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  • Wedding Feature of the Week: The Wedding Website!

    Planning a wedding has its own stresses. For some the stress can be a lot, while for others, there is little stress to be experienced. Imagine when you’re planning a wedding with majority of your guests from out of town. How are you going to get all those invitations and necessary booking informations out to them just in time? Here’s a lovely idea: make a website for your wedding!

    The Pros

    All you need is one site!

    You can tick off your checklist having to go to the post office or logging in to your mail daily to send invites, event information, and other wedding plans. With a wedding website, everything is centralized! Uploading of files, management of RSVPs, and everything else can all be done in your wedding website. All you have to do is log in regularly to check who has responded and you’re good to go.

    Management made easy!

    Sometimes the reason brides hire a planner is to help them with management, especially with things they think they can’t manage on their own like the number of RSVPs, food restrictions and preferences, flight and hotel booking information, and the like that are coming from their guests. With a wedding website, the management system is already in place. All you have to do is check the site and you’ll be updated on the things needed.

    Announcements made fast!

    You know how frustrating it is to wait for responses from guests that are located farther away than some? It is. What’s great about a wedding website is that all of your guests, including your family and entourage can stay up to date with your wedding announcements, save the dates, proposals, reception announcements, and the like by just logging in to the Internet and checking your site. Announcements are delivered fast with just one click of a mouse.

    Affordable and free packages!

    You’re probably wondering how much putting up a website will cost. Well, it can cost you nothing or it can cost you a few dollars that’s worthy of your investment. You get to have your own domain name, such as and you get plenty of features to play around with.

    Of course, if you have some know-how on how to put up a website that can be more personalized for you or know of a friend who can do it for free for you, then go ahead and do so!

    It’s a wonderful keepsake!

    The wonderful thing about wedding websites is that it doesn’t have to stop when your wedding does. You can upload pictures and other media of your wedding that your guests can view and share in the enjoyment as well.

    You can even request for a CD to keep as a keepsake once your website expires.

    The Cons

    What cons are you talking about? There’s none! Practically everybody has access to the internet and knows how to use it nowadays. So, if you’re thinking of putting up a wedding website for your own special day, then now is a great time to do so!

    Have fun!

  • Getting Those Thank You Notes Done and Fast

    Have you ever been to a wedding? Have you received one or two thank you notes? If you’re in the receiving end, there’s no problem. All you have to do is wait for those notes to arrive. But, when you’re getting married, you’re going to be in the giving end. When it comes to writing thank you notes, it’s best not to delay if you want your guests to still feel special and appreciated.

    Thank You Note Tip #1

    The usual practice of sending thank you notes would be within a month after the wedding. People will understand that you’re on your honeymoon and getting settled in your married life, so they won’t be expecting those thank you notes too soon.

    A month is a good enough time frame for your honeymoon to be over and you’ve pretty much settled in as a newly-wed. At the same time, still early to be too busy to forget about writing the thank you notes altogether.

    Thank You Note Tip #2

    Rather than have a guest signing area, one idea would be to put envelopes on display and put the guests name and addresses on the envelope. This way you save yourself the time to write out names and addresses. You can just make the note, put it in the addressed envelope and send it on its merry way back to the owner.

    Play around this idea and you can even come up with an address card system complete with all their other contact information. This way you can even choose to send in e-cards as thank you notes to emails, rather than the snail mail.

    If you’re still not sold on this idea, look at it this way. When you look back at your wedding memorabilia, you won’t be looking through your guestbook. What you will be looking through is your collection of photos.

    Properly document your wedding. You can even do table hopping to get pictures of almost everyone who attended or have the emcee call up table numbers one by one to come to you for a picture.

    Another option would be a photo booth. Everybody loves photo booths in weddings. Not only do they get their own copy as a keepsake, you get to have digital copies of their pictures as well so you know who went to your wedding even without them signing in.

    Thank You Note Tip #3

    Please do personalize your thank you notes as much as possible. You might end up sending a thank you note to families or neighbors and it wouldn’t look too good if they compare your thank you notes and they find the same thing written in them.

    Try to be personal with your thank you notes, especially when you really know the person who attended and gave a gift.

    Thank You Note Tip #4

    Don’t think of this task as a chore! This part is still a part of your wedding experience, albeit done a lot later. You not only end up making your guest feel special, but you feel special as well, knowing that this person and that took the time to attend and witness your happy ever after unfold.

    You may have guests who had to travel quite a distance just to see you. Writing back a thank you note is the least you can do to show your gratitude.


  • Budgeting for a Wedding – Are You Doing It Right?

    Planning for a wedding can be very exciting, until the costs hit you, that is. A wedding can be as affordable or as lavish as you want it to be. Whether you have the money to burn or not, it’s still very much advisable to budget for a wedding.

    What does budget planning look like?

    Budget planning for a wedding is relatively easy and applicable to other events. What you do is aside from setting an overall budget for the whole wedding, you will be breaking down the said budget within the different areas that a wedding needs in order for it to happen.

    There is no standard as to what a budget plan looks like. More or less, it looks like an excel sheet that shows the different suppliers needed or applicable in your wedding, the budget you want to allocate for it, its actual cost, the down payment you paid and its date, as well as the balance needed and its due date. At the bottom of this sheet, you get to tally everything and you’re given a total of estimated budget and the actual cost.

    Benefits of budget planning

    It might not be the easiest task for some and it can be quite bloody, especially when you start to take in the different factors that can affect a certain budget. However, there are plenty of benefits that you can get from planning ahead and planning wisely.

    • Tracking where your money is going.

    With the different things that need to be booked, down payments that need to be paid, and balances that need to be settled, you will start to notice that your money is dwindling down. Without a budget planning in place, it’ll be harder for you to track down where your money went. On the other hand, with planning in place, you not only are able to track your expenses, you know whether you’re within your budget or not.

    • Knowing where adjustments need to be made.

    Suppose you budgeted a lot for a certain supplier, your wedding cake, as an example. Then it turns out that your wedding cake is far affordable than your estimated budget. With the help of budget planning, you can now allocate the extra money to another area where it is needed or you can choose not to and save plenty more money.

    • Transparency for both sides involved.

    No matter who’s spending for the wedding, the added benefit of a budget plan is that all the expenses ever made or plan to be made are visible for everyone to see. This includes the groom and his family as well as the bride’s family. A lot of arguments can be avoided with the help of budget planning, especially amongst in laws.

    • Limit setting

    Setting limits is important when spending for a wedding. As much as the bride wants to have a fairy tale wedding, sometimes money, or the lack thereof, can constrain such dreams. The couple will have to settle for something much more affordable but within their desired expectations.

    It’s important that a limit is set; otherwise you’ll end up with a bill you can’t afford to pay back. Who wants to skip their honeymoon just because of this or spend their first year or two in marriage paying back what they owed from their wedding? No one does.

    A wedding budget plan is virtually accessible on the internet. You can download a form and then customize it to your own wedding. If you’re hiring a planner, he or she will have one ready for you to use. So, spend wisely and have a great wedding ahead!

  • What is a Wedding Without the Perfect Lighting?

    Perhaps one of the most forgotten elements of wedding decorations is the lighting. It cannot be stressed enough that lighting is important to a wedding, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event. It provides that little something lacking that can put together the whole look you want to achieve, as a decorator, a planner, and even as a couple getting married. There’s nothing like achieving the right mood with the right lighting.

    Indoor Lighting

    Why is indoor lighting necessary when your venue already provides plenty of lighting to begin with?

    • Creating the mood

    Do you want your wedding to be subdued and romantic or fun and vibrant? Do you want to transform the night into day or the day into night? All these looks can be achieved with the marriage of well-planned decorations and perfect lighting.

    Strategically placed, the venue that was once so dark can be transformed into a bright world where couples see one another and the look of the faces of each of their guests. Or, it can dim the environment where you feel like there’s nobody else on that place but you and your groom.

    • Creating an impact

    Nothing says WOW like great lighting. This doesn’t mean the spotlight trained on you as you dance or the flashing lights on the dance floor. This means the reflection the lights cast off on the walls, how the colors of the centre-pieces subtly change, and all these things. Make your guests and even you feel like you’ve been transported to a whole new world.

    Outdoor Lighting

    A few lights here and there to light up an otherwise dark night is enough, or isn’t it?

    • Illuminating the space

    You don’t want to squint at the people you’ve invited just because it’s so dark out there. You also don’t want to stare so hard at your plate to check at what you’re eating. In order for these common night wedding problems to be eliminated, you need just the right fraction of illumination to make your beautiful surroundings visible to everyone. You want to appreciate your decorations, so make the effort to train the right number of lights on them.

    • Transforming an otherwise drab space

    It’s not all the time that nature will work with you. Sometimes, you’ve just got to make your own canopy of stars or make a seemingly dark and unfriendly place into one that’s full of life and brimming with warm invitation. Let everyone feel the excitement of a big event about to unfold. All this can be achieved with the perfect lighting in place.

    Every couple wants a memorable wedding they can look back on. Even if you have the most minimal decor, with the perfect lighting, you can still achieve the look that you want and leave your guests feeling awed. Whether you want a spectacular result or one that’s easier and close to heart, investing in good wedding lighting will get you just that.

    Your supplier of sound equipment usually offers these services. If they don’t, take the time to look for a wedding lighting supplier or ask the assistance of your planner.

  • Wedding Tip for the Groom: Aisle Love Letters!

    What woman out there doesn’t want to be surprised and swept off her feet? As far as weddings go, it’s usually the groom who goes all emotional as soon as the bride walks into the room. How about turning things around and letting the bride get all emotional? One way to do that is through an aisle runner love letter.

    What’s an Aisle Runner?

    For those of you who are getting married for the first time and have never yet encountered an aisle runner in weddings, this basically refers to a red carpet. But, since having a unique wedding is all the rage for the past few years, aisle runners have taken a completely different route. Gone are the days when it’s the usual red carpet you have to consider; now, you can consider many substitutes as your aisle runner.

    What Other Substitutes Are There?

    One red carpet substitute is a runner compromising of petals, petals, and more petals. These can be arranged as a design throughout the length of the aisle or it can be laid layer after layer to look like a plush carpet. The colors chosen for a petal aisle runner is varied and depends largely on your wedding motif.

    Another substitute would be a chronological timeline of how you met as a couple, but that could be another article for you to read.
    The Love Letter Surprise!

    A love letter for an aisle runner is simply that, an aisle runner written with the groom’s letter for the bride. Does this mean anything goes as long as it’s a letter? Well, you might want to consider some of these tips:

    • A simple and well-thought message will do.

    If you, the groom, are worried that you’re not good with putting words on paper, let alone words on a runner, you have nothing to be anxious about. You don’t have to make poetry or use literally jargons to make your woman fall in love with you all over again at the wedding. All that’s needed is your heart, laid out in the open for her to read.

    • Do write big. Big enough for her to read.

    You want your bride to be able to read your letter from a good distance without her having to bend down and read it. Do an estimate and practice with friends as to what a good sized font would be like read from the bride’s walking distance.

    • You want to keep it neat.

    Just because you’re writing a love letter for a runner, this doesn’t mean that you actually have to write it on the runner yourself. If you’re not gifted with the best handwriting, better let someone else do the writing for you. It can be written in cursive or print, the key point to remember is that she has to be able to read it.

    • For her eyes only, as much as possible.

    Your bride won’t be the only one who’s going to be walking on the runner. Your whole entourage is. What you want to do is to keep the runner as a surprise till the end, when your bride is waiting at the entrance. When the music starts, have someone roll the runner down to meet her feet and see your bride’s emotions overflow as she reads what you have to say.


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