Norton 360 Multi-Device 2014 – 1 User / 5 Devices

Norton 360 Multi-Device 2014 – 1 User / 5 Devices

Norton 360The Norton 360 Multi-Device 2014 security software protects your PC, Mac, Mobile phones, Android Smartphones and other mobile devices. The software is very helpful to protect against any types of computer viruses; identity theft when you bank online, you have to use your credit or debit card, or when you shop only you provide payment information this software is very helpful to protect such information so that the information won’t be used by others; bad files or websites when you browse online as you may have seen some links that mislead you when you click and redirect to different link to record your web browsing history and other related information, the software understand such files and websites and block them to be accessed on your PC and other devices, you have protected with Norton 360 security software. It also protects you against phishing scams and social networking threats so that you can brow social networking website without any fear of loss. Also, the software protect against loss of files that result in hard drive failure and other mishaps as it comes with 25 GB of storage to store your PC data online so that you can access them when your hard drive fails. Other benefit you get from this Norton Anti-virus software is fast performance of your PC, when your PC gets slow, the software find problems and correct them to increase of your PC and other devices that you have protected with Norton 360 Multi-Device 2014.

When you lost your mobile device, it will track the location of your mobile device and shows you on Google map, it also works to protect your mobile data including contact list and other related information. Moreover, when your mobile contact is accidently deleted, it helps recover the deleted data from your mobile phone. Also, the software is very helpful to stop unwanted calls and mobile scams. Installing this powerful security software on your personal computer means to protect your valuable information and other devices from future miss-happenings.  Now you can easily and securely surf the web without any fear of loss and other similar things. Read more…

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