Bench Dog  Router Table Review

Bench Dog  Router Table Review

Bench Dog 40-001If you have ever needed to do a little bit of precision router work, whether you’re a professional carpenter or a do-it-yourselfer, requires having the right tools for the job. I am sure you have heard that said many times just as I have but believe me when I say that it holds very true when routing.

The Bench Dog Router Table is one of the most popular router tables for sale today. We have done some serious research about the Bench Dog Router Table and this is how it stacks up against the competition.

After all, if you’re serious about your tools, you don’t want to invest in a router table that’s not up to snuff. With that in mind, we’ve put all our research into this Bench Dog Router Table review, to help you make the best purchasing decision by being well informed. Read more…

Router Table Key Features

Before we go into this review, full-tilt, let’s talk about some of the key features that you should expect to find in a high quality router table, and then we’ll see whether or not the Bench Dog Router Table measures up. Here’s our short list of the essential router table features

  • Durability. When you invest in a router table, you’ll want it to be one that is built to take repeated, regular abuse for all of your projects. This is the first point that pushes the Bench dog well past all other models.
  • Working surface. The whole point of having a router table is to have space to work on bigger, more involved routing projects. If you want to build an extension to the table then this feature might not be that important to you but if you just use it as is then the more surface area the better.
  • Fence and extras. Today’s best router tables should have good fences and extra features, like T-slots and dust ports. The Bench Dog has its own designed mitre track and rail system which is built more heavier duty than all other standard models of routing tables.

So, how does the Bench Dog Router Table rank when it comes to each of these key features?

  • It’s durable. This Router Table is obviously designed with serious carpentry work in mind. As such, it’s a router table that is tough enough to take on those big routing jobs, time and time again. The laminate top of this table is built using stress skin production to reduce marring and scratching. It has twin steel routers built into the Bench Dog Router Table, it’s a no-brainer to hook up your router and get to work. Of special note, the cabinet is built with solid-panel construction to make the entire table a solid, stable routing table for every kind of project. If you like bigger and badder then you will love it.
  • Adequate working surface. Overall it gives you 24”x16” of working space. While that doesn’t make the Bench Dog Router Table the table with the most working space, it does mean that you’ll have ample room to work on most any type of routing job.
  • The fence rocks! It’s not easy for tool manufacturers to provide a fence that’s worth taking notice of, but the makers of the Bench Dog Router Table have done it. The fence on this table is as good as you could ask for. For starters, the solid, one-piece aluminum construction of the fence, sets it apart from some of the flimsy rip fences that you may have seen before. The fence is also easy to adjust and as true as they come. You can’t do quality work without a true, reliable and easy to work with fence, and the Bench Dog Router Table delivers on all three…

Extras Are Decent

While the extras included with the Bench Dog Router Table are nothing breathtaking, they are adequate and should prevent you from having to make a run to the hardware store to get started with this router table from day one.

You get all the hardware you need, a dust port that hooks up easily to most shop-vacs, and the T-Slots on the fence make it easy to work efficiently on all sorts of routing projects. No, you don’t get tons of accessories when you purchase the Bench Dog Router Table, but you get the things you need to put this table to immediate use.

Bench Dog Router Table Features

  • 16” by 22” routing table with a smooth plastic laminate surface
  • The aluminum fence is made from solid, one-piece aluminum and includes T-slots
  • Includes the table, fence, hardware, dust guard, miter track, cabinet and the pre-drilled mounting plate
  • Backed up by a 2 year manufacturer’s limited warranty

The Good & the Bad

We all know that no tool or shop accessory is perfect. And that holds true for the Bench Dog Router Table, just as much as it does for any other router table. Here are the Pros & Cons of this model:


  • Solid construction for true routing on the toughest kinds of jobs or projects.
  • The fence is amazing – easy to adjust, solid and built to make every cut true.
  • Large, but not too heavy. It’s easy to move the Bench Dog Router Table around the shop or on job sites.
  • The Cabinet is nice. We were impressed with the solid plate construction of the Bench Dog Router Table’s cabinet.


  • Router plate is a bit small. If you’re used to router tables with larger router plates, you may have to adjust to the smaller plate on the Bench Dog Router Table.
  • The instructions aren’t great. The set of assembly instructions that come with this router table aren’t exactly the best. If you’re handy, you shouldn’t have any problems deciphering the vague instructions, though.

Customer Reviews

As we were finishing this Bench Dog Router Table review, we decided to take a look at the online customer reviews. With over 100 reviews published online, the Bench Dog Router Table has earned an average customer score of 4.6 out of 5 stars. That is a very high score, and really reflects the high level of customer satisfaction that most online reviewers reported online.

Here are some quotes from a few of the online reviews:

  1. “Highly recommended router table.”
  2. “Great table for the money.”
  3. “Great small shop router table.”

With all of the positive customer reviews, and a reputation for being one of the best router tables on the market today, we give the Bench Dog Router Table a hearty recommendation to all of our readers in need of a tough, spacious and affordable router table for the shop or the garage.

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