Bosch Variable Speed Router Use and Functions

Bosch Variable Speed Router Use and Functions

Bosch 1617EVSWhether you’re a professional carpenter, or someone who just likes to tackle carpentry projects at home, you know how important your tools are.

For many woodworking projects, you’re going to need a top-notch router. I was recently checking out theBosch Variable Speed Router, as it is one of the most popular currently on the market.

After carefully studying all the product information and helpful customer reviews, I put together this Bosch Variable Speed Router review to help you make the best tool purchase possible.

It’s Powerful

One thing’s for sure, the Bosch Variable Speed Router is simply one of the most powerful routers that money can buy. It has a tough, little 12 amp motor that provides up to 2.25 horsepower.

That means that even when you’re routing through the toughest materials, the Variable Speed Router has enough oomph to keep on cutting without a problem.

Heck, this router reaches speeds between 8000 and 25000 rpm, so there simply isn’t a piece of lumber that stands a chance,once you start using the Bosch Variable Speed Router on it.

Consistent Performance

Yeah, we all know that there are plenty of fast routers out there, but many of them are a bit unpredictable. Thankfully, the Variable Speed Router is built with monitoring technology that keeps the rpm’s consistent for every job that you work on.

That means no more bad cuts or frustrating experiences with this router. It’s always nice when a job goes smoother because of the quality of the tools that you choose. With the Bosch Variable Speed Router on your next project, it’s smooth sailing ahead.

Easy to Use

If you do a lot of routing, you know the frustrations that are often faced when you have to mess with template settings on a router. It can be a real chore to figure out how some of the more popular routers interact with your routing templates.

I was very happy to learn that the Bosch Variable Speed Router has a tool-free template guide that makes for simple, quick changes and modifications for nearly every kind of template that you work with. Simpler is always better, so I was more than happy when I found out that this router offers such simple template changing options.

Tough as Nails

Now we all know that our tools take a real pounding. If you’re like me and get sick of tools that just aren’t up to par where ruggedness is concerned, you’ll certainly enjoy the fact that the Bosch Variable Speed Router is built with the legendary Bosch toughness and durability that we’ve all come to expect.

Hey, there’s a reason why Bosch tools are preferred by so many professional carpenters – they’re just as tough as any power tool can be. The Bosch is one tool that I anticipate being around for most folks, even after many years of regular use and abuse.

Product Details

  1. The 12 amp motor is one of the most powerful in its class.
  2. Motor provides 2.25 horsepower and speeds between 8000 and 25000 rpm.
  3. This router has monitoring that maintains the rpm’s that you need during every job.
  4. The template guide requires no tools and is simple to change, regardless of the type of template being used.
  5. Ruggedly built to meet the demands of serious work, day in and day out.
  6. Variable speed options lets you match the speed you need to the job you’re working on.

Pros & Cons

Every tool, even one from the legendary makers at Bosch, has its own ups and downs. I always want to present a fair and balanced view of the products that I review, so here are the pros and cons of the Bosch Variable Speed Router.


  • The motor is one of the most powerful motors in this class of tools.
  • The template guide changing is so simple that it requires virtually no effort to make adjustments or changes.
  • The rpm monitoring is pure genius. I love that you never have to worry about this router bogging down or revving up to high in the middle of a complicated cut.


  • Sawdust issues. There are times when the height-adjustment of this router becomes clogged with sawdust, which makes for a bit of frustration.
  • Handles are a bit slippery. The handles are very smooth and attractive, but they can get a bit slippery. This can be easily remedied, though, by using tacked gloves or putting a bit of tape on the handles.

All in all, the positives far outweigh the negatives, and the Bosch Variable Speed Router proves itself to be one of the best routers currently available for purchase.

Customer Reviews & Comments

I couldn’t end this Bosch Variable Speed Router review, without mentioning the online reviews that I checked out. I found 65 reviews for this router, and the average score given by these reviewers turned out to be an impressive 4.2 out of 5 stars. Here are just a few quotes from some of the online reviews that I found to be helpful:

  1. “Bosch quality as always!”
  2. “Bosch, you just can’t go wrong.”
  3. “Bosch does it again!”

As you can see from those quotes, people have been very satisfied with their purchase of the Bosch Variable Speed Router. If you’re in need of serious power and durability, but have been on the fence about which router is the best, I heartily recommend the Bosch Variable Speed Router to you.

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