Plan The Perfect Wedding Dance

Plan The Perfect Wedding Dance

A perfect wedding dance says a lot about the couple, it is believed that the first steps that they dance together say a lot about the life they are going to lead in the future! Don’t believe this, never-mind, still you would not want your first dance together to be imperfect and end up in torn dress or sore toes. So, follow the guidelines mentioned below and rest assured about your wedding dance:

6 months before: Think about the kind of dance you would like to perform on the D-Day with your partner. Keep in mind your and his preference in music while selecting the song. The formality of the wedding is also a deciding factor about choosing the dance style and song. Also, the current trend is the flash mob dance or the group dance. If you have this in mind, then you must be on your toes now. You would also need a choreographer for this, so start the hunt for one and finalize the best.

5 months to go: If you have selected a group dance, then the group should have been formed by now. If not, what are you waiting for! Hurry, you are late! Make sure you have regular practice sessions and each member should attend that. You do not want miss matched steps!

3 months to go: For the solo dance you need to begin now, if you do not have the choreographer as yet, hunt for one and finalize. If you are performing on a medley then give a CD to your DJ to enable him to mix his magic into it. If you have a band they would need the song copies too, to practice them and to know when to stop and start the other one.

1 month: You should have learnt all the dance moves by now. So, now is the time to perfect each move with as much practice as you can get. Start thinking about your accessories too, practice with them, especially the shoe. You may have to change the shoe to get the perfect fit. The DJ or the band should have the song ready by now. Practice on the song. The DJ can give you the CD, but it is suggested you practice live with the band.

2 weeks and the day before: Do not skip lessons even if you have perfected everything, 2 weeks is enough to forget! On the final day get a brief run through with your partner and dazzle the floor with your presence.

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