Is it good or bad to judge the success of a wedding on the basis of Extravagancy?

Is it good or bad to judge the success of a wedding on the basis of Extravagancy?

Since ages, Weddings have been the example of lavishness and all across the globe. Celebrating a wedding on a very high note has been the reason for this event to be planned lavishly. Each and every couple believes it’s an event once in a lifetime, urging the viewer for high-classed marriage merriment. But sometimes, this unessential view makes the entire efforts go unfruitful.  For example, recently in a marriage function all the Indian dishes were supposed to be shipped from India for the wedding reception, but due to bad weather condition, the flight was delayed by four hours which lead to a lot of humiliation for the host.

Rich people can afford to spend lavishly on their marriages in order to show-off among their friends and family members. Marriages have never been this classy! The huge amount of money is getting spent to show the world what it means to tie the knot. According to a recent survey, India stands out for holding the world’s most expensive weddings every year. But this tendency of rich people in India to go over the top for celebrating the wedding has led various middle-class families in two-mind.

But, do you really think the amount of money spend in a marriage is the yardstick for its success.

Well, everyone in this world will have varied opinion, and that depends on the type of society you belong to. Simultaneously, a splendid service with vows made in front of hundreds, can place an obligation on the bride and groom to work through uneven patches rather than toss it all aside at the first hint of rough water. Possibly, we need to go back to the basics to find out the answers for questions like- what is our definition of wedding? What is our explanation of a dream marriage? Is it about the joy that comes with finally tying the knots with your dream man or woman? Do you want a wedding to mesmerize your guests? Or, do you want a wedding which, while giving you a beautiful memory, to cherish for the lifetime. Last but not the least; this particular topic needs a lot of discussion before coming to a conclusion about it.

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