Building Custom Websites With WordPress – Training DVD – Tutorial Video

Building Custom Websites With WordPress – Training DVD – Tutorial Video

The Training Video of Building Custom Websites teaches you how to create a professional looking website that works for your business needs and it is optimized for top search engines. Not only does WordPress is a blogging platform, but it is a complete content management system to create powerful dynamic websites very easily. This DVD training course is introduced by Geoff Blake, a web designer and trainer working for years to educate people for creating powerful and stylish websites that are 100% SE optimized.

This video training course concentrates on process of creating professional looking website from the scratch starting with wire-framing in illustrator to designing logo and creating text, image and video content for your website. You will learn how to set up WordPress from your hosting cPanel and structure websites that look professional. Moreover, you are going to learn how to modify templates to make them unique as per your preference, and learn about loop to show on the home page of a website. Moreover, you will learn about plug-ins to add extra functions to your website, plug-ins are also helpful to automate some of the tasks of your website, for example, you can show related posts, recent posts, popular posts with the help of a plug-in. Now is the time to create a fully functional website that look beautiful and professional to attract visitors, and visitors will like to stay on your site, they can even become returning visitors to your website, this helps in maximizing profits and ranking of your website as well. Moreover, the training video comes with too many working files to show you how you will be handling those files to create a unique website, and you can also copy the author to practice the process. Read more…

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