12 Amp DEWALT DW618B3 vs SKIL 1830 – Plunge Router Reviews

12 Amp DEWALT DW618B3 vs SKIL 1830 – Plunge Router Reviews

DEWALT DW618B3 12 Amp 2-1/4 Horsepower Plunge Base and Fixed Base

DEWALT DW618B3DEWALT DW618B3 router kit delivers outstanding flexibility and high grade quality as the router kit comes with 3 bases to cover a large selection of jobs. It has a fixed base, plunge base and D-handle base for greater precision. It has a 12-amp variable speed motor (2-1/4 HP) that has a great capability to rout constantly at the toughest hardwoods. Further, it has an electronic variable speed trigger facilitating speed selection between 8,000 and 24,000 RPM according to the job requirements. Because of its full electronic feedback, it delivers a smooth speed during the load time. Plus, the motor has soft start functionality that minimizes start-up torque for the best control. A micro-fine depth control ring can be found with router’s fixed base that delivers précised bit adjustments. When the router is used in a table, a standard switch location is provided to reduce the difficulty in turning the unit on/off and to deliver smooth operation. The plunge bas has a 5-position turret stop to be used when making frequent plunge cuts. For accurate routing, it features a micro-fine depth adjustment. On the other hand, easy-to-reach plunge-release lever and switch keep control at your fingertips during routing. Read more…

SKIL 1830 120-Volt 2-1/4 HP Combo Base Router Set

SKIL 1830SKIL 1830 120-Volt 2-1/4 HP Combo Base Router Set is ideal to work with modern home improvement projects. This SKIL 1830 router set can be used for a wide range of projects from cabinet building to complicated woodwork. It comes with 2 bases, fixed base and plunge base so that you can use your desired method of routing as per your project’s requirement. It also features a micro-fine depth adjustment for greater precision and the best quality cuts. It features easy-to-grip handles and an LED SiteLight for maximum visibility. SKIL 1830 120-volt combo base router set has advanced features to tackle modern woodworking projects. It is equipped with a heavy duty motor that can be used for advanced home improvement projects like counter-top set-up, cabinet building and many other modern woodworking requirements. The powerful motor features variable speed, and the system as a depth rod and an adjustable turret for repeatable plunge routing applications. This powerful router set from SKIL brand is made for comfort and convenience for advanced woodworking projects and it is powered by a 1-year of warranty. Read more…

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