The Good & Bad During The Wedding Speech

The Good & Bad During The Wedding Speech

A very important part of the wedding, but a wedding speech can give you the jitters. Mainly because you are scared of public speaking! However, do not worry, public speaking is a cause of with worry for many, you are not alone. Just follow the simple dos and don’ts that we mention here and you shall sail through smoothly:

The Dos:

  • Be prepared with your speech, plan it. You can be spontaneous at some places. After all the D-Day is the day where a lot of emotions flow out from within you. Do not curb them. Practice before a friend, this will give you confidence.
  • Make sure to introduce yourself before you begin the speech. There may be some from the other side who do not know you at all. It would be beneficial for them. Make sure you spell your relationship with the bride and the groom, people need to know this.
  • Let the speech be brief. Do not forget this is not the main event of the reception, there may be others who want to make the speech or maybe there is something else planned too.
  • Make sure to mention both the bride and the groom in your speech. Do not neglect either of them. You may be close to one of them, still avoid the inclination towards one of them during the speech. The act may not be well accepted.

The Don’ts

  • The first thing and the most important thing, do not drink too much before the speech. A small amount may be fine, but let the heavy drinks wait for the time after you have made the speech. Being not in control of yourself can lead to many embarrassing moments.
  • Do not delve into the embarrassing stories of the bride or the groom. You may have known either of them before, but please refrain from coming out in open with their childhood stories that can be embarrassing for them, in public.
  • Do not ever mention the ex-flames during your speech. Let the speech focus on the couple and not of their past. Do not make this mistake.
  • Let your emotions go over the top. You may tend to be nostalgic, but this is the moment to be in control. It is alright to shed a tear or two, as this moment makes the person emotional. So be careful and make an impacting wedding speech.
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