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  • How to Avoid a Wedding Vow Fiasco

    Everything can be perfect and feel so surreal when you walk down that aisle and meet your groom for the first time… Until, it’s time to say the vows, that is. Are you getting married any day now? Have you written your vows yet or still waiting for some inspiration to drop from the sky and into your head? Well, here are a few tips that can help you put pen to paper and let the magic words run.

    •  Check with your officiating pastor or priest if he allows personalized vows.

    It’ll be really useless for you to go to all the trouble writing your personal vows when your officiating minister won’t allow it. So, before you go to all that trouble, remember to ask first.

    •  Start early.

    Yes, there may be many stories of how many brides and grooms have written their vows on the day and still nailed it, it doesn’t work for all. With all that excitement on the day, it’s doubtful you’ll get a good amount of time to still be able to write your vows.

    The latest you should make your vows is a month before your wedding date. Why that long? Because you get to have a clear head and plenty of time to write and rewrite your vows. You also have plenty of time to research and ask people to help you write out what you want to say to your bride or groom on the big day.

    •  Don’t hesitate to research.

    It’s not like you’re going to be plagiarizing. Some people just have a harder time than others put into words what they have already thought of in their minds to say. What can help you is research. Search the net for some inspiration. You can even watch a movie or read a book! Or, you can even ask a friend who’s good with words or who has already been married to help you write your vows.

    •  Make it your own.

    At the end of the day, even with all those helpful research, it’s still best to personalize your vows. Make your vows your own in a way that it perfectly describes what you feel for your bride or groom. Or in a way that perfectly describes your situation or is suited to your partner.

    It’s not going to help, no matter how great the words spoken may be, if to your partner it feels like you’re talking about another man, woman, or situation all together.

    •  It’s not a poetry contest!

    What matters most to your bride or groom is not how great you say it or how beautiful the words may be, but how much your vow means to you and to your partner. There’s no contest here, folks. Don’t worry about the other people who will be hearing your vows and possibly making fun of you for it.

    What really matters most at the end of the day, is how you lived up to your vow. It’s only going to be said once, but you have a lifetime with your spouse to put it into action. That, to many people, is the best kind of vow.

  • The First Look – What’s It Going to Be?

    Plenty of questions arise when it comes to having the first look. Should it be on the aisle as the bride walks toward the groom or should it be before that? While there is no definite answer, the answer to this question really relies on what you and your groom think. Add to that the cultural beliefs set on marriage that your society or community believes in.

    So, if you’re going to have that first look, here are some advantages of doing either of both.

    The First Look – On the Aisle

    This is a more traditional practice that many old folks would want for their brides or grooms to practice.
    1. Watching the faces of the groom and bride. When you have your first look as you walk down the aisle, it’s not going to be a private moment that you two are going to share. All of your guests present will be able to see your reaction to seeing each other for the first time.

    Yes, your guests might see how your face changes from surprise to sheer happiness, but that moment is still yours to share with your groom. Brides and grooms have testified that it felt like it was just the two of them in that moment. What’s even more special is that a lot of people get to witness the love between the both of you, seeing each other for the first time before saying your I Do’s.

    2. Seeing the reaction of the witnesses. This is definitely something you won’t get to experience if you have your first look done before walking down the aisle. You won’t be the only ones to react when you see each other for the first time, but all your guests standing as witnesses will be able to see that blissful moment unfolding.

    Many guests have gone teary-eyed, slack-jawed, and simply filled to the brim with joy, seeing the two of you, bride and groom, seeing each other for the first time before officially becoming husband and wife.

    The First Look – Behind the Scenes

    Seeing your bride or groom in private before the ceremony starts is quite new but is fast being observed by many couples around the world, especially in western cultures.

    1. The privacy of the moment. Some couples simply want to share this special moment with each other. Whether you’ve been a couple for many years or just a few months before deciding to get married, seeing each other for the first time dressed in your wedding attire never fails to take your breaths away.

    Many couples take this time to hug and kiss each other, cherish the moment, and say a few words before departing for the ceremony. Having this moment photographed is a nice touch to an already touching moment.

    2. The building of anticipation. Having your first look behind the scenes and in private is a great option for couples who just can’t wait to see each other one more time before the formalities start. Both the bride and the groom will be jumping in anticipation to see each other and when they do, the moment is always priceless.

    Of course, there’s always an exemption to the rule when it comes to having first looks. Many have opted to follow a combination of the two. Simply the touching of each other’s hands with eyes blindfolded or being near each other without actually seeing each other has been done by other couples. This way, they can share that private moment together and still enjoy the surprise when they finally get to see each other on the aisle.

  • What To Wear and What Not To Wear For Your Rehearsal Dinner

    The rehearsal dinner seems to be the last on a bride’s mind but it shouldn’t be taken for something less important. In fact, the rehearsal dinner is almost at par with your wedding, as far as importance goes. You not only want to impress your groom’s family, but you also want to make sure that everyone in the family goes along well before the start of your marriage.

    So, when it comes to dressing up for a rehearsal dinner, most brides are at a loss. What should you wear? Should it be a short or long dress? Should it be revealing or not? Should it be dressy or casual? All these questions can run through your mind and can cause a bit of a stress. But, there’s definitely no reasons to chew your nails over picking out your rehearsal dinner outfit. It’s simple. All you have to do is to positively look forward to the event and take these guidelines with you while shopping for an outfit.


    1. Match your dress with the type of dinner you’re having. Are you having a dinner rehearsal at home or at a posh country club? Is it a barbeque rehearsal dinner or do you have hotel reservations? If it’s casual, you can opt for a casual dress. If it’s formal, opt for a classy dress.
    2. Wear a dress that flatters your shape. You want to look just as stunning at the rehearsal dinner as you would on your wedding day. Know your shape and pick a dress that suits you the most and enhances your best features. Regardless if the dress is long or short, what matters is that it suits your body shape.
    3. Love the dress you choose to wear. If you love the dress you’re going to wear for the rehearsal dinner, it changes your whole look dramatically. You stand up straighter as well as smile and talk more comfortably. Don’t just wear a dress because someone chose it for you. Love the dress! Own it!
    4. Wear any color you’re comfortable with. Your rehearsal dinner dress doesn’t have to be white. You can choose pastels and other colors you prefer. Just make sure to be careful during dinner not to stain your dress with the food or wine you’re ordering.
    5. Wear a dress that you can wear for any other occasion. It would be a waste of money if you can only wear your dress on the eve before your wedding. Make sure it’s a dress that you can wear to another party or event that you’ll be attending in the future.


    1. Wear a black dress. This isn’t because of some urban legend but because black is the safest color to wear to a rehearsal dinner and your guests would probably be wearing a black dress, too. You want to stand out, not blend right in. If you are comfortable wearing a black dress, then accessorize and have yourself made up so as to stand out beautifully from the crowd.
    2. Expose too much skin. Your family as well as your groom’s family will be at the wedding. Make a sophisticated impression by not showing too much skin wearing a super mini dress or dresses with odd cuts revealing different parts of your body. You want to be remembered as a beautiful and elegant bride to be, that’s it.
    3. Choose a dress that you’re not comfortable wearing. Comfort should come first before the look of the dress. If you’re not going to be comfortable in your dress, you’re set to ruin your rehearsal dinner experience. Not for the others, but for yourself.
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