Serif WebPlus X5 – Website Creation Software Review

Serif WebPlus X5 – Website Creation Software Review

Serif WebPlus X5The Serif WebPlus X5 website creation software is ideal for small business owners, bloggers and organizations.  This is the right software for you if you don’t have knowledge of any coding languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS, Java Script etc. as this advanced WebPlus X5 automatically does all web designing stuffs to create beautiful sites that are liked by your site visitors. A professional looking website is very important as it helps convert visitors into customers. You will be using simple interface with drag-and-drop option to design web pages. With the purchase of this Serif WebPlus X5 professional website creator, you get 6 months of free hosting, a domain name and email addresses.

You can choose your preferred template from its thousands of pre-made templates to create a professional looking website with eCommerce store. The eCommerce feature comes with advanced functions that provide flexibility to visitors to pay on your site via Papal using their credit card. Moreover, you can implement booking feature if your business is related to booking events, and other related events that are used by restaurants, hotels and travel agencies. Also, you are going to get benefits of flexible gadgets to add additional elements to your website, utilizing the gadget feature, you can place the gadget in footer or sidebar areas to embed videos, StatCounter code, advertisements, photos, your profile and many other things. Moreover the RSS feed option can be used to show RSS feeds of your website this helps in increasing traffic and higher ranking of sites in search engines with a higher rate of returning visitors and brand name popularity. The Software is very powerful to create streaming related elements to stream videos, music and other live broadcast to your website visitors.

The Serif X5 website builder lets you build unlimited number of websites; it doesn’t impose any limitation like other similar website creator. So if you are a serious website marketer, internet marketer or a blogger, you can take this benefit to create hundreds or thousands of sites to earn more money. It lets you manage your sites for better visibility in top search engines as it comes with a great management tool to automatically handle SEO and its elements such as meta description, meta keywords, title tag optimization and other main points of search engine optimization. Read more…

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