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  • Keep The Emergency Kit Handy For The D-Day

    Contingencies can arrive, who know, a rip here or a tear there. No one can predict that, however, being patience is the key to managing all the problems that arrive last moment and without notice! Be well prepared to fight these unwanted situations and put them away. Here is a list of things that will help you prepare a wedding emergency kit:

    1. An extra pair of panty hose has always been useful. This takes care of any rip or tear in the stocking. A small tip to stop the rip to keep running, apply a bit of nail paint on the place from where the rip is about to start. This prevents the rip from running further. However, if the damage is too intense, just discard this pair and wear the one you had for the emergency situation.
    2. Keep safety pins handy too. They help you fix the unexpected tear or rip. Keep a bunch handy the bridesmaids may need them to.
    3. Keep a nail kit ready too with artificial nails in it. If you break a nail you can immediately file it or stick on an artificial nail on it. Also, you can use a touch up of nail paint if need be. Artificial nails can be helpful if the nail breakage is too much.
    4. Also keep handy a needle and a thread. Let the thread be matching with your dress. Who knows just in case! This can help you redo a ripped gown or if the beading gets loose this can help fasten it.
    5. Keep a medical kit handy too. They take care of the minor injuries and medical emergencies. Minor cuts and scratches can be handled with this. If you know band aids are handy for shoe bites too! Just stick them on the place where you are getting a shoe bite and you are sorted. Make sure you have some aspirins in it too, for an unexpected headache or a slight fever.
    6. Keep gels and sprays ready for a bad hair day, just in case. Hair clips too can take care of bad hair day.
    7. Keep some money handy too, in a purse, you may need it for some small things.
    8. Also, few small packets of food items are useful. You can be too busy to eat all day, these will help you grab a quick bite.
    9. Apart from all the mentioned above supplies, if you feel you can add on do carry them with you.