Plan A Perfect Wedding

Plan A Perfect Wedding

Wedding Planning is no easy job, it takes months and a lot of careful thinking coupled with perfect execution to make a wedding success. Any amount of time given to plan a wedding may not be sufficient; you would want to incorporate everything in a very short span. So here are some useful steps that may soothe the tension and plan a beautiful wedding:

  1. Get mentally prepared: First and foremost do this; you need to brace yourself up mentally. You would need a lot of this in the coming time. Be prepared to make adjustments, may be a little bit of them. Approach your planner with an open mind and be ready to compromise on matters. For instance, the color you want would not go well with other arrangements, so it would need to be worked on. Be ready for these occasions.
  2. Stick to your budget: The primary thing to do, decide on the budget for your wedding and make sure you stick to it come what may. Remember you need to have savings after the wedding too. Only when you stick to your budget will the expenses be in your hand or else they will go hay-wire and the bills will be humongous.
  3. Get an Organizer: By organizer we mean get a wedding planning book. Check if it has a calendar and pockets, this will help you with easy access to the dates and you can store your samples (invites etc.) at one place. Make a note of every detail in this from the contact numbers to the dates. The organizer keeps everything handy for you and allows easy access.
  4. Follow a time-line: By this we mean the time for trials and fixing everything. This may vary depending on the time of the year you are having your wedding in. Fix all your vendors, florist, caterers, hospitality partners etc. and if required take trials too with all of them within the stipulated timeline. Make sure you meet these deadlines; you may want to change a vendor.
  5. Two dates: Be prepared with two dates, the actual date and an alternate date in case you have to change the date. There can be situations that the location is not available on your preferred date so would have to shift the dates. Also when selecting the location make sure you inquire all the nitty – gritties like the cancellation policies, extra charges etc.

Keep these in mind and have a happy wedding!

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