Router Table Insert Plates: Kreg PRS3038 vs Kreg PRS3036

Router Table Insert Plates: Kreg PRS3038 vs Kreg PRS3036

Kreg PRS3038 TL-Blank Insert Plate

Kreg PRS3038 TL-Blank Insert PlateKreg PRS3038 TL-Blank Insert Plate is perfect for outfitting or improving a new router table. It features Level-loc minimization rings of Kreg that is easy to setup. These rings work wonderfully for a quick setup requirement. Kreg PRS3035 insert plate comes with 3 rings that are very useful for large as well as small bits related stuffs. If you want other sizes of rings other than what you find with this package, you need to buy them separately. Kreg TL-blanck insert plate sizes 9-1/4-inch by 11-3/4-inch. 3/8 thick Phenolic material is used to manufacture this plate that doesn’t give any sagging related problems. Kreg PRS3038 Insert Plate also comes with a removable brass starting pin, plate mounting screws and a comprehensive installation guide. Read more…

Kreg PRS3036 TL-Bosch Insert Plate

Kreg PRS3036 TL-Bosch Insert PlateKreg PRS3036 is a pre-drilled plate that fits Porter-cable 690 & 890 series and Bosch 1617. It comes with Level-loc rings to mount flush with plate surface, and it has independent brass starting pin. It comes with insert rings made of high grade plastic material that perfectly flush with the plate when twisting. You will get smooth performance of this insert plate and its associated accessories. Kreg PRS3036 is an efficient insert plate that is exclusively manufactured by Kreg – a leading brand name for manufacturing a wide range of router tables and their accessories at reasonable prices. Read more…

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