Inimitable and Memorable Indian Wedding Themes

Inimitable and Memorable Indian Wedding Themes

Looking out for the right theme for your wedding can be as important as selecting the right dress or the perfect invite for your wedding. All Indian weddings are characterized by vibrant hues, foot taping and sometimes loud music, beautiful dress for every occasion and how can we miss – enthusiastic dancing. The grandeur of Indian weddings is world know. These days we have the choice of hosting the traditional Indian wedding in the most exotic way.

We get to you the most exotic themes of the prevalent times:-

  1. Goan Wedding: This theme is primarily popular in cross-cultural weddings. Mostly famous for its sandy beaches, romantic sunsets. Goa proves to be an excellent venue for romantic and fun filled weddings. The couple can also extend their holiday for a beach honeymoon in Goa.
  2. Village Wedding: Held in a rustic location village wedding can be one of those kinds that stand out. The decorations too can be according to the theme, use of lanterns, earthen ware, bullock carts can accentuate the theme. The food too can be served in the rustic set up, use of banana leaves and earthen pots. The menu too can comprise of authentic traditional food.
  3. Arabic/Roman/Egyptian wedding: These themes might not be the current rage in India but can definitely be a one which leaves a mark. Paintings, artifacts, drapes, artists of these countries can add to the theme and glamour of the wedding. A profession wedding planner can get the best out of this and make your wedding a delight for all.
  4. Royal Theme – Mughal: The wedding needs to be based in an striking location like a fort, palace, a heritage villa or a monument. The guest too can stay in the heritage location, treating your guests to a blue blood welcome and stay can be very intriguing. How about giving them a ride from the entrance to the palace in royal palanquins or in a golden chariot or on decorated animals. The bride and grooms attire can be designed keeping in mind the royal theme.

Many couples these days are planning amalgamated themes where themes from the east are incorporated with the traditional themes to make weddings more memorable. Things like guests books, comment cards, thank you cards, synchronized brides maid and best mans dress are finding a place in Indian Weddings! So which theme are you game for. Do share your views with us.



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