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  • LEGO Minecraft The Nether 21106 – Micro World + Village

    LEGO Minecraft The Nether 21106The LEGO Minecraft 21106 lets you do lots of fantastic stuffs. You are able to build the patrolling Zombie Pigmen and many others with the help of this LEGO Minecarft The Nether 21106.
    According to many user reviews, the micro set is a mixing of Lego and Minecraft and it is totally dissimilar to Lego sets. The micro set comes in a 1×1 size which is much smaller set when assembled; the box size is of 3-inch length, 3-inch width and 3-inch depth. You are also able to personalize the units after construction to get more flexibility with the set. Your kid will really enjoy playing with this Minecraft game, and you also get an instructional manual to learn how to craft and assemble. It gives a feeling of Minecraft to enjoy playing with it. Your kids will do many things according to their imagination and it helps them increase their creativity skills as well. Read more…