Get That Perfect Wedding Dress On Time

Get That Perfect Wedding Dress On Time

Wedding Dress is a dream for every girl and to get it right is a big task. Preparations for the perfect wedding dress start well in advance and as the D Day nears the dress should be ready and stacked in a place that would keep its look intact! We give you some time lines as a checklist when you need to start preparing for your wedding dress, read on:

One year in Advance: If you have this kind of time on hand start doing some noteworthy things like collecting samples of the dresses you like, materials of the dress and contacts of a few dressmakers.

10 to 9 months before: Visit a bridal dress store and try some dresses that they already have. This will give you an idea which make suits your body and looks good on you. Take ideas from the dressmakers they will know better, do not be upset if they reject some of your ideas as unrealistic, they have experience and know better. Ask questions if you have doubts. If you have decided on your dressmaker clarify if you have to get the dress material or they will shop for you. Do not hesitate to clarify any small doubt, after all, your dress needs to be perfect!

8 to 7 months before: If you have to supply the dress material, you should have done it by now or do it promptly. Give deposit to the dressmaker and if there is something like a contract sign it. Ask the dressmaker when should you come next for the fitting and trial of the dress.

4 to 3 months before: Now is the time you need to visit the store again for your dress trial. Do carry your D- Day lingerie with you when you are going for your dress trial, this helps you check the best fitting. If possible, we would advise you carry your accessories too, your shoes and jewelry.

1 month before: If your dress needs some adjustments, keep trying it and keep getting it refitted. Do not forget to walk around, sit and fidget in your dress. This ensures comfort in all positions.

2 to 1 week to go: Get your dress ready! It should be all done by now. Store it in a place where it is safe and won’t get wrinkles.

On the final day get your bridesmaids to help you slip on the dress, put it on perfectly and be the princess of the day!

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