Solid Aluminum Hart Design Router Table Fence Reviews

Solid Aluminum Hart Design Router Table Fence Reviews

Hart DesignAt 3″ high x 32″ long, it has big capacity. Opening will handle bits of any size, including 3-wing panel cutters. T-slots on the front of the fence accept sub-fences, stops, or feather boards.[/caption]

Hart Design Router Table Fence is very solid, made of high grade aluminum material and it is made to assist you in your work with optimum accuracy. You can use it for lots of special works that are not possible with other fences. You can easily fix it at 90° position on the router table surface. It measures 3-inch high and 32-inch long and it comes with a great capacity. It comes with the opening that will work with any size bits including 3-wing panel cutters. It comes with T-slots on the front that is compatible with sub-fences, stops and feather boards. It comes with Moby Cam Levers that lock in the right position eliminating budging. It allows easy release at the time of adjustment. It features angle brackets on the back that are adjustable to match the spacing of the t-tracks in the router table top. The package comes with all the supported accessories such as self-adhesive measuring tape, vac attachment, adjustable bit guard, micro stop and the special Moby Cam Levers. Read more…

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