Router Table Tops: Kreg PRS1020 vs INCRA RT2432CM vs MLCS Woodworking Router Table Top

Router Table Tops: Kreg PRS1020 vs INCRA RT2432CM vs MLCS Woodworking Router Table Top

Kreg PRS1020 24-inch x 32-inch Precision Router Table Top

Kreg PRS1020Kreg PRS1020 Router Table Top is made in heavy-duty construction to work with larger routers and lifts. It comes with Phenolic insert plate and dual reducing rings, combination miter and t-slot. This is an efficient edge-banded MDF top that has micro-dot surface, and it is easy to slide. This Kreg PRS1020 router table is built to minimize vibration and greater accuracy. This high grade steel reinforced heavy duty Kreg router table delivers impressive result when it comes to safety, quiet operation in any workshop. Read more…

MLCS Woodworking Router Table Top and Fence with Phenolic Plate

MLCS Woodworking Router Table Top and FenceIf you are looking to buy a long lasting router table top, consider buying this MLCS Woodworking Router table top that has durable melamine surface and polyethylene plastic edges. You can also findd a 12-inche X 9-inche Phenolic router insert (premounted). It has a solid MDF core and it is 1/4 inch thidker than other tables. MLCS woodworking router table top comes with rings that facilitate 3 different size openings such as 1-3/16-inch, 2-5/8-inch and 4-inch for easy fitting with popular router bits. Amazingly, the table comes pre-installed with an aluminum miter slot for greater accuracy, and aluminum T-track slots for mounting router fences. You will also find a guide pin that is great for independent routing. It comes with Hex head adjusting screws facilitate a good level insert to top, while the small magnets keep holding the insert in place. You will also find threaded inserts on the bottom of the table top for mounting a leg set of cabinet. The router fence features a 36-inch long angle that holds the fence at 90°. Read more…

INCRA RT2432CM 24-Inch by 32-Inch Center Mount Router Table Top

INCRA RT2432CM 24-InchINCRA RT2432CM 24-Inch by 32-Inch Center Mount Router Table Top sizes 24” by 32”. This center mount table is a perfect choice for using the Wonderfence37 fence without positioning. The router table top features a 1-1/4-inch MDF substrate. The thickness is 1-3/8 inches and it is made to work with even heavy duty industrial routers and lifts. Interestingly, INCRA RT2432CM works with any standard size of 9-1/4-inch x 11/3/4-inch mounting plate. Usual router plate needs regular adjustment but INCRA plate leaving system puts flat head levelers in the table rather than putting in the router mounting plate. Read more…

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