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  • GIF to Flash Converter Review – Convert Images into Video formats

    giftoflashThe GIF to Flash Converter is a powerful image conversion tool transfer animation based GIF to video formats such as AVI, SWF, FLV, Xvid, MOV, WMV, 3GP and others without losing quality of converted output. The converter will extract animated GIF frames to convert them to sequence of images such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and others. In case you need to convert animated GIF to individual frames, this convert does the task very quickly. Next you can enhance the converted images using many functions such as trim, color tools, special effects to see them according to your preference. The GIF to Flash Converter comes with built-in trim function to handle all these tasks, you just need to define frame size and it will convert the selected area exactly by frame number and without missing any frame numbers as well. Moreover, you can use many options to color, enhance the photo and adjust brightness, blur, sharpness and many others. Moreover you can customize the resolution of output as well. Read more…

  • Microsoft Office 365 University 4-year Subscription (Student Validation Required)

    ofice 365The Microsoft Office 365 University 4-year Subscription is perfect for highly educated students and teachers who want Office on 2 PCs and Windows 8 based tablet. It has all Microsoft applications plus cloud based services with 20 GB of storage in SkyDrive (total 27 GB) to access the program anywhere. You will be using almost all the popular programs such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OutLook, OneNote, Publisher and many others. This is really a great program to virtually use Microsoft Office anywhere you go. This is a subscription based program of 4 years, after completion of 4 years; you will be notified for renewal.

    Most importantly, the users of this program will receive future right of version upgrades to use with your PCs, Macs and other mobile devices. Moreover, you get 60 minutes of Skype calls each month to phones in 40+ countries. The program doesn’t support Windows Vista, Windows XP and older versions of Windows as the program requires Windows 7 or newer operating system. Before you purchase this Microsoft Office 365, you need to pass the eligibility criteria first. The license of this software is restricted to full or part time enrolled university and college students and faculties in accredited university. Read more…

  • Fusion 7.5 Full Review – In-built E-commerce Solution

    Fusion 7.5 FullWhen it comes to launching a professional looking website, the software has all the things such as shopping cart, an advanced photo gallery and many other things that you will need to create a website. Moreover the Fusion 7.5 Full version comes with web services that include search engine optimization feature to automatically optimize your website for top search engines. The search engine optimization feature is very vital part of any website, as it gives your website higher visibility in Google and other top search engines so that customers can find what products or services you are offering, and it result in increased sales and higher profit.

    You are able to incorporate additional SiteStyles, Photo Gallery frames for the purpose of inserting HTML, META tags and you can manage the SiteStyles library to use according to your preference. All these advanced things can be done without the need of HTML or other programming knowledge. Of course, the Fusion Website Builder offers you an advanced process of creating and upgrading professional quality websites without needing coding and programming knowledge.

    In the ShopPro, you will have all the features that are needed to create an E-commerce website; you will be accessing these features:

    • QuickCommerce
    • PayPal
    • Kurant StoreSense
    • 1&1 eShops
    • FIRSTGATE click&buy
    • Mal’s E-commerce
    • Advanced library
    • Advanced photo gallery functionality
    • Incremental publishing capability
    • A great META data manager
    • Spell checking feature
    • Interactive online view
    • Customizable Site Projects list
    • Advanced scripting support
    • New HTML insertion points
    • Streamlined auto-update manager
  • Art Text [Download] Review – Design a Company Logo and Graphics

    arttextThe Art Text is a designing application based on layers. This application can convert text into art to create logos, icons, web graphics, buttons, and images as per your web designing, graphic designing or logo designing requirements. This application delivers professional outcomes without going through the learning curve of Photoshop or Illustrator. The application runs on many popular OS’s such as Mac Mountain Lion 10.8, Mac Snow Leopard 10.6, Mac OS X and Macintosh. Your PC should have intel processor and 1GB or higher RAM to install this application, and you system should support any video card. The application comes with 360 customizable templates to work with Vector Graphics. Using its materials textures and fills options you can design professional looking logos as well. After you finish your designing work, you can export it to TIFF, JPG, PDF, and other file formats so that you can use the images in iWork, Word or with any other applications. Read more…

  • SecureAnywhere AntiVirus 3 Device Download Review

    SecureAnywhereThe Secure Anywhere AntiVirus program comes with cloudy network to check files, fake websites, dangerous web pages, unauthorized IP addresses and mobile apps so that the PC will be 100% safe from viruses and other related things. The program provides live view of existing warnings and it instantly protects your PC as soon as it notices such things. The Secure Anywhere AntiVirus provides 100% protection to your PC and other devices all the time regardless where and what devices you are using. When it scan the entire PC, it doesn’t take much time like other AntiVirus software, the software is very fast in scanning computers and it will scan your computer in few seconds, and it sues very small amount of your system resources to run with. When it comes to fixing security problems, it allows one-click fix to solve all the problems that are identified by the software. Get complete social networking protection to interact with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking websites. You are able to manage security of all your devices. The software is very easy to use, you just need to install it and forget it. The software will automatically be updated, and it stops spyware, worms, Trojans and other related threat before they harm your personal computer. Moreover, the SecureAnywhere AntiVirus program comes with live anti-phishing feature that checks and stops suspicious websites, files, apps that allure you to enter your personal information, the software warns you before you click the links and your PC performance is not affected at all. Read more…

  • WebPlus X2 Website Maker Review – Create Fully Featured Websites

    WebPlus X2 Website MakerThe WebPlus X2 Website Maker is a Vista certified program to create stunning websites from scratches. The websites created with the help of this software are fully featured websites that are perfect for high profile organization, small businesses and they can be used for internet marketing purposes to sell products and services as the software allows creating eCommerce store to list products, accept credit card through Paypal and offer many other methods of payment to your website’s visitors. To create website using this powerful software, you don’t need to have knowledge of HTML or other programming languages as you are presented with drag-and-drop tools to design websites, logos, and images and may other website related stuffs. The software offers too many smart web widgets, forums, site search, shopping carts, inbuilt ecommerce solution with Paypal, YouTube, Podcast, RSS content and many other powerful features to add elements according to what you like. I will say that this WebPlus X2 Website Maker is an ideal solution for home based businessmen. You get almost all the things that you need to create a professional looking website. You don’t need to create a template for your website because the software offers too many templates to choose from according to your website niche. In course of creating a website, if you made some errors, there is no need worry because the software will automatically fix designing errors. Use the pre-made templates, customize the template if you need to customize them and there are many other things as well.

    When it comes to graphic design of your website, there are many objects such as instant shapes, beautiful fills, transparencies, special effects, 3D animation, image adjustment and many others. With beautiful design of your website, you are going to engage visitors on your website, and this will help increase ranking of your website in search engines. When it comes to SEO, the software will automatically do too many tasks for better visibility of your website in Google and other top search engines. So using this software means getting higher rankings than your competitors in Google and other top search engines without any doubts. The WebPlus X2 Website Maker is 100% safe to use as it offers safe surfing, user log-in, and password protected pages with CAPTCH sign-up to stop unwanted automatons from scrapping content of your website. Moreover, you get one year of free hosting that includes 10GB space, 100 GB band-width on monthly basis, 100 personalized email address and you can run up to 16 websites in this one-year of free hosting.  Read more…

  • Inspyder Web2Disk Review – Save Webpages for Offline Reading

    Inspyder Web2DiskThe InsPyder Web2Disk comes with a simple interface to copy entire web page into a CD or a USB drive, the copied content can be distributed off-line as well. There is no limits of how many website you can copy and download as you are able to download unlimited web pages and websites, you just need to put the URL of the website or web page to download into your CD so that you can further read, use or distribute according to your requirements. Moreover, you can capture any sized web page or website, no matter how big the page is. The Inspyder Web2Disk software comes with a scheduler to automatically capture pages to archive them and it can also date the files so that you can know when they were downloaded. Moreover it comes with File Filters feature that allows to download certain type of files, it is really very useful when you need to download certain types of files such as pdf, images, text from a website, you can adjust the software accordingly to download the files according to your requirements. Also, it supports all the browsers so that you can view the downloaded files in any browser you have. Read more…

  • Norton 360 Multi-Device 2014 – 1 User / 5 Devices

    Norton 360The Norton 360 Multi-Device 2014 security software protects your PC, Mac, Mobile phones, Android Smartphones and other mobile devices. The software is very helpful to protect against any types of computer viruses; identity theft when you bank online, you have to use your credit or debit card, or when you shop only you provide payment information this software is very helpful to protect such information so that the information won’t be used by others; bad files or websites when you browse online as you may have seen some links that mislead you when you click and redirect to different link to record your web browsing history and other related information, the software understand such files and websites and block them to be accessed on your PC and other devices, you have protected with Norton 360 security software. It also protects you against phishing scams and social networking threats so that you can brow social networking website without any fear of loss. Also, the software protect against loss of files that result in hard drive failure and other mishaps as it comes with 25 GB of storage to store your PC data online so that you can access them when your hard drive fails. Other benefit you get from this Norton Anti-virus software is fast performance of your PC, when your PC gets slow, the software find problems and correct them to increase of your PC and other devices that you have protected with Norton 360 Multi-Device 2014.

    When you lost your mobile device, it will track the location of your mobile device and shows you on Google map, it also works to protect your mobile data including contact list and other related information. Moreover, when your mobile contact is accidently deleted, it helps recover the deleted data from your mobile phone. Also, the software is very helpful to stop unwanted calls and mobile scams. Installing this powerful security software on your personal computer means to protect your valuable information and other devices from future miss-happenings.  Now you can easily and securely surf the web without any fear of loss and other similar things. Read more…

  • Inspyder InSite 4 – Finds Broken Links and Spelling Errors within a Website

    Inspyder InSite 4The Inspyder InSite 4 is a great program to check errors such as spelling, broken links of your website. If you are a serious web marketer, this is a must-have tool for you to use on a regular basis to automatically check errors of your websites. As the software is very helpful for finding non-working links so you get maximum benefit from search engine optimization as search engines don’t like broken links, spelling mistakes or anything that creates frustration to website’s visitors. The software will automatically check your entire website, and it will email you the report time to time, the report will be in a PDF file. You have the flexibility to name the PDF file and use your company logo as well. This is very important to use this software with your website to mainly optimize content, find errors and other bugs so that your website visitors will know that they have visited a quality website that provides useful information. This positively impacts your business and help a lot in increasing sales, consequently it will help in earning more money from your quality website that is free from errors. The Inspyder InSite 4 software is designed in a multi-crawling capability to get maximum performance from your website. Moreover, it also checks keyword density and count words, these two things are very important for on-page SEO of a website as well. This is the right time to make your website incredible in terms of quality removing visitor’s frustration. The software has an in-built scheduler to scan your website for finding errors and it send you report in a PDF file via email. Read more…

  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Review – Graphics Design Software

    CorelDRAWWhether you are an internet marketer, a photographer or a photo editor, you need this CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 for all your photo editing, photo designing, logo designing and website designing requirements. The software comes with an advanced content search feature that lets you search valuable content that includes thousands of professional fonts, templates, graphics and much more. The software comes with sophisticated layout and drawing tools that let you draw anything from your imaginary mind. If you don’t imaging anything and you are not sure where to start, you can take help of its content that includes royalty free images and other related content to help you gain ideas to create photos, design websites, logos and many others. The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 has professional graphic design software that lets you edit photos, create layout, trace photos, and enhance your web graphics. Moreover, you can use the online collaboration feature to share your photos and other photo related works with your friends and family using popular social media websites, photo sharing websites, email attachments and much more.

    Additionally, you are going to take benefit of its valuable content such as typography, 1000 of fonts including premium fonts such as Helvetica and others. Use 1000s professional images free of cost, these images can be very helpful to design your websites, logos and design anything according to your preferences. You are going to experience high quality outcomes from your work with the help of this powerful CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 software is needed by graphic professionals today. The software supports over 60 file formats such as AL, PSD, PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS TIFF, DOCX and others so that you won’t have any problem in sharing as some website support some file formats while some don’t, in this case you have plenty of file supports to use. In case, you need to learn how to use the features of this powerful software then it comes loaded with a video tutorial, a guidebook, detailed learning tools, expert insights to help you when you need them. Read more…

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