design of the cake is again very personal choice. For this, you may need to visit the bakery beforehand and well in advance to finalize the color, size, flavors and the design of the wedding cake.

    The Ideas to Pick a Good Wedding Caterer can help as well!

    Ask the wedding cake specialist to show their portfolio and browse the set of designs that they have done in the past, as well as their latest creations. The experienced bakers are able to create whatever design their customers ask them. The baker creates the specific design in mind and the base cake flavor, colors and fondant in mind, according to the wedding theme.

    Apart from the above mentioned points, one should make sure that the design of the cake goes well with the wedding theme. The structure of the cake should be easy to transports, especially, if you need it across a long distance. The cake should be easy to transport, carry and set up at the location of the wedding venue. The big and tiered cakes with columns or pillars are usually transported in pieces. Just make sure you hire the right team to design and make your wedding cake. Don’t make any wrong choices here.

  • Top Winter Wedding Themes

    Imagine blankets of clean snowfall balances on the ground and the
    trees looking lovely in the white sow.  Winters is a special time  to hold a wedding and one can make use of some wonderful ideas  There are a lot of those beautiful elements that; the couple can incorporate  into their ceremony and reception without there are hundreds of Christmas and winter wedding themes to pick from. There are endless options for unique decor options. Make sure to incorporate your own personal touches, as this is going to be special day for you as a couple.

    The best part about a winter wedding is that the couples can go for vibrant colors and make best use of combinations like red and white, silver and gold, blue and silver, red and silver, or white. One can think of investing a little more in lighting as this can go a long way in getting a winter wonderland appearance. Another attraction of planning wedding in winter is that most venues decorate for the holidays and this can be a real budget saver. The couple should take advantage of this and if the venue already has a grand Christmas tree with gold ornaments and red bows that they can easily incorporate those colors into the theme.

    The red, green and white decor is very tempting and definitely goes with the ‘Christmas party’ theme and the winters.Couples can also look for other elegant, color combinations with a touch of silver and gold. One can hang globes in white with a picture of the couple and a floral touch etc. One can personalize with snowflake napkin ties and specially decorated cookies or treats.One can easily find some venues that are already decorated with winter themes and should not feel shy of asking if they can use their decorations for the wedding. You can easily find a venue with a grand Christmas tree and golden ornaments and incorporate them in the wedding theme. The venues tend to use their holiday decorations from last year and will not mind if the couple wants to plan wedding around those decorations.

    Wedding decoration products:

    If one is planning a winter wedding, it will help to plan in advance. They should visit the venue around their event date and get a firsthand view of decor and what new ideas they can implement. Winter is the time to be colorful and one can make use of vibrant colors boldly.

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