Fusion 7.5 Full Review – In-built E-commerce Solution

Fusion 7.5 Full Review – In-built E-commerce Solution

Fusion 7.5 FullWhen it comes to launching a professional looking website, the software has all the things such as shopping cart, an advanced photo gallery and many other things that you will need to create a website. Moreover the Fusion 7.5 Full version comes with web services that include search engine optimization feature to automatically optimize your website for top search engines. The search engine optimization feature is very vital part of any website, as it gives your website higher visibility in Google and other top search engines so that customers can find what products or services you are offering, and it result in increased sales and higher profit.

You are able to incorporate additional SiteStyles, Photo Gallery frames for the purpose of inserting HTML, META tags and you can manage the SiteStyles library to use according to your preference. All these advanced things can be done without the need of HTML or other programming knowledge. Of course, the Fusion Website Builder offers you an advanced process of creating and upgrading professional quality websites without needing coding and programming knowledge.

In the ShopPro, you will have all the features that are needed to create an E-commerce website; you will be accessing these features:

  • QuickCommerce
  • PayPal
  • Kurant StoreSense
  • 1&1 eShops
  • FIRSTGATE click&buy
  • Mal’s E-commerce
  • Advanced library
  • Advanced photo gallery functionality
  • Incremental publishing capability
  • A great META data manager
  • Spell checking feature
  • Interactive online view
  • Customizable Site Projects list
  • Advanced scripting support
  • New HTML insertion points
  • Streamlined auto-update manager
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