Get The Perfect Hairstyle On Your Wedding Day

Get The Perfect Hairstyle On Your Wedding Day

Getting the perfect hair style for the Wedding Day is as important as getting the perfect dress. Choosing the right dress and the right hairstyle can be a tough task, so we have a list for you that can help you choose the perfect hair-do for the D-Day.

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Using the natural quality of your hair will help you a lot to decide the hair style. Thin hair may not be able to hold on a very complicated style, whereas thick hair will tend to get back to shape by the time the wedding is over. So, knowing these qualities about your hair will help you and your hair stylist select the best hairstyle for you. Ask these questions to analyze your hair:

  • How easy is it to manage my hair?
  • Am I comfortable with the way my hair looks?
  • Do I have any problems with my hair like oily scalp, hair fall, hair breakage or dandruff?
  • Strengths of your hair
  • How far can you go with styling? (Like coloring, styling, hair drying, hair straightening etc.)

Once you have answered these questions, you will have a lot of options open for you. Your stylist will be able to help you with the perfect hair-do’s for the day.
Loose hair is an all time favorite, goes well with layered and shoulder length hair. You do not have to fight with tight hair clips and bands. Your hair moves with you. The disadvantage of this hairdo is that in case your hair is not layered it would not look good. It would become difficult to manage if there is a lot of breeze and you are having an open wedding. If it’s humid or you are sweating your hair can ruin your look.

If you opt for putting all your hair up, then the style is more versatile, you can have many options to choose from. You can have a simple bun or a very elaborate hair style with accessories. The style will stay all throughout the day, without getting messy.

Any style you choose, make sure that you try it with your wedding attire and all the accessories before you finalize it. It should work well for your face and look good with your wedding dress. If you are choosing some hair accessories, make sure they are comfortable and do not irritate you or pinch your scalp.

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