Bosch Benchtop Router Table Review

Bosch Benchtop Router Table Review

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router TableEven people who don’t know a lot about the best tools have heard of the legendary Bosch name. Now I always like to check out the best tools when they become available. I was very excited to find the Bosch Bench top Router Table, while I was looking around at the most popular selling tools online.

I couldn’t resist finding out more about this routing table, so I dove in and did some serious research on this model. I decided to put my findings together for you here in this Bench top Router Table review.

Before we Begin…

I don’t want to fast track right into a feature list for the Bosch Benchtop Router Table, before I mention some of the key features that make for a truly remarkable router table. It’s always good to have a point of reference for the most important features before you buy your router table. Read more…

Here are some of the most important things to look for when shopping around for the best router table for your shop:

  • Working space. The reason that you buy a router table is to have enough room to work on all your most important routing and woodworking projects. Make sure that any routing table that you buy offers you enough room to work without being cramped or boxed in.
  • Easy to adjust. Whether you’re talking about the fence or any of the other options, you’ll want a routing table that’s simple to adjust while you’re doing your work.
  • Sturdy and stable. Bottom line – a great routing table has to be sturdy. Remember, you want all of your routing and cutting to be true and accurate. If a table can’t offer you the stability you need to do your work without wobbling around, it’s not worth your money.

How Does the Bosch Benchtop Router Table Measure Up?

As far as working space goes it has a nice 27” by 18” table. That is enough space to work on smaller routing projects that need a lot of attention or on the bigger pieces that require room to move around with ease. No it is not the biggest routing table that you can buy. But for small shops or at-home use, this table should be adequate for most people.

The Bosch Router Table is also relatively easy to adjust. The fence is simple to move and very solid. And there are also 2 easy to adjust featherboards, so it’s not a problem to get this table customized to your own working preferences. After all, you’re going to be doing a lot of work on the routing table that you buy, so you want one that you can set up to your own specs without a hassle.

What really amazed me was all of the comments that I read about how sturdy the Bosch Benchtop Router Table is. With it being a more compact routing table, I honestly didn’t know whether or not this table would be as sturdy as some of the bigger tables out there.

I should have known better, though, as Bosch almost always puts out tools and accessories that do exactly what they’re supposed to do. And since a routing table simply has to be stable and sturdy to be worth its salt, it’s no surprise that the Benchtop Router Table is sturdy and easy to work on, no matter what kind of woodworking you’re going to do.

It’s not the most expensive, or feature rich routing table, but it covers the basics, and covers them well.

Bosch Benchtop Router Table Features

  1. Easily attaches to any workbench for all your routing jobs.
  2. The fence is made from solid aluminum with MDF face plates.
  3. The router mounting plate is made from solid aluminum.
  4. 2 featherboards, adjustable guard, starter pin and outfeed fence shims are included.
  5. Smooth working surface makes it easy to do any kind of woodworking.
  6. Large 27” by 28” working surface.
  7. Backed by a 1 year warranty from Bosch.

Bosch Benchtop Router Table: Pros & Cons

As much as I’m a fan of Bosch tools, I know that there’s no such thing as perfection. With that in mind, here is my list of the pros and cons of the Bosch Benchtop Router Table.


  • Plenty of working space for a portable, bench top routing table.
  • Easy to attach to virtually any type of work bench in your shop.
  • The fence provides true cuts and is very easy to adjust.
  • Comes with three mounting plate insert rings.


  • The dust port is a bit on the big side, and may not work with all shop-vac models.
  • It takes a bit of time to get the table built and set up to your specifications.

Overall I have to say that the pros far outnumber the cons. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Bosch. And being as this is such an affordable router table, it’s easy to see why the Bosch Benchtop Router Table is such a hot-selling model.

Bosch Benchtop Router Table User Reviews

It just wouldn’t be a complete Bosch Benchtop Router Table review without touching on the customer reviews. I found 52 reviews from real life customers, and the average score these folks gave the Bosch, was a respectable 4.1 out of 5 starts.

And while there were a few isolated reports of people getting warped tables, these seemed to be isolate incidents and not reflective of the overall quality of the Bosch Benchtop Router Table.

If you’re looking for an affordable, stable routing table that’s easy to use in any shop or garage, you can’t miss when you buy this Router Table. I recommend this routing table to anyone who wants to take their carpentry or wood working projects to the next level.

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