Getting Those Thank You Notes Done and Fast

Getting Those Thank You Notes Done and Fast

Have you ever been to a wedding? Have you received one or two thank you notes? If you’re in the receiving end, there’s no problem. All you have to do is wait for those notes to arrive. But, when you’re getting married, you’re going to be in the giving end. When it comes to writing thank you notes, it’s best not to delay if you want your guests to still feel special and appreciated.

Thank You Note Tip #1

The usual practice of sending thank you notes would be within a month after the wedding. People will understand that you’re on your honeymoon and getting settled in your married life, so they won’t be expecting those thank you notes too soon.

A month is a good enough time frame for your honeymoon to be over and you’ve pretty much settled in as a newly-wed. At the same time, still early to be too busy to forget about writing the thank you notes altogether.

Thank You Note Tip #2

Rather than have a guest signing area, one idea would be to put envelopes on display and put the guests name and addresses on the envelope. This way you save yourself the time to write out names and addresses. You can just make the note, put it in the addressed envelope and send it on its merry way back to the owner.

Play around this idea and you can even come up with an address card system complete with all their other contact information. This way you can even choose to send in e-cards as thank you notes to emails, rather than the snail mail.

If you’re still not sold on this idea, look at it this way. When you look back at your wedding memorabilia, you won’t be looking through your guestbook. What you will be looking through is your collection of photos.

Properly document your wedding. You can even do table hopping to get pictures of almost everyone who attended or have the emcee call up table numbers one by one to come to you for a picture.

Another option would be a photo booth. Everybody loves photo booths in weddings. Not only do they get their own copy as a keepsake, you get to have digital copies of their pictures as well so you know who went to your wedding even without them signing in.

Thank You Note Tip #3

Please do personalize your thank you notes as much as possible. You might end up sending a thank you note to families or neighbors and it wouldn’t look too good if they compare your thank you notes and they find the same thing written in them.

Try to be personal with your thank you notes, especially when you really know the person who attended and gave a gift.

Thank You Note Tip #4

Don’t think of this task as a chore! This part is still a part of your wedding experience, albeit done a lot later. You not only end up making your guest feel special, but you feel special as well, knowing that this person and that took the time to attend and witness your happy ever after unfold.

You may have guests who had to travel quite a distance just to see you. Writing back a thank you note is the least you can do to show your gratitude.


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