Forum Posting to Get Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

Forum Posting to Get Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

You may already be aware of out bound links and their importance in SEO and receiving traffic. Forums are also a good source of building links to gain higher presence in Google and other top search engines. Not only you will get benefit from SEO, but also you get targeted visitors from different sites where you have linked your site. Of course, if you are getting more targeted visitors to your website, you are getting earning more without any doubts. Well, you can say forum posting is like article submission as you post something online and you get link back in return. In forum posting, we participate in forums posting comments to relevant topic with a link of your website in signature. The signature works for two purposes, backlinks and direct visitors to the website.

If you decided to use forum posting to get traffic to your site and build back-links to your site, you need to follow the below steps:

First of all, you have to find the relevant forums based on your website; you also need to check if forums are quality forums or not, forums are indexed in Google or not, and forums have too many visitors or not. For finding forums, you just need to type in Google “your keyword + forum” or “your niche + “powered by phpbb”, “your keyword + powered by vBulletine”, “your keyword + powered by SMF” etc. This way you can find hundreds of relevant forums to participate in. Those forums that come up first they are generally considered high ranking forums in that search engine. After finding forums, you need to register each forum to start posting in. When you create an account with any forum, please make sure it allows signature from the first post or not, if the forum doesn’t allow signature from the first post, you may need to contribute to the forum first, say 10 posts, 20 posts, or some forums may require more 50 posts as well.

After you registered few forums and established your profile, this is the time to start posting in the forums. Please make sure, you are contributing to the forum so that your account won’t have any problem. Also, please respect other forum members, admin and moderators to build good relationship as well.

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