SiteSpinner Pro: Professional Web Development Software Review

SiteSpinner Pro: Professional Web Development Software Review

SiteSpinner ProThe SiteSpinner Pro is a professional web design tool to create beautiful web pages for mobile devices and desktop. You are able to create professional looking web pages with combined or separate layouts, and use unique designs for different devices as per your preferences. If you don’t want to create web pages for mobile devices only, it comes with an advanced combined layout function that automatically supports all devices. You have lots of flexibility to spice up your website with its interactive animation feature that can be used as action editor, behavior editor, key frame animator and many others. Moreover, you can publish pages in HTML, DHTML or SVG language as all these languages are supported by SiteSpinner Pro. The program meets W3C standards for desktop mobile and mobile development, pages are viewed on all-sized desktops and mobile browsers.

Preview pages as you create in opera web browser by default for different devices, you can also preview how your pages will look on different mobile devices at different resolutions. It offers an easy publishing, you decide how you will publish your pages to your webhost, use relative or absolute paths, or automated gather function to transfer them to your webhost. The program supports any standard webhosts to publish content without any problems. This advanced web design software lets you design web pages by visual drag-and-drop editing so you don’t need have any knowledge of HTML and coding. It provides a flexibility to resize, skew, rotate and align objects; you can position the pages with the click of a button. Further, import objects from any source and add shading, transparency mapping, manage brightness, contrast and more. Read more…

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