The Grizzly Router Table Review – General

The Grizzly Router Table Review – General

Grizzly T10432Every time I see a Grizzly tool, I just have to smile. There’s something about this manufacturer that simply sets them apart from the run-of-the-mill tool companies out there.

You can imagine my surprise when I found out about this Router Table hitting the market. For someone who loves tools, the addition of a new Grizzly is always a joyous occasion.

However, I wasn’t simply going to roll over and give the Router Table a glowing review without some serious research. So I buckled down and found out everything I could about this router table. I’ve put all that information together for you here in this Grizzly Router Table review.

Router Table Basics

Before we get too much further into this Grizzly Router Table review, let’s discuss some of the basic features that every router table should include. It’s helpful to have a baseline to compare any router table against, so here are the key features that you should look for when you’re shopping for your next router table.

  • Versatility. – A good router table should be able to work with a wide variety of routers. There’s nothing worse than getting a tool accessory, only to find out that it doesn’t work with the tool that you already own. A good router table should be versatile enough to work with the main routers on the market today.
  • A good fence. – To make your cuts true, you’ve got to have a fence that’s accurate and easy to adjust. No router table worth its salt should be without a decent fence.
  • Easy set up. – Let’s face it… None of us wants to deal with an accessory that is difficult to use. Especially when that accessory should be as simple to set up as possible. Router tables are basic accessories, so the model you choose should be a snap to set up.

Okay… Now that we’ve touched on what I see as some of the key router table features, let’s get rolling with this Grizzly Router Table review.

The Grizzly Router Table is Versatile

You won’t find this Grizzly discriminating against any particular type of router. The designers of this table have made it so that it can accept any brand of portable router. And since it handles not only multiple brands, but also sizes from ¾ horsepower to 5 horsepower, this is one of the most versatile router tables that I have ever seen.

Fence is good

There is nothing revolutionary or ground breaking about the fence that’s built into the Grizzly Router Table. The fence looks to be machined well and is made from aluminum. Customers have reported having an easy enough time adjusting the fence when necessary, so this router table appears to deliver when it comes to a good, true fence for cutting and routing projects.

Set Up is a Breeze

We all like simple, right? Well as I was researching for this Router Table, I was really happy to see lots of customers talking about how simple this router table is to get set up. If you’re like me, you can’t wait to get things out of the box and set up, as soon as they arrive.

With the Grizzly Router Table, it looks like smooth sailing and instant gratification, where assembly and set up is concerned. Of course, some people may want to tweak it a bit to suit their own needs, but the basic set up steps seem as simple as can be.

Grizzly Router Table Details

  1. Works with routers from any manufacturer that are from ¾ HP to 5 HP
  2. Extruded table is made from aluminum, and like the fence, is easy to slide and adjust
  3. Easy to install routers with the table tilt feature
  4. Large safety paddle switch for safe operation
  5. Integrated hold-on clamp to keep wood secured during projects
  6. Conveniently placed shelf for temporary storage
  7. Main table surface: 30 3/4″ x 9 7/8″
  8. Sliding table surface: 30 3/4″ x 12 1/4″

Pros & Cons

Here is my short list of the pros and cons of the Grizzly Router Table:


  • Stable and secure for all kinds of woodworking.
  • Enough table working space for most types of projects.
  • Easy router installation, since the table tilts to 45 degrees during set up.
  • The shelf is a nice touch for quick storage and holding other tools.


  • It’s not the biggest router table on the market, but is fine for most home woodworking projects.
  • It’s heavy. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, moving this table around can be a bit taxing for some folks.

Customer Reviews

Before we wrap up this Grizzly Router Table review, let’s take a look at what some real life customers had to say about this router table…

  1. “Outstanding!”
  2. “Four stars for now…”
  3. “Simple and to the point…”
  4. “A serious tool built to last.”

As you can see, most customer reviewers have had some nice things to say about the Grizzly Router Table. There were a few complaints from people who seemed to expect a bigger table with more bells and whistles. Other than these isolated complaints, though, the majority of reviewers rated this router table as being an excellent purchase.

If you like rugged tools that won’t let you down, you owe it to yourself to check out the Grizzly Router Table. With its simple design and easy installation steps, this is a router table that you’ll be using on all your home improvement projects for many years to come.

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