Make Your Wedding Manicure Last Long

Make Your Wedding Manicure Last Long

A manicure for the bride is like her life all throughout the wedding, besides people will always want to look at her well maintained hands, perfectly painted, right from the day of the wedding until the day she arrives after her honeymoon. So here are some vital tips that will help you keep your manicure perfect and glowing for long. So read on:

Start caring for your nails, genuinely the moment you start preparing for your wedding. Nails need to be cared for just like you would care for your skin for the D Day. Stop biting, chewing and peeling the side skin of your nails. This helps them to grow faster and you get the desired nail length till the day approaches. Maintain a regular regime of moisturizing your hands and nail this makes the hand skin soft and the nails get shin. If your nails are brittle go for the strengthening lotions or creams.

Follow these secrets while getting the manicure, before sitting for the manicure, remove the dirt from your nails by using an acetone free remover or some vodka! The surface now becomes smoother and shinier, so your manicure lasts longer. When applying the base coat, let be of a high end brand and quality. The base coat sticks on longer to your nails and fills up the ridges too, so that the final nail paint when applied on it stays longer. Apply your preferred color only once the base has dried completely or else it will smudge. When applying the color, apply thinner coats rather than thicker coats. Thicker coats look unfinished and sometimes ugly. Use a clear top coat to secure your hard work.

All this for the ones who are doing their manicure by themselves, if you are going to a saloon your work becomes much easier and you have less to worry about. Before you leave the saloon make sure you buy a bottle of the color on your nails. You may need it for touch ups in case the paint chips. If using artificial nails, make sure you have some spares and glue, always handy. If you are going for nail art avoid anything that can fall off the nail or get entangled in something, like glitter or rings or studs etc. they are an unnecessary hassle. Try to use subtle colors with shimmer in them, they make your hands look elegant and stylish.

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