Self-Planning A Wedding – Impossible Or Possible?

Self-Planning A Wedding – Impossible Or Possible?

Ever since that hit of a romantic comedy, The Wedding Planner, starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey, hiring a planner for a wedding has sort of become the trend to follow. However, hiring outside help means allocating a bigger budget; one you can’t afford to have. The good news is that this isn’t the end of the world for brides out there. The other good news is that it is entirely possible to plan your own wedding.

DIY-Friendly Checklists

Many individuals have chosen to do a lot of DIY projects and events, simply because a lot of money can be saved in doing so. Money that can actually be allocated somewhere else where it is needed most. In the case of a wedding, maybe your honeymoon or the new house you’re going to move into.
This DIY trend has been caught on fast by many experts out there willing to help and so the result is a lot of sound advice from books, videos, magazines, articles, and yes, the ever helpful checklists.

When you’re planning a wedding, a checklist is a must. It helps spell things out for the bride-to-be and already comes in a pre-organized system. Do take note that not all things listed in a checklist may be applicable for your wedding. Don’t panic. Just do the things that are applicable and tick them off one by one until you achieve your goal.

Free Assistance Available

Many brides have made it through planning their own wedding because of the help of friends and relatives. Take advantage of your entourage and ask them to help you. It’s more than likely that they want to help wherever they can. Ask your maid of honor to help you pick out a dress and go food tasting with you. If your groom is able and have the time, ask him to go with you in picking out venues for receptions.

Ask the Services of a Veteran

This doesn’t have to be a veteran planner, but the advice of a bride who’s gone through whole wedding planning, either on her own or with the help of a planner. Asking someone who’s already experienced what you’re going through will be a big help for you. She will be able to give you a far accurate sneak peek into what could happen and what to prepare for in a wedding.

Others Have Done It!

Don’t feel like you’re all alone in this endeavour. Hold your head high. Others have done it and so can you. Joining forums where other do-it-yourselves brides can be reached will be a great source of help. You can ask them realistic questions and receive realistic answers in return.

Remember, as much as you want your wedding to be perfect; don’t put that unnecessary burden on yourself. Not all weddings are perfect, no matter how good they look on pictures or in videos. Things that can possibly go wrong will go wrong. Don’t attempt to control everything in the hopes of achieving a perfect event. What matters is that you’re getting the wedding of your dreams. Imperfections are part of the package and can even be a good source of laugh when you look back it years from now.

Oh, and if that passion to plan a wedding still lingers after yours has passed, then you might be on your way to starting a wedding planning business. You’ve got your own wedding as experience to back you up.

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