Be Moderate With Your Wedding Catering

Be Moderate With Your Wedding Catering

The costliest part of the wedding can be the catering where you not only pay for the food but also for the drinks, the staff (cooking and serving), decorations and a lot more that we all know of. So if you are working on a budget wedding, a big budget for the catering department is not a good idea. Read on how you can keep your catering budgets under control and still have good food at the wedding:

  1. Be good with your research when hunting for the caterers. When you are on a look your for your wedding caterers do a thorough research. Do not be afraid to ask around, take references from friends and you cannot rule out the precision of internet. Take into considerations quotes from various companies and do the best negotiations that you can!
  2. Well it might sound a little too direct, but yes you can cut down on your guest list too, if budgets are really important for you.
  3. You can do away with the formal style of service and opt for the buffet style. This saves a lot of expenditure that you would incur on stewards.
  4. Going vegetarian is also an option. After all being vegetarian is the latest fad these days! Do not get it wrong vegetarian food has lot of good options too; it would not be a let down. If you really want non vegetarian in the party you have lesser options. You can have meat substitutes like tofu, falafel, seitan, quorn and much more.
  5. Remember, menu can be simple but presentation needs to be given importance, so do not cut out on that. Take trials of each dish, final trails before going ahead. You should be aware of the fact that people eat with eyes before they actually dig into the food. So however scrumptious your food is, if it is not eye appealing it a waste.
  6. Opt for seasonal foods they save you a lot of expenses. Seasonal fruits and veggies will save you a lot of extra bucks.

Organize a different menu for kids. Kids generally do not prefer what adults eat they have a different eating pattern. So to avoid wastage go in for a different menu for kids! This ways you avoid wastage and kids stay happy.

Follow these tips and have a good wedding meal and save on the extra costs where ever you can.

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