Incra Router Table Accessories: RT2743OS Top, LS25WFNCSYS 25-inch Range Positioner, Stand and Lift

Incra Router Table Accessories: RT2743OS Top, LS25WFNCSYS 25-inch Range Positioner, Stand and Lift

INCRA RT2743OS 27-Inch by 43-Inch Offset Router Table Top

INCRA RT2743OSINCRA RT2743OS 27-Inch by 43-Inch Offset Router Table Top comes in a large size of 27-inch by 43-inch, made in offset style. It is ideal for LS-positioner 25-inch model and the Ultra 24. As it comes with wider work envelope, it is preferred by many to use with the small range positioners as well. Incra RT2743OS is factory pre-drilled for mounting the LS positioned directly. This new lineup strong router table top carries a 1-1/4-inch MDF substrate with phenolic laminate top and bottom with a high pressure. It measures 1-3/8-inch in thickness, and designed to support bigger industrial routers and lifts. You can use it with any standard 9-1/4-inch by 11-3/4-inch mounting plate. Typical plate leveling set screws into the table’s recess requiring regular re-adjustment, you won’t have to face such things with this router table top as it puts flat head levelers in the table, not in the router mounting plate. You can access these levelers via 10 access holes placed around the perimeter of the mounting plate. You just need to insert the hex key in the access holes and turn to adjust. Read more…

Incra LS25WFNCSYS 25-inch Range Positioner with Split Router Table Fence Super System

Incra LS25WFNCSYSIncra LS25WFNCSYS is the most advanced and accurate movable fence to be used in  your router table, drill press and band saw. It Incra router table fence system includes the advanced split fence design that has great usage in woodworking related stuffs. It is made to meet the requirements of high profile woodworkers and it is very easy to use if you are a beginner. LS25WFNCSYS has all the precision and versatility of your other tools and a wide range of new specifications that make it totally different from typical router table fences. The package contains INCRA LS Positioner Base, 25 carriage, 28 Pro II Fence, 13 Telescoping Stop Extender Bar with Stop, Right Angle Fixture, INCRA Shop Stop, Wonder Fence Heavy Duty Split Fence, Hi-rise Fence Cap, a reference guide and many others. Read more…

INCRA 43-Inch Router Table Stand

INCRA 43-Inch Router Table StandINCRA 43-Inch Router Table Stand provides the greatest support to your new router table. It is made of solid anodized aluminum and armor-plated powder coat high grade steel that delivers a long durability. It has T-slotted aluminum legs are great for hassle-free assembly and you will be able to position the optional shelf at your desired height. Incra 43-inch router table stand is ideal to create a shelf at a desired level. It features non-skid leg levelers for vertical height adjustability from 34-1/2-inch to 36-1/2 inches. INCRA router table stand legs are designed in a way so that they can slide to easily enclose the stand if you need a cabinet for your router station. You will be able to create an ultimate dust collection enclosure in minutes. INCRA router table stands are available in 2 sizes, 36 inches and 43 inches. 36-inch stand is perfect for standard router table top including INCRA’s 24 X 32 inches center mount table and 24 x 36 inches offset table. The 43-inche stand is perfect for large table sizes such as INCRA’s 27 by 43 Offset table. It also comes with an optional wheel kit that is great for moving from one place to others in a small shop. Read more…

INCRA Mast-R-Lift-II Router

INCRA Mast-R-Lift-II Router LiftINCRA Mast-R-Lift-II Router Lift features elite INCRA Magna Lock reducing system for easy ring changing and ring fitting. It allows changing router bits from the top of the table. You will be able to quickly make super precise (0.001-inch height adjustments from above). INCRA Mast-R-Lift-II Router Lift comes with 9-1/4-inch by 11-3/4-inch by 3/8-inch plate that works with all INCRA router tables and it fits some other router tables from different brands. It features exclusive ball-bearing mechanism for smooth action and low friction. It features patented thread tension system that gets rid of vertical lash in the lift mechanism. Read more…

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