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  • Wedding Feature of the Week: A City Honeymoon in the Big Apple

    Going too far away and secluded places is not for everybody. Not all couples can imagine themselves tucked in an island or resort far away, doing nothing else aside from enjoying each other’s company and relaxing. What these newlyweds are looking for is a city retreat and they need not look far to find one, because there’s the Big Apple.

    New York City is perfect for honeymooners because of the many luxurious places to stay and the many things that can be done and enjoyed by a couple. Here are a few of the top places to visit when honeymooning in New York.

     Where to Stay

    There are so many hotels to choose from, but you can narrow it down to two top choices. If you’re staying uptown, with all the upscale malls, shops, and restaurants, you’d want to stay in the Mandarin Oriental. It’s a posh place to stay and sits above the famous Columbus Circle. You even have a spectacular view of Central Park.

    If you prefer the downtown area because of the many nightlife options, then staying at the Mondrian Soho is the way to go. It’s new and hip, perfect for newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoon. Don’t worry, it’s not too hip and vibrant that you won’t enjoy an intimate time together.

     Where to Go

    This question really isn’t all that hard when you take into consideration a lively city such as New York. This city literally doesn’t sleep! For starters, it’s always great to visit a landmark attraction such as the Met or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You won’t just enjoy the famous works of art, you can head up to the rooftop and enjoy a drink with your loved one as well.

    In a big city such as New York, you just can’t help but feel the need for some nature. That’s why a visit to Central Park or The Highline will meet that need perfectly. Go for a casual stroll hand in hand with your partner, soak in the sun, or go for a picnic. Everybody does it, so don’t be shy.

    Where to Eat

    New York City is a smorgasbord when it comes to food! The people in this city just love to eat and they’ve got the best places for you to try!

    There’s nothing like trying the Cadillac burgers over at PJ Clarke’s. Your New York City stay just won’t be complete without trying their specialties. You can also visit Eataly where you get a taste of quality Italian food served by none other than celebrity chef, Mario Batali.

    For a more memorable experience, you can even try the Starlight Dinner cruise with the Hornblower Yachts. It goes past the beautiful landmarks that New York has to offer, including the Statue of Liberty.

    Where to Drink

    You’d want to wash down what you’ve just eaten at Eataly’s and PJ Clarke. One of the best and hottest places to visit for a drink with your loved one is the Bemelmans Bar. When you drink in this place, you not only get to try wonderful concoctions, you also enjoy the whole experience. You might even spot a celebrity or two.

    Where to Shop

    Your New York City honeymoon won’t be complete without some shopping! If it’s not part of your itinerary, your wife will be asking you to include it. Take her to the Columbus Circle and Fifth Avenue for some upscale shopping. Don’t worry, it’ll just be a once in a lifetime thing anyway.

    Where to Party

    Sex and the City has put the Meatpacking District in the map. It’s now one of the liveliest places in New York City to visit for a night out. Enjoy the nightlife with your partner here. It’ll definitely be a wonderful experience for you both.

    Where to Relax

    With all that New York has to offer, you better have some time to relax and do so together apart from sleeping in your hotel room. The Spa at the Trump Soho is a highly recommended place. They even have special packages for couples and services that you won’t get to see anywhere else.

  • Go Mobile with Your Wedding!

    In today’s day and age, almost everyone owns a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Whatever the brand, everyone seems to have one, with each one using apps to keep themselves up to date. If you’re one of those people, you can actually harness this trend with the latest technology around. So, why not inform everyone you’re getting married through mobile?

     How It Works

    It’s easy! You simply make an app of your own. Choose the provider, visit their website such as Appy Couple, choose a design, input and edit necessary information from the template provided and you’ll have your own app!

    Worried about privacy? Don’t be! You can choose for your wedding app to be strictly private or as public as you want it to be!

    Who can download your app? Only those that you provide the code to. Once your personalized app is up and ready, you can ask your friends to download the app and input the code you provide. They will be taken to your wedding app instantly!

    What if your friends are not too up to date on mobile? Keep them updated via your wedding website! It’s what’s great about this app. When you make your wedding application, you get a similar wedding website as well!

     Manage Your Wedding Instantly

    One of the most gruesome tasks in wedding preparation is informing your guests of the necessary details. These can include the date, the venue, the theme, the attire, where they can stay, child care available, the menu, your entourage, and what not.

    With a mobile wedding app, you can notify your entourage and guests all the updated information about your wedding instantly via PUSH notifications.

    The app also gives a nice visual of everything your guests need to know. From what shade of pink your wedding is, the map to the venue, and even a showcase of your entourage!

    Make Your Guests Contributors

    The last best thing about having a wedding app? You can make your guests contributors to your wedding! Get pictures of your wedding taken by your guests and display them for all your other guests to see. Or, simply view them for your own enjoyment and see your wedding from a different viewpoint.

    A Wonderful Keepsake

    Planning is a busy and stressful task for the bride! Having a mobile app to look back to and review will serve as a wonderful memory of the blood, sweat, and tears that you put into your wedding preparation.

    When you’re planning a wedding, you want to budget your finances well. So make sure every purchase counts. Having an app of your own doesn’t even entail a know-how of app development. Everything is laid out for you to choose with just a few clicks. In order to get the app, you’ll only need to invest a minimum amount and it’ll save you much more later on in the planning and even after your wedding.

    Is this app for everyone? If you have the willingness to explore into something that not many people opt for, then yes it is for you! Add to that the convenience of having your own app, you’ll definitely say you’ll want this for your own wedding.

  • Bare Feet for Beach Weddings? Absolutely Not!

    Weddings by the beach are gorgeous! There’s just no other word to describe it. The sun, the sand, the breeze, and the water, combined with the happiest couples on earth spell paradise. That’s why many couples opt for a beach destination wedding. It creates a lasting memory for them.

    With a beach wedding comes certain considerations and changes, of course. Not all indoor and outdoor wedding preparations can be applicable for a wedding on a beautiful shore. What are these considerations?

    Sand, sand, and sand. Sand can get in everywhere! In your socks and closed shoes. Don’t even think about wearing heels on the beach, because that would just be disastrous for the bride and for her female guests.

    So, what does this leave you with? Should you opt to have you and all your guests go barefoot instead? Of course not! Here are some ideas that can help you ditch going barefoot and still looking fabulous on your wedding day!

    • Opt for Barefoot Wedding Sandals. Barefoot sandals? What do those look like? Well, it’s more like a feet accessory that’s made to look like a sandal.  Rather than going barefoot, which has the possibility of ruining the look of your flowing, elegant gown, opt for these beautiful sandals! They frame your feet well and is perfect for a beach setting! Don’t want to be alone wearing them? No problem! Have your bridesmaids wear them, too! It’ll look just as great on them with their lovely dresses!
    • Giveaway beach slippers for your guests. Doing this serves two purposes. You can make your guests comfortable during your wedding on the sandy shores of your favorite beach and you get to give them favors as well. It’s an all-in-one and win-win situation!
    •  Bring in the bricks! If you just can’t part with your beautiful heels and wouldn’t want your guests to have the inconvenience of changing into slippers, then layer on bricks on the shore! For this one, you’d have to ask the permission of the resort, if you’re having your wedding on a resort. This option could be a bit costly with the additional costs of the bricks or pavers, but it works well as a walkway and dance stage.
    • Set the attire! If you’re on a budget, you can have your guests come over in exactly the attire you want them in. That is, one that won’t inconvenience them into having to change into something more beach appropriate. You can indicate on your invitation that your wedding is on a beach and that you’ll love for them to celebrate the occasion with you dressed in beach attire! Set the theme of your wedding so that they don’t come in wearing Hawaiian shirts!

    There are so many ways that your beach wedding can still be a lovely wedding and on a budget, too. Be creative! Think like your guest! Make comfort and convenience a priority when it comes to making beach wedding arrangements and your program will go on without a hitch. Your guests will even enjoy themselves, most of all, you and your husband!

  • Are You Getting Along with Your Wedding Planner?

    Wedding planners play an important part before, during, and even after your big day. So, when it comes to working with them, you have to ask yourself this one important question, “Are you getting along fine with your planner?”

    Before reading the rest of the article, here’s a fact that should be straightened out: it’s not you who ought to get along with your planner, but the other way around. Your planner has to be able to work with you to conceptualize and make into reality your dream wedding. It isn’t you that has to adjust to what the planner wants for your big day.

    How do you know if you’re getting along with your planner well? You can ask yourself these simple questions:

    1.       Does your planner listen to you or cut you off?

    When it comes to planning, you’re going to have plenty of ideas or some ideas of how you want your wedding to turn out. Does your planner keep quiet and listen as you bring to the table your ideas or does she cut you off every time she see a flaw in your idea?

    2.       Is she willing to go to suppliers with you or does she prefer to work alone?

    As a bride, you want to have some control of what’s going to happen on your big day. This translates to you going to suppliers together with your planner from time to time. Picking out wedding cakes, cloths, and invitations are just some of the activities you can do together. Is she open to having you around or does she prefer to work without you?

    3.       Is she supportive or critical of your choices?

    You’re going to be a bride for the first time. Sometimes your suggestion is just going to be too over the top or unrealistic. When you voice this out to your planner, does she support your choice but calmly explains to why it can’t be done? Or, is she critical of your ideas in a way that makes you end up feeling inadequate every single time?

    4.       Is she a friend in times of need?

    Aside from your closest friend or family, sometimes the person that’s going to be there for you is your planner. When worse comes to worst, where can your planner be found? Is he or she available to listen to you, comfort you, or counsel you? Or does he or she go disappearing when you get too emotional?

    Wedding planners know their roles and how they should play it. Sometimes, it’s more than just how good they play their role, but the genuineness of their actions that really matter to you. You want a planner that’s just like the latter.

    So, even if your planner comes highly recommended but you can’t work with him or her well, then that planner may not be for you. You want to be happy on your wedding day, so don’t add the stress of hiring a planner you can’t work together well with.

  • Boudoir Photoshoot: For You or Not?

    You see them on Pinterest. You see them on magazines. But, can you pull it off? A pre-wedding boudoir photoshoot, that is!

    Many women would love to jump on the bandwagon on this one. It’s a trending style and with the many up and coming photographers nowadays, you can get photoshoot fees for a really affordable price. You can even get them free, if you have photographer friends.

    What’s good about them?

    A lot of women who are still new to the concept of boudoir photoshoots would ask this question. What use is it? There are plenty of uses for it but here are just some of the good reasons to do them.

    • It’s a great way to feel comfortable in your own skin. Boudoir photoshoots won’t get you naked (if you don’t want to, that is). What it does is aim to get is a great picture of you in your intimate apparel prior to the wedding. It can be a simple silhouette or something more, depending on how comfortable you are with your own skin and in front of a photographer. When you are able to do this, it communicates to your future husband the confidence you embody and he’s going to look at you with a lot more respect than before.
    • It’s your last photoshoot as a single woman. Once you say your I Dos, you’ll never be single again for quite some time, in fact, ever again. So, take a picture of your woman-ness prior to the wedding. It’s a great milestone that you can look back to over the years!
    • It serves as a great teaser for your husband-to-be. This is especially great if it’s going to be a first for you and your future husband. Giving him a boudoir photoshoot of you prior to the wedding will get him so excited, he’ll be dying for the program to be over so he can have you to himself!

    Now that you get a picture of the wonderful things a boudoir photoshoot can do for you and your husband in the future, here are some considerations you need to think about before going ahead and doing it.

    • Get a photographer you can trust. Although you won’t be showing off your naked body, you’ll still be showing off your body, hence making you vulnerable. You want to get a photographer you can trust. He/she can be a friend or someone endorsed to you by a dear friend or family.
    • Have a confidentiality agreement. This won’t be hard to come by since boudoir shoots are no longer quite new. However, if you do come across a photographer who’s doing this for the first time, it’s a great idea to sign a confidentiality agreement. You don’t want that photographer posting those private photos for everyone else’s enjoyment.
    • Don’t let the photographer decide on your shots. Yes, he or she might be a great photographer and have an amazing concept in their minds about your shoot, but that’s just it, it ultimately is your shoot and you are involved. Direct your photographers on the poses and angles you’re comfortable with. If they have suggestions, you have to approve of it before letting them do it. You’re going to be looking at these photographers for the rest of your life. You want to look at something you and your husband can smile at. So make every shot count.
  • Wedding Feature of the Week: Ombre Weddings!

    Ombre is love! It’s so whimsical that every woman would love to have an ombre-themed wedding. What once started out in hair color has gone on to clothing and now even weddings!

    Ombre can be hard or easy to pull off, it really all depends on the look you’re going for. To help make sure you’ve got the right use of your ombre wedding palette, here are some tips to consider:

    •  Ombre is perfect during the day

    Ombre is a pretty light color. Light because the color goes down or up to a lighter shade. Light colors always work well in the daylight where they can be best appreciated. During the evening, a light color palette will look pale in comparison.

    •  Ombre is great for the outdoors

    Ombre is also a great choice for outdoor weddings. It can be a beach wedding, a casual wedding, a barn wedding, what have you. As long as it’s outdoors, ombre works wonderfully! The natural light and the wind from the great outdoors will play up your ombre dresses, making your wedding divine.

    •  Ombre looks great on dresses

    As much as you love ombre, you might not be able to pull it off as well in a wedding dress. What you can opt for is to have it on your flowergirls, bridesmaids and maid of honor’s dresses! They’re going to look equally amazing and they’ll complement very well your white wedding gown.

    However, if you’re not the traditional all-white wedding dress type of bride, then a touch of ombre to your gown will be perfect for you!

    •  Ombre is great with any color!

    No matter what your favorite color is, you can always make it ombre! This is what all women love about ombre. Rather than sticking to the monochrome colored wedding or if you’re having a problem finding the perfect color combination, with ombre you can’t go wrong!

    •  Ombre works in all ways possible!

    Finding it hard to find a fabric in ombre? Not a problem! You can buy various fabrics and buy it in all shades until you get to white! It’s perfect and works well with:

    • Seating arrangements – begin the first row with one color and then slowly fade or build up the color and you’ll end up with an ombre seating plan!
    • Wedding cake – don’t just stick to the ombre-colored fondant, but get right down to the layers of your cake! You can have these done in ombre too!
    • Invitations – white invitations can be boring for some. A touch of ombre will give just a hint of color and will do wonders of transformation to plain invitations!
    • Centerpieces – you can even have your decorator arrange your floral centrepieces to result in an ombre look!

    There are endless ways you can have an ombre wedding! Begin with your favorite color and choose to go with an ombre theme! You’ll love the overall effect and so will your husband and your guests!

    Enjoy the wonderful ombre selections for your future wedding!

  • What Happens During the Wedding Night?

    What every bride wants to know and be ready for aside from the actual wedding day is the wedding night. This is always a fun topic to talk about especially with your circle of friends and by all means it shouldn’t be something embarrassing to talk about with your soon-to-be husband!

    Many stories have been circling around as to what really happens during the wedding night. But, you have to remember that not all couples are the same; not all weddings are the same; and so not all wedding nights are going to end up the same as well.

    What can you expect, then?

    Prepping for it is going to be exciting!

    Not just for you, but also for your husband. You’re both going to be preparing for it, although women tend to do more of the preparation. What do you do? You pick out lingerie, you remove all unwanted body hairs either through waxing or shaving, and you ready your lotions and massage oils and what not. It’s fun preparing for it, so enjoy!

    Don’t be shy!

    Being shy just can’t be helped, especially if it’s going to be your first time or your husband’s. But, when you get through that shyness barrier, you’re going to enjoy your time together. If it’s your first time and you’re shy about it, don’t pretend that you’re not! Talk to your husband about it and he’ll do his best to get you in the mood.

    Don’t expect too much…

    While every woman fantasizes about the best wedding night of her life, it’s not always the case. Most of the time you’re both going to be so tired after the wedding that you end up sleeping and nothing’s going to happen. When this does happen, don’t be disappointed. You’re going to have all the nights for the rest of your lives to enjoy each other’s company! So, when you’re both tired and prefer to do something else, then do it together and enjoy the moment. Snuggle together, watch television together, or even eat together!

    Be ready to laugh!

    Anything can happen during the wedding night, including ridiculous and embarrassing things. But don’t stress out about it. You both want to enjoy your first night together as an officially married couple. Stressing about it isn’t going to help. So, if there’s something to laugh about, then laugh it off together. It’ll be a great inside joke in the future for the both of you!

     Put in the time, strength, and boldness for it!

     If you really want something to happen on your wedding night, then condition yourself ahead of time. Make sure you don’t spend too much time on the cocktail table so that you’ll be up and alert come the awaited wedding night. Even if you’re tired, you can always muster the energy to spend time with your husband because you want it to bad enough. Express this to your husband as well so that he’ll be mustering his energy for you as well.

     Who knows what will happen on your wedding night? It’s up to you if you want to keep it or share it with other brides-to-be. One thing is for certain, you’re going to have a unique night, no matter how simple, extravagant, or how ridiculously funny it’s going to be!


  • Prepping Your Skin for the Big Day

    If you want to look great on your wedding day, it all begins with good skin. One cannot stress enough how important it is to care for your skin before your wedding day. You want to aim for a glowing and flawless look, not a stressed and haggard look, especially when you’re going to be walking to meet your future husband!

    So, when do you start prepping your skin for the wedding? The day before, a week before, or months before? You guessed it! Prepping your skin for the wedding should begin months in advance!
     Here’re the reasons why:

    • Prepping only a day before won’t change your skin at all. In fact, you’ll end up with the same looking skin the day before!
    • Having treatments a week before the wedding will make you end up with reddish and clearly treated skin! A week before won’t give your skin time enough to heal and look flawless.
    • Prepping your skin isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a habit that needs to be started early on.

    What are the steps you can take to end up with glowing skin on your wedding?

     1. Wash your face!

    Getting flawless skin is as easy as washing your face regularly. Wash in the morning before putting on the necessary skin products and cosmetics and then wash again at night to take all the accumulated dirt and grime off.

    Note: If you don’t, bacteria will flourish in your skin, damaging barriers and leaving you prone to acne formation.

     2. Moisturize!

    Don’t think that only people with dry skin needs to moisturize their face! Even oily skinned people need to put on moisturizer. This is a great misconception that needs to be corrected.

    Note: Keeping your skin moisturized will help prevent drying of the skin and formation of wrinkles.

     3. Exfoliate!

    Exfoliation does wonders for your skin. You can do this at least twice a week. This will help shed your skin of dead skin cells and keep your skin rejuvenated, smooth, and looking young.

    Note: Use gentle exfoliators! Using harsh chemicals on your face might end up giving you inflamed and peeling skin.

     4. Get enough sleep!

    While the definition of good sleep varies from person to person and also differs according to lifestyle, a good rule of thumb to follow is that enough sleep will keep your skin healthy.

    Note: When you’re stressed out and overworked, notice those zits just like to pop up?

     5. Hydrate!

    Yes, water is an effective moisturizer. It keeps the skin hydrated and elastic.

    Note: Drinking 2 liters of water a day is a great habit to practice. It helps with your overall health as well.

     6. Eat right!

    Your skin is affected by what you eat. If you eat too much oily food and junk, it’ll end up on your skin. Seriously. If you can’t stave off eating oily food and junk food, at least limit it and add more green, leafy vegetables to your diet. Eating fruits also helps. These food contain vitamins and minerals that work miracles on your skin.

    Note: Vary your diet to include all colors of fruits and vegetables!

     7. Exercise!

    This isn’t everyone’s favorite and if it’s not a habit of yours, at least walking everyday would be good for you. Exercise helps remove toxins from the body, that when otherwise accumulated can end up on zits on your skin.

    Note: Walking or cycling doesn’t have to be exhaustive. You can even dance the toxins off or swim!

     8. Start treatment!

    If you have acne problems and other skin conditions, it’s time to get it treated in advance before your wedding. This way, if there are any scarring that will develop, your skin will have enough time to heal before the wedding.

    Note: If you have no skin problems, your treatments can be as simple as getting regular facials. This will help rid your skin of unwanted white and black heads that can also develop into pimples if not cared for properly.

    Prepping your skin for the wedding doesn’t have to be expensive. Develop these habits and you’re going to be well on your way to looking fabulous on your wedding day!

  • Why You Won’t Go Wrong with Champagne Weddings

    What your wedding is going to look will largely depend on what you like. If you’re an out there individual, you’d probably want bold and vibrant colors for your wedding. When you’re reserved, you’d want colors that are soft but definitely not boring. When you’re the latter, one wedding motif you should definitely consider is CHAMPAGNE!

    What’s Champagne?

    Is that even a color or a drink? It’s not so much of a drink, but rather a color inspired by that sparkling drink you so often hold in your hands on special occasions. It’s NOT gold like what others would have you believe. So don’t worry about using this color and having to look like you’re already celebrating your golden anniversary.

    What’s to Love About Champagne?

    It’s soft…

    The color doesn’t necessarily stand out but it stands out enough. It gives just the right emphasis to whatever you lay it on, be it the table or be it your bridesmaids.

    It’s neutral…

    Champagne borders on the neutral so anything can go with it. You can choose white, gold, or any other bolder color and you still won’t go wrong.

    It’s light…

    And because it’s light, it’s perfect for daylight weddings. When you’ve scheduled your wedding for the morning brunch or the noonday lunch, this color is perfect.

    It’s simple…

    Its simplicity makes it beautiful. This means that you don’t have to play up your décor or the dresses because it already looks good with a little embellishment. This means more savings for you and your groom.

     Where Can You Use Champagne?

    For Your Entrance

    The balloons are reminiscent of the fizz that are a signature to champagne drinks. Imagine your guest going through these in the foyer. Or, you going through it before touching down on the aisle.

    On Your Bridesmaids

    This color against your white wedding gown is a divine combination!

    On Your Cake

    … And your dessert buffet table!

    On Your Favors!

    The simple color strikes a contrast to the great gift waiting inside!

    Your Centerpieces!

    Who said only flowers will do? This centrepiece, with a little imagination, can cost a lot less than floral arrangements and guests can drink from them, too!

     There are just so many things you can do with champagne. The best thing about it is that the color is not to feminine for your groom. Once he sees that color, he’ll be totally okay with it as it doesn’t take away his masculinity, and that’s for certain!

    It’s great enough for old guests and playful enough for young guests. So, when someone says you can’t go wrong with a champagne wedding, they know what they’re talking about.
    Now that you’re planning for your own wedding, think about the champagne motif. Start researching about other colors you can use to combine with it and make it your own unique wedding. Remember, it’s never too early to start planning for a wedding. You’ll be grateful you started early once you reach the final months before you have to walk down the aisle.

    Happy planning!

  • Wedding Themes – For the Love of Chevron

    Chevron has become quite the trend. First you saw it on home designs, then nails, and even on to maxi dresses and skirts! Chevron is just such a beautiful pattern and what a wonderful pattern to play your wedding theme around. It’s not so feminine that your groom will have any qualms about it and you can make it as unique as you want to make your wedding stand out.

    Here are a few tricks you can use chevron for your own wedding:

    1. Chevron-inspired dress

    Now, don’t go raising eyebrows just yet. By a chevron wedding dress, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to be one colorful bride walking down the aisle. There’re wedding gowns made from chevron-inspired fabrics that are all in white!

    Better yet, why not choose a chevron fabric for your bridesmaids to use?

    2. Chevron-tie for the groom

    The groom can be in on the whole thing, too! You can find him a chevron-printed tie in the colors that you want for your wedding. This lends color and style to your groom’s otherwise ordinary looking suit, no matter how expensive it is. Adding color and style will definitely make your groom stand out just as much as you.

    3. Chevron-themed reception

    You don’t have to go all crazy when it comes to chevron. Just a little chevron print here and there will be enough to make any table setting stand out. Use table cloths in chevron prints or table runners. For a cheaper alternative, you can have napkins (paper or fabric) with chevron prints for each guest.


    4. Chevron-themed food

    With the many things you can do with chevron, you can even put them on your food designs! Your cake is a great way to feature a chevron-theme since it’s going to be one of the highlights of your food station. Other than that, if you have a buffet, have a chevron-inspired background hanging around. This not only makes your food pop-out but makes the whole dining experience a fun one to have!

    5. Chevron goodies

    Give away goodies with chevron prints! These can range from simple and inexpensive to expensive wedding favors! Of course, we understand your budget, so let’s go with DIY favors. There are plenty of DIY chevron patters online. You can have those printed in a jiffy and wrap it around chocoloate bars with your names and wedding date on it. It’s going to be perfect!

    6. Chevron gifts

    Don’t forget your entourage! Your bridesmaids and even your grooms who did all that they can for your wedding to be perfect, deserve a token of their own. For the ladies, a chevron-printed make up bag would be a great way to say thank you. For the men, you can offer them chevron-printed hankies, cuff links, or yes even a chevron printed tie they can use for another occasion!

    Other ways to play with this pattern haven’t even been mentioned yet such as the chevron invites, the chevron aisle runners, or the chevron decors! There’s so much you can do with chevron, it’s totally up to you!

    While it is fun to play around with chevron, it can be a busy print. So make sure not to overwhelm your guests with it. Choose only a few of these chevron-inspired ways for your own wedding or you can always work with the minimal. Either way, you’ll enjoy the effect a chevron-inspired theme would be for your wedding!


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