Pre Wedding Beauty Tips: Start Looking Beautiful

Pre Wedding Beauty Tips: Start Looking Beautiful

You want to look the best for your big day and have probably started the shopping for your cosmetics well before time! However, little do you realize that only cosmetics are not enough to make you look like a princess on your D-Day, there is a lot more that goes into the making of a damsel! Follow this beauty regime and look every inch the diva you are!

The ideal time to start your beauty regime is 6 months before the wedding: If you want to lose weight start now. Do not go for a crash diet as it will make you look malnourished on your final day. Go for a healthy diet and a good gym plan. An exercise regime is a must even if you do not plan to lose weight. Exercising daily will make you look vibrant and give a glow to your skin. Also, if you want to experiment with a new hairstyle (cut, color, etc.) you should try now, because even if you do not like it there is time to grow it back. Quit any bad habits like smoking, etc. so that you can detoxify your body.

3 months to go: Finalize your make up artist now and get trials done. Choose your photographer too and a trail with him/her is also recommended. Begin a healthy skin care routine and make sure you follow it. Cleansing and toning your skin is very important from now on, daily. You should also get a facial done now, this can be a test as if it does not suit you, you still have time on hand.

A month before: now the real preparations need to start as the D-Day is nearing. Go for teeth whitening. They look amazing in the wedding photos! Avoid any new skin care routine, your skin should be used to your set regime by now. So continue with that. Trying anything new can be hazardous, what if it doesn’t suit you!

1-2 weeks before: Get your facial hair removed now. Start collecting all the supplies that you would need for the final day. Confirm with your make-up artist. Get your manicures and pedicures done now, if possible go for the gel ones as they stay longer.

A day before: Go for a relaxing massage to soothe all your nerves. You may be stressed before the wedding. Take a light dinner that will not leave you feeling too full and go to bed early for the perfect beauty sleep!


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