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  • Plan The Perfect Wedding Dance

    A perfect wedding dance says a lot about the couple, it is believed that the first steps that they dance together say a lot about the life they are going to lead in the future! Don’t believe this, never-mind, still you would not want your first dance together to be imperfect and end up in torn dress or sore toes. So, follow the guidelines mentioned below and rest assured about your wedding dance:

    6 months before: Think about the kind of dance you would like to perform on the D-Day with your partner. Keep in mind your and his preference in music while selecting the song. The formality of the wedding is also a deciding factor about choosing the dance style and song. Also, the current trend is the flash mob dance or the group dance. If you have this in mind, then you must be on your toes now. You would also need a choreographer for this, so start the hunt for one and finalize the best.

    5 months to go: If you have selected a group dance, then the group should have been formed by now. If not, what are you waiting for! Hurry, you are late! Make sure you have regular practice sessions and each member should attend that. You do not want miss matched steps!

    3 months to go: For the solo dance you need to begin now, if you do not have the choreographer as yet, hunt for one and finalize. If you are performing on a medley then give a CD to your DJ to enable him to mix his magic into it. If you have a band they would need the song copies too, to practice them and to know when to stop and start the other one.

    1 month: You should have learnt all the dance moves by now. So, now is the time to perfect each move with as much practice as you can get. Start thinking about your accessories too, practice with them, especially the shoe. You may have to change the shoe to get the perfect fit. The DJ or the band should have the song ready by now. Practice on the song. The DJ can give you the CD, but it is suggested you practice live with the band.

    2 weeks and the day before: Do not skip lessons even if you have perfected everything, 2 weeks is enough to forget! On the final day get a brief run through with your partner and dazzle the floor with your presence.

  • Get The Perfect Hairstyle On Your Wedding Day

    Getting the perfect hair style for the Wedding Day is as important as getting the perfect dress. Choosing the right dress and the right hairstyle can be a tough task, so we have a list for you that can help you choose the perfect hair-do for the D-Day.

    Relevant pages:

    Using the natural quality of your hair will help you a lot to decide the hair style. Thin hair may not be able to hold on a very complicated style, whereas thick hair will tend to get back to shape by the time the wedding is over. So, knowing these qualities about your hair will help you and your hair stylist select the best hairstyle for you. Ask these questions to analyze your hair:

    • How easy is it to manage my hair?
    • Am I comfortable with the way my hair looks?
    • Do I have any problems with my hair like oily scalp, hair fall, hair breakage or dandruff?
    • Strengths of your hair
    • How far can you go with styling? (Like coloring, styling, hair drying, hair straightening etc.)

    Once you have answered these questions, you will have a lot of options open for you. Your stylist will be able to help you with the perfect hair-do’s for the day.
    Loose hair is an all time favorite, goes well with layered and shoulder length hair. You do not have to fight with tight hair clips and bands. Your hair moves with you. The disadvantage of this hairdo is that in case your hair is not layered it would not look good. It would become difficult to manage if there is a lot of breeze and you are having an open wedding. If it’s humid or you are sweating your hair can ruin your look.

    If you opt for putting all your hair up, then the style is more versatile, you can have many options to choose from. You can have a simple bun or a very elaborate hair style with accessories. The style will stay all throughout the day, without getting messy.

    Any style you choose, make sure that you try it with your wedding attire and all the accessories before you finalize it. It should work well for your face and look good with your wedding dress. If you are choosing some hair accessories, make sure they are comfortable and do not irritate you or pinch your scalp.

  • Wedding Dress For The Groom

    If the brides dress is important then the groom’s dress is important too! While a lot of effort goes into selecting a brides dress, choosing a groom’s formal attire is not that tough. However, please note that your attire should not be taken lightly either, you have to look like the Prince Charming of the girl of your dreams. Follow this timeline to choose the perfect formal wear for your wedding:

    A grooms attire can be thought for a little nearer to the wedding day, so we start with 6 months in advance: Start planning the kind of suit you would like to wear on the D Day. Visit a professional store, or take a friend’s advice, you can even hunt online for the style and make. Also, pay attention to the shirt style that you would like to wear. Color plays an important role to make a look hit or a flop, so, pay close attention to the color of your suit and the shirt.

    4 months before: If you have plans to rent a tuxedo then start looking out for the best stores that can help you with this and deliver the perfect fit. You and your boys need to start trying innumerable number of attires that fit you perfectly. Do not give up until you find the perfect fit of the suit for you and the boys. If you have plans to buy your suit, your and the boys measurements need to be given by now. The material should also have been decided.

    3 months to go: If renting, you should have found your suit by now, make a deposit and reserve it for your D-Day. If buying the suit should have gone for tailoring by this time.

    2 to 1 month before: The first fitting needs to be done now. Visit the tailor for the first fitting and if there are changes that need to be done, give it for fixing. Also, start shopping for the right accessories too , like ties, shirts, pocket square, shoes, socks, belts and cufflinks.

    2 weeks left: The tailor should call you now for the final fitting, if he doesn’t, start pushing him. Go for the final fitting with your groomsmen. Apart from the suit, you and your groomsmen have to be ready with the accessories too now. Pick up your suit well in advance, before the D-Day.

    On the D-Day: Spend some quality time on your look today. Get your boutonnieres done with the florists help. Finally, mesmerize her with your look and the killer smile.

  • Get That Perfect Wedding Dress On Time

    Wedding Dress is a dream for every girl and to get it right is a big task. Preparations for the perfect wedding dress start well in advance and as the D Day nears the dress should be ready and stacked in a place that would keep its look intact! We give you some time lines as a checklist when you need to start preparing for your wedding dress, read on:

    One year in Advance: If you have this kind of time on hand start doing some noteworthy things like collecting samples of the dresses you like, materials of the dress and contacts of a few dressmakers.

    10 to 9 months before: Visit a bridal dress store and try some dresses that they already have. This will give you an idea which make suits your body and looks good on you. Take ideas from the dressmakers they will know better, do not be upset if they reject some of your ideas as unrealistic, they have experience and know better. Ask questions if you have doubts. If you have decided on your dressmaker clarify if you have to get the dress material or they will shop for you. Do not hesitate to clarify any small doubt, after all, your dress needs to be perfect!

    8 to 7 months before: If you have to supply the dress material, you should have done it by now or do it promptly. Give deposit to the dressmaker and if there is something like a contract sign it. Ask the dressmaker when should you come next for the fitting and trial of the dress.

    4 to 3 months before: Now is the time you need to visit the store again for your dress trial. Do carry your D- Day lingerie with you when you are going for your dress trial, this helps you check the best fitting. If possible, we would advise you carry your accessories too, your shoes and jewelry.

    1 month before: If your dress needs some adjustments, keep trying it and keep getting it refitted. Do not forget to walk around, sit and fidget in your dress. This ensures comfort in all positions.

    2 to 1 week to go: Get your dress ready! It should be all done by now. Store it in a place where it is safe and won’t get wrinkles.

    On the final day get your bridesmaids to help you slip on the dress, put it on perfectly and be the princess of the day!

  • Create A Bigger Impact With Soft Colors

    Weddings are always a chaotic affair, the affair for some means subtly and for some it means pomp and shoe. However we feel and suggest you can create a bigger and bolder impact if you choose to go soft with the colors of your wedding. Not only they make for a gentle approach but they are eye appealing too and convey the exact sentiments across.

    Let the shades be well chosen and go well with the decor. One shade that you can consider is the Omber. The shade never fails anyone. Many designers have worked wonders with the shade and have created the best mark for the wedding. You can experiment well with this. Go for little glitter or another softer shades with this if you prefer mo0re colors. They will give the perfect look that you have been looking for.

    There a lot of soft shades to choose from, lime green, neon colors, baby pink and lot more. The idea is to choose the select few that add the right feel to the décor you wanted. Too much of mix and match will spoil the feel and it will look like a mash up disc rather than a wedding. A combination of just two colors works well, a dash of a few colors here and there can be added if you must have many colors. That’s it you should stop here. Ivory blue and white have always worked well. Shades of pink and some other pastel shades work wonders for a wedding. Not forgetting to mention white is the universal feel good color that always adds the required spunk.

    Remember you need to some shine too to the otherwise dull colors. Anything that adds the blink feel to the decor. Use some shimmer or some metallic shades that will add just the right touch. Every wedding can use some sparkle. In fact it needs the required sparkle to add to the lively ambiance. Not only colors you can go vintage with the colors too. Talk to your wedding planner they would have done marvelous job with the vintage colors. Let your wedding capture the right colors and let your planners make the event a success with the colors. The golden rule is less is always more. So say more with lesser and softer colors. Make your wedding the talk of the town for years to come.

  • Be Moderate With Your Wedding Catering

    The costliest part of the wedding can be the catering where you not only pay for the food but also for the drinks, the staff (cooking and serving), decorations and a lot more that we all know of. So if you are working on a budget wedding, a big budget for the catering department is not a good idea. Read on how you can keep your catering budgets under control and still have good food at the wedding:

    1. Be good with your research when hunting for the caterers. When you are on a look your for your wedding caterers do a thorough research. Do not be afraid to ask around, take references from friends and you cannot rule out the precision of internet. Take into considerations quotes from various companies and do the best negotiations that you can!
    2. Well it might sound a little too direct, but yes you can cut down on your guest list too, if budgets are really important for you.
    3. You can do away with the formal style of service and opt for the buffet style. This saves a lot of expenditure that you would incur on stewards.
    4. Going vegetarian is also an option. After all being vegetarian is the latest fad these days! Do not get it wrong vegetarian food has lot of good options too; it would not be a let down. If you really want non vegetarian in the party you have lesser options. You can have meat substitutes like tofu, falafel, seitan, quorn and much more.
    5. Remember, menu can be simple but presentation needs to be given importance, so do not cut out on that. Take trials of each dish, final trails before going ahead. You should be aware of the fact that people eat with eyes before they actually dig into the food. So however scrumptious your food is, if it is not eye appealing it a waste.
    6. Opt for seasonal foods they save you a lot of expenses. Seasonal fruits and veggies will save you a lot of extra bucks.

    Organize a different menu for kids. Kids generally do not prefer what adults eat they have a different eating pattern. So to avoid wastage go in for a different menu for kids! This ways you avoid wastage and kids stay happy.

    Follow these tips and have a good wedding meal and save on the extra costs where ever you can.

  • Make Your Wedding Manicure Last Long

    A manicure for the bride is like her life all throughout the wedding, besides people will always want to look at her well maintained hands, perfectly painted, right from the day of the wedding until the day she arrives after her honeymoon. So here are some vital tips that will help you keep your manicure perfect and glowing for long. So read on:

    Start caring for your nails, genuinely the moment you start preparing for your wedding. Nails need to be cared for just like you would care for your skin for the D Day. Stop biting, chewing and peeling the side skin of your nails. This helps them to grow faster and you get the desired nail length till the day approaches. Maintain a regular regime of moisturizing your hands and nail this makes the hand skin soft and the nails get shin. If your nails are brittle go for the strengthening lotions or creams.

    Follow these secrets while getting the manicure, before sitting for the manicure, remove the dirt from your nails by using an acetone free remover or some vodka! The surface now becomes smoother and shinier, so your manicure lasts longer. When applying the base coat, let be of a high end brand and quality. The base coat sticks on longer to your nails and fills up the ridges too, so that the final nail paint when applied on it stays longer. Apply your preferred color only once the base has dried completely or else it will smudge. When applying the color, apply thinner coats rather than thicker coats. Thicker coats look unfinished and sometimes ugly. Use a clear top coat to secure your hard work.

    All this for the ones who are doing their manicure by themselves, if you are going to a saloon your work becomes much easier and you have less to worry about. Before you leave the saloon make sure you buy a bottle of the color on your nails. You may need it for touch ups in case the paint chips. If using artificial nails, make sure you have some spares and glue, always handy. If you are going for nail art avoid anything that can fall off the nail or get entangled in something, like glitter or rings or studs etc. they are an unnecessary hassle. Try to use subtle colors with shimmer in them, they make your hands look elegant and stylish.

  • Plan A Perfect Wedding

    Wedding Planning is no easy job, it takes months and a lot of careful thinking coupled with perfect execution to make a wedding success. Any amount of time given to plan a wedding may not be sufficient; you would want to incorporate everything in a very short span. So here are some useful steps that may soothe the tension and plan a beautiful wedding:

    1. Get mentally prepared: First and foremost do this; you need to brace yourself up mentally. You would need a lot of this in the coming time. Be prepared to make adjustments, may be a little bit of them. Approach your planner with an open mind and be ready to compromise on matters. For instance, the color you want would not go well with other arrangements, so it would need to be worked on. Be ready for these occasions.
    2. Stick to your budget: The primary thing to do, decide on the budget for your wedding and make sure you stick to it come what may. Remember you need to have savings after the wedding too. Only when you stick to your budget will the expenses be in your hand or else they will go hay-wire and the bills will be humongous.
    3. Get an Organizer: By organizer we mean get a wedding planning book. Check if it has a calendar and pockets, this will help you with easy access to the dates and you can store your samples (invites etc.) at one place. Make a note of every detail in this from the contact numbers to the dates. The organizer keeps everything handy for you and allows easy access.
    4. Follow a time-line: By this we mean the time for trials and fixing everything. This may vary depending on the time of the year you are having your wedding in. Fix all your vendors, florist, caterers, hospitality partners etc. and if required take trials too with all of them within the stipulated timeline. Make sure you meet these deadlines; you may want to change a vendor.
    5. Two dates: Be prepared with two dates, the actual date and an alternate date in case you have to change the date. There can be situations that the location is not available on your preferred date so would have to shift the dates. Also when selecting the location make sure you inquire all the nitty – gritties like the cancellation policies, extra charges etc.

    Keep these in mind and have a happy wedding!

  • Shop For The Best Jewels On Your Wedding

    Women go crazy when shopping jewels for their wedding; it becomes an obsession for them. Almost a passion that make takes precedence over wise thinking for many! Shopping for jewels is no easy task, lot of careful thinking and planning goes into it. We too suggest thinking wisely before buying jewelry for the most priced moment of your life.

    Before finally buying your jewelry go for a window shopping spree. Observe the pieces in display and get an idea of the latest trends. You can also consult a recently wedded friend of yours for a few updates. This shall prevent you from shopping for unwanted jewels that you would not even use later. Jewelers play an important role when buying jewelry. Go for only the best jeweler, do some reference check and ask question. Do not be shy to ask questions; after all you are paying a hefty sum! Good jewelers assure good quality.
    Next most important thing is to set a budget after the research work you have carried on. It would be best if you get a buy – back deal from the jeweler. This ways you can change your jewelry for the latest trends after a while, in cease you wish to do so. It would be great if you co-ordinate your jewelry with the wedding attire. Doesn’t matter if they are still with the designer for the fitting check and last moment alterations; just carry a pick along on your phone! Let not the jewelry clash with the your attire, match it with the motifs and patterns on your dress.

    A vital point to note is that once you are done with the shopping, go for jewelry insurance. Your jeweler can give you sound advice in this. When buying particular metals or stones, go with proper knowledge, this saves you from getting duped. When shopping for diamonds be watchful, two diamonds of the same size may vary a lot in quality. So be careful when paying for them.

    To buy diamonds you need to be thoroughly aware of the 4 C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Our suggestion is that a 1.50 carat would be perfect for bridal jewelry. Also, a diamond with as few marks and incisions as it can have is the best to be bought.

    If you have a particular design on mind, check with your jeweler if he can custom design it for you. The practice has become popular and lots of good jewelers offer this service.

  • Inimitable and Memorable Indian Wedding Themes

    Looking out for the right theme for your wedding can be as important as selecting the right dress or the perfect invite for your wedding. All Indian weddings are characterized by vibrant hues, foot taping and sometimes loud music, beautiful dress for every occasion and how can we miss – enthusiastic dancing. The grandeur of Indian weddings is world know. These days we have the choice of hosting the traditional Indian wedding in the most exotic way.

    We get to you the most exotic themes of the prevalent times:-

    1. Goan Wedding: This theme is primarily popular in cross-cultural weddings. Mostly famous for its sandy beaches, romantic sunsets. Goa proves to be an excellent venue for romantic and fun filled weddings. The couple can also extend their holiday for a beach honeymoon in Goa.
    2. Village Wedding: Held in a rustic location village wedding can be one of those kinds that stand out. The decorations too can be according to the theme, use of lanterns, earthen ware, bullock carts can accentuate the theme. The food too can be served in the rustic set up, use of banana leaves and earthen pots. The menu too can comprise of authentic traditional food.
    3. Arabic/Roman/Egyptian wedding: These themes might not be the current rage in India but can definitely be a one which leaves a mark. Paintings, artifacts, drapes, artists of these countries can add to the theme and glamour of the wedding. A profession wedding planner can get the best out of this and make your wedding a delight for all.
    4. Royal Theme – Mughal: The wedding needs to be based in an striking location like a fort, palace, a heritage villa or a monument. The guest too can stay in the heritage location, treating your guests to a blue blood welcome and stay can be very intriguing. How about giving them a ride from the entrance to the palace in royal palanquins or in a golden chariot or on decorated animals. The bride and grooms attire can be designed keeping in mind the royal theme.

    Many couples these days are planning amalgamated themes where themes from the east are incorporated with the traditional themes to make weddings more memorable. Things like guests books, comment cards, thank you cards, synchronized brides maid and best mans dress are finding a place in Indian Weddings! So which theme are you game for. Do share your views with us.



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