Bare Feet for Beach Weddings? Absolutely Not!

Bare Feet for Beach Weddings? Absolutely Not!

Weddings by the beach are gorgeous! There’s just no other word to describe it. The sun, the sand, the breeze, and the water, combined with the happiest couples on earth spell paradise. That’s why many couples opt for a beach destination wedding. It creates a lasting memory for them.

With a beach wedding comes certain considerations and changes, of course. Not all indoor and outdoor wedding preparations can be applicable for a wedding on a beautiful shore. What are these considerations?

Sand, sand, and sand. Sand can get in everywhere! In your socks and closed shoes. Don’t even think about wearing heels on the beach, because that would just be disastrous for the bride and for her female guests.

So, what does this leave you with? Should you opt to have you and all your guests go barefoot instead? Of course not! Here are some ideas that can help you ditch going barefoot and still looking fabulous on your wedding day!

  • Opt for Barefoot Wedding Sandals. Barefoot sandals? What do those look like? Well, it’s more like a feet accessory that’s made to look like a sandal.  Rather than going barefoot, which has the possibility of ruining the look of your flowing, elegant gown, opt for these beautiful sandals! They frame your feet well and is perfect for a beach setting! Don’t want to be alone wearing them? No problem! Have your bridesmaids wear them, too! It’ll look just as great on them with their lovely dresses!
  • Giveaway beach slippers for your guests. Doing this serves two purposes. You can make your guests comfortable during your wedding on the sandy shores of your favorite beach and you get to give them favors as well. It’s an all-in-one and win-win situation!
  •  Bring in the bricks! If you just can’t part with your beautiful heels and wouldn’t want your guests to have the inconvenience of changing into slippers, then layer on bricks on the shore! For this one, you’d have to ask the permission of the resort, if you’re having your wedding on a resort. This option could be a bit costly with the additional costs of the bricks or pavers, but it works well as a walkway and dance stage.
  • Set the attire! If you’re on a budget, you can have your guests come over in exactly the attire you want them in. That is, one that won’t inconvenience them into having to change into something more beach appropriate. You can indicate on your invitation that your wedding is on a beach and that you’ll love for them to celebrate the occasion with you dressed in beach attire! Set the theme of your wedding so that they don’t come in wearing Hawaiian shirts!

There are so many ways that your beach wedding can still be a lovely wedding and on a budget, too. Be creative! Think like your guest! Make comfort and convenience a priority when it comes to making beach wedding arrangements and your program will go on without a hitch. Your guests will even enjoy themselves, most of all, you and your husband!

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