Are You Getting Along with Your Wedding Planner?

Are You Getting Along with Your Wedding Planner?

Wedding planners play an important part before, during, and even after your big day. So, when it comes to working with them, you have to ask yourself this one important question, “Are you getting along fine with your planner?”

Before reading the rest of the article, here’s a fact that should be straightened out: it’s not you who ought to get along with your planner, but the other way around. Your planner has to be able to work with you to conceptualize and make into reality your dream wedding. It isn’t you that has to adjust to what the planner wants for your big day.

How do you know if you’re getting along with your planner well? You can ask yourself these simple questions:

1.       Does your planner listen to you or cut you off?

When it comes to planning, you’re going to have plenty of ideas or some ideas of how you want your wedding to turn out. Does your planner keep quiet and listen as you bring to the table your ideas or does she cut you off every time she see a flaw in your idea?

2.       Is she willing to go to suppliers with you or does she prefer to work alone?

As a bride, you want to have some control of what’s going to happen on your big day. This translates to you going to suppliers together with your planner from time to time. Picking out wedding cakes, cloths, and invitations are just some of the activities you can do together. Is she open to having you around or does she prefer to work without you?

3.       Is she supportive or critical of your choices?

You’re going to be a bride for the first time. Sometimes your suggestion is just going to be too over the top or unrealistic. When you voice this out to your planner, does she support your choice but calmly explains to why it can’t be done? Or, is she critical of your ideas in a way that makes you end up feeling inadequate every single time?

4.       Is she a friend in times of need?

Aside from your closest friend or family, sometimes the person that’s going to be there for you is your planner. When worse comes to worst, where can your planner be found? Is he or she available to listen to you, comfort you, or counsel you? Or does he or she go disappearing when you get too emotional?

Wedding planners know their roles and how they should play it. Sometimes, it’s more than just how good they play their role, but the genuineness of their actions that really matter to you. You want a planner that’s just like the latter.

So, even if your planner comes highly recommended but you can’t work with him or her well, then that planner may not be for you. You want to be happy on your wedding day, so don’t add the stress of hiring a planner you can’t work together well with.

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