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  • A Speech From The Bride

    Traditionally the bride was not supposed to give the speech, it was against the rules. However, these days the brides are making a speech too and breaking the traditional norms. The brides too, do not want to miss the opportunity to thank their family and friends and mention others during their speech. So here are some points that will help a bride plan and perfect her speech:

    • The bride can make her speech after the groom’s speech, just before the cake cutting.
    • There can be many who have also done this, the gratitude part, but you also should start with this. Start with thanking people who took the effort to make your wedding successful and people who traveled from all the different places to be a part of your wedding.
    • Make sure to thank your parents and grandparents for everything they have done for you. They play an important part in making your wedding successful.
    • One important point make sure to thank your partner’s parents. It is a good gesture. Thank them for being nice to you and welcoming you to their family. Assure them that you will be the perfect daughter-in-law and will forever love their son and take care of him.
    • After all this take some time to reflect on the past. Give a brief reflection of the time when you met and how you met. The moment you realized that he is the right one for you. You can add some funny moments too in the speech and make it light. Mention the moment your partner developed a liking in your parents’ hearts. Stay away from any embarrassing moments! You can delve a bit into the future. How would it be to be a wife? How do you look forward to it?
    • After this, shift your focus to your husband. The important part. Tell him how much you love him and how happy he makes you and how happy you are to be a part of his life. Share how great a person he is and how he swept off your feet. You can even select a poem or a verse to express your feeling towards your partner.
    • Once you have made the right mentions and the right gratitudes end your speech with a toast. Make sure you end it well. The toast can be for your husband, guests or to your new life ahead of you!