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  • Saying Yes to the Colored Wedding Dress!

    Tradition states that the bride should be wearing a white dress for a wedding. In fact, many women still feel that they should wear white and they love it that way. They wouldn’t be able to dream of any wedding other than one with them wearing a white dress.

    However, times have changed. Wedding dresses are no longer limited to the color white. When you look up known designers and their wedding dresses on the ramp or in their store, you can see a whole range of dresses in different colors.

    What if you just can’t see yourself wearing a white wedding gown? What if you prefer something else, a wedding gown that’s of another color? What do you do? You say yes, of course!

    Step #1

    You have to let it sink in to your system that you’re not going to wear that white wedding dress. It’s you that’s going to be wearing THE wedding dress, no one else, so you have to settle with yourself whether it’s okay for you not to be seen walking down the aisle in a white gown. Once settled, you can go to the next step.

    Step #2

    Inform. Yes, inform your groom, parents, and close family and friends that you’re going to skip the whole white wedding gown. Of course, if you want to take them all by surprise, you can keep this thing to yourself. Besides, it’s your wedding, not theirs.

    Step #3

    Coordinate with your entourage’s gowns. White stands out from any crowd, so whatever dress your entourage is going to be wearing, you’re going to be standing out. However, with a colored gown, there’s a slight chance that you’re going to mix right in and you don’t want that. You want to be the sole star of your wedding, you and your groom, not you, your groom, and your entourage.

    So, when picking a color for your gown, choose another color of the same spectrum for your bridesmaids and maid of honor. This way, you can still stand out of the crowd and they’ll still look beautiful as well.

    Step #4

    Own that gown! When you finally have to walk down the aisle, you’re going to see surprised faces, especially when they don’t see you with a white colored gown on. Rather than be self-conscious, you need to ooze confidence!

    When you walk down that aisle, you’ve got to look like you love every moment of it, regardless of their stares and possible whispers. Besides, they’re going to get over it anyway.

    Note: Once you walk down that aisle, you’ll be zeroing in on your groom waiting at the altar, so don’t worry about the crowd’s reactions.

    Step #5

    Decide whether you’re going to go all out or take it one step at a time. You’ll have plenty of time to try on wedding gowns. So, try on ones in full bold colors, or ones that are white with little touches of colors. You can even try on muted gowns, such as a soft pink, a light gold or silver, or an off white dress.

    When you find one that you like, then you’re one step closer to your wedding day!

  • Wedding Feature of the Week: The Chandelier Cake!

    Is it real? Is it a chandelier? Guess what, it’s a chandelier cake! This week’s wedding feature will be dedicated to the beautiful creation that is the chandelier cake. Why feature this cake? Aside from the hard work put into making it, the creativity and intricacy involved is worth giving this cake a spotlight for this week’s feature.

    Is It Real?

    The most common question usually encountered when it comes to chandelier cakes is whether it’s real. Of course, it’s real! This is what makes this cake so wonderful. It is an edible cake and a working chandelier at the same time. Yes, it even has the illuminating lights, the sparkly crystals, and all the works to make it look like a chandelier, yet taste like a delectable cake.

    Should I Go For It?

    One look at chandelier cakes and many bride-to-be’s would be wide-eyed and slack-jawed. Every bride, considering their motif, would love to have a chandelier cake for their wedding. So what’s stopping them?


    Don’t be fooled by the expensive look of this cake. Not all chandelier cakes come in the same package. There’s the expensive package and then there’s the reasonably priced packaged. Before giving up on your dream cake, meet with the team who makes them. Most wedding cake suppliers will always work in your budget in making your dream cake.


    As have already mentioned, this cake is edible. It will amaze you that it tastes like your favorite cake. Why? Cake suppliers take into consideration your preferred flavor or cake when making this creation.

    Why, yes, it is definitely sturdy. There are many ways a chandelier cake can be presented in a wedding; the most stunning one is to hang it from a source (lower than the actual ceiling, of course). You might experience a little teetering of the cake when you slice it, but with assistants holding it in place as you slice, it’s as good as sturdy and will remaining hanging or standing for as long as the reception is taking place.


    While this question may seem over the top, many brides do ask this when considering this cake, especially because this cake can actually be lit. Couples don’t have to worry about being electrocuted however. This cake has been designed even with that danger in mind. So, when you’re slicing your cake, you don’t have to worry about cutting any wires accidentally at all.

    The Verdict: Two Thumbs Up!

    You definitely want to consider this cake for your wedding for so many reasons. It adds additional ambiance to your wedding with its soft light and crystals reflecting this off the wall. It adds to the overall look of your wedding, especially when you’re going for glam and romantic, sophisticated and classy. Lastly, it servers a dual purpose: (1) it is a decorative peace during the ceremony and, (2) it serves as your wedding cake during the reception. This two in one combination can actually help you save on your wedding budget.

    So, while you’re still planning, be on the lookout for chandelier cake suppliers in your area.

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Center Aisle Decorations

    Can you imagine that day when you’re finally going to walk down the aisle? You’re in your wedding dress. You’re all glammed up and as the doors open; you take a deep breath, peek from under your lashes, and see your groom waiting for you at the altar. The music plays and you walk slowly towards him. Oh, what a moment!

    Every bride should never miss the opportunity to walk down the aisle to meet her groom and say her I Do’s. What could be better than that than walking down a beautifully decorated aisle that meets your wedding theme?

    When you’re planning your wedding, alone or with a planner, decorations shouldn’t just be focused on the reception. The venue where the ceremony takes place should take center-stage as well. But, are there any rules to follow when deciding on aisle decorations? Here a few tips to help you:

    1.       Keep it simple

    That’s right! As much as you want your wedding to be opulent and lavish (and within the budget, of course), it wouldn’t be wise to be as generous with the decorations on your center aisle. You want the focus to be on YOU, your dress, how you look, and the emotions showing on your face. When you have over the top aisle decorations, people’s attention will turn to you, to the decorations, to you, the decorations, and back. You don’t want that.

    2.       Keep it distanced

    This is especially important if you have rows and rows of seats prepared for your wedding day. You want the people to be able to conveniently walk across or towards their appointed seating positions. You don’t want them to have to go around just to go to their seats.

    A good rule of thumb most decorators follow is to keep the distance from one row to another. This keeps every row free for traffic, and keeps a good visual on the bride and her entourage as they walk down the aisle.

    3.       Keep the height controlled

    As much as many women want aisle decorations that can just cover them up in a canopy, it won’t offer too good a visual for your guests and maybe even your photographers as well as videographers. If the height has to be tall, such as placing trees as center aisle decorations, remember tip # 3.

    4.       Keep a grand entrance

    Everybody loves a grand reveal, especially at weddings. When planning your center aisle decoration, don’t leave out the grand entrance. This can be as simple as an existing door glammed up or a specially made stand or entrance that you can go through. Make sure that your entrance matches well with your existing center aisle decoration. Why? So that even before the ceremony has started, a good flow of visually pleasing decors is already in place. When you come in, you’ll be the cherry on top of the ice cream.

    If your wedding is just up ahead, don’t forget to look into these center aisle decorating tips. It’s not something you should brush off your shoulder. It is definitely something you should consider when planning your wedding. You want a good canvass already prepared for a masterpiece such as you to walk through on your wedding day.

  • A Speech From The Bride

    Traditionally the bride was not supposed to give the speech, it was against the rules. However, these days the brides are making a speech too and breaking the traditional norms. The brides too, do not want to miss the opportunity to thank their family and friends and mention others during their speech. So here are some points that will help a bride plan and perfect her speech:

    • The bride can make her speech after the groom’s speech, just before the cake cutting.
    • There can be many who have also done this, the gratitude part, but you also should start with this. Start with thanking people who took the effort to make your wedding successful and people who traveled from all the different places to be a part of your wedding.
    • Make sure to thank your parents and grandparents for everything they have done for you. They play an important part in making your wedding successful.
    • One important point make sure to thank your partner’s parents. It is a good gesture. Thank them for being nice to you and welcoming you to their family. Assure them that you will be the perfect daughter-in-law and will forever love their son and take care of him.
    • After all this take some time to reflect on the past. Give a brief reflection of the time when you met and how you met. The moment you realized that he is the right one for you. You can add some funny moments too in the speech and make it light. Mention the moment your partner developed a liking in your parents’ hearts. Stay away from any embarrassing moments! You can delve a bit into the future. How would it be to be a wife? How do you look forward to it?
    • After this, shift your focus to your husband. The important part. Tell him how much you love him and how happy he makes you and how happy you are to be a part of his life. Share how great a person he is and how he swept off your feet. You can even select a poem or a verse to express your feeling towards your partner.
    • Once you have made the right mentions and the right gratitudes end your speech with a toast. Make sure you end it well. The toast can be for your husband, guests or to your new life ahead of you!
  • The Good & Bad During The Wedding Speech

    A very important part of the wedding, but a wedding speech can give you the jitters. Mainly because you are scared of public speaking! However, do not worry, public speaking is a cause of with worry for many, you are not alone. Just follow the simple dos and don’ts that we mention here and you shall sail through smoothly:

    The Dos:

    • Be prepared with your speech, plan it. You can be spontaneous at some places. After all the D-Day is the day where a lot of emotions flow out from within you. Do not curb them. Practice before a friend, this will give you confidence.
    • Make sure to introduce yourself before you begin the speech. There may be some from the other side who do not know you at all. It would be beneficial for them. Make sure you spell your relationship with the bride and the groom, people need to know this.
    • Let the speech be brief. Do not forget this is not the main event of the reception, there may be others who want to make the speech or maybe there is something else planned too.
    • Make sure to mention both the bride and the groom in your speech. Do not neglect either of them. You may be close to one of them, still avoid the inclination towards one of them during the speech. The act may not be well accepted.

    The Don’ts

    • The first thing and the most important thing, do not drink too much before the speech. A small amount may be fine, but let the heavy drinks wait for the time after you have made the speech. Being not in control of yourself can lead to many embarrassing moments.
    • Do not delve into the embarrassing stories of the bride or the groom. You may have known either of them before, but please refrain from coming out in open with their childhood stories that can be embarrassing for them, in public.
    • Do not ever mention the ex-flames during your speech. Let the speech focus on the couple and not of their past. Do not make this mistake.
    • Let your emotions go over the top. You may tend to be nostalgic, but this is the moment to be in control. It is alright to shed a tear or two, as this moment makes the person emotional. So be careful and make an impacting wedding speech.
  • Keep The Emergency Kit Handy For The D-Day

    Contingencies can arrive, who know, a rip here or a tear there. No one can predict that, however, being patience is the key to managing all the problems that arrive last moment and without notice! Be well prepared to fight these unwanted situations and put them away. Here is a list of things that will help you prepare a wedding emergency kit:

    1. An extra pair of panty hose has always been useful. This takes care of any rip or tear in the stocking. A small tip to stop the rip to keep running, apply a bit of nail paint on the place from where the rip is about to start. This prevents the rip from running further. However, if the damage is too intense, just discard this pair and wear the one you had for the emergency situation.
    2. Keep safety pins handy too. They help you fix the unexpected tear or rip. Keep a bunch handy the bridesmaids may need them to.
    3. Keep a nail kit ready too with artificial nails in it. If you break a nail you can immediately file it or stick on an artificial nail on it. Also, you can use a touch up of nail paint if need be. Artificial nails can be helpful if the nail breakage is too much.
    4. Also keep handy a needle and a thread. Let the thread be matching with your dress. Who knows just in case! This can help you redo a ripped gown or if the beading gets loose this can help fasten it.
    5. Keep a medical kit handy too. They take care of the minor injuries and medical emergencies. Minor cuts and scratches can be handled with this. If you know band aids are handy for shoe bites too! Just stick them on the place where you are getting a shoe bite and you are sorted. Make sure you have some aspirins in it too, for an unexpected headache or a slight fever.
    6. Keep gels and sprays ready for a bad hair day, just in case. Hair clips too can take care of bad hair day.
    7. Keep some money handy too, in a purse, you may need it for some small things.
    8. Also, few small packets of food items are useful. You can be too busy to eat all day, these will help you grab a quick bite.
    9. Apart from all the mentioned above supplies, if you feel you can add on do carry them with you.
  • Pre Wedding Beauty Tips: Start Looking Beautiful

    You want to look the best for your big day and have probably started the shopping for your cosmetics well before time! However, little do you realize that only cosmetics are not enough to make you look like a princess on your D-Day, there is a lot more that goes into the making of a damsel! Follow this beauty regime and look every inch the diva you are!

    The ideal time to start your beauty regime is 6 months before the wedding: If you want to lose weight start now. Do not go for a crash diet as it will make you look malnourished on your final day. Go for a healthy diet and a good gym plan. An exercise regime is a must even if you do not plan to lose weight. Exercising daily will make you look vibrant and give a glow to your skin. Also, if you want to experiment with a new hairstyle (cut, color, etc.) you should try now, because even if you do not like it there is time to grow it back. Quit any bad habits like smoking, etc. so that you can detoxify your body.

    3 months to go: Finalize your make up artist now and get trials done. Choose your photographer too and a trail with him/her is also recommended. Begin a healthy skin care routine and make sure you follow it. Cleansing and toning your skin is very important from now on, daily. You should also get a facial done now, this can be a test as if it does not suit you, you still have time on hand.

    A month before: now the real preparations need to start as the D-Day is nearing. Go for teeth whitening. They look amazing in the wedding photos! Avoid any new skin care routine, your skin should be used to your set regime by now. So continue with that. Trying anything new can be hazardous, what if it doesn’t suit you!

    1-2 weeks before: Get your facial hair removed now. Start collecting all the supplies that you would need for the final day. Confirm with your make-up artist. Get your manicures and pedicures done now, if possible go for the gel ones as they stay longer.

    A day before: Go for a relaxing massage to soothe all your nerves. You may be stressed before the wedding. Take a light dinner that will not leave you feeling too full and go to bed early for the perfect beauty sleep!


  • Plan The Perfect Wedding Dance

    A perfect wedding dance says a lot about the couple, it is believed that the first steps that they dance together say a lot about the life they are going to lead in the future! Don’t believe this, never-mind, still you would not want your first dance together to be imperfect and end up in torn dress or sore toes. So, follow the guidelines mentioned below and rest assured about your wedding dance:

    6 months before: Think about the kind of dance you would like to perform on the D-Day with your partner. Keep in mind your and his preference in music while selecting the song. The formality of the wedding is also a deciding factor about choosing the dance style and song. Also, the current trend is the flash mob dance or the group dance. If you have this in mind, then you must be on your toes now. You would also need a choreographer for this, so start the hunt for one and finalize the best.

    5 months to go: If you have selected a group dance, then the group should have been formed by now. If not, what are you waiting for! Hurry, you are late! Make sure you have regular practice sessions and each member should attend that. You do not want miss matched steps!

    3 months to go: For the solo dance you need to begin now, if you do not have the choreographer as yet, hunt for one and finalize. If you are performing on a medley then give a CD to your DJ to enable him to mix his magic into it. If you have a band they would need the song copies too, to practice them and to know when to stop and start the other one.

    1 month: You should have learnt all the dance moves by now. So, now is the time to perfect each move with as much practice as you can get. Start thinking about your accessories too, practice with them, especially the shoe. You may have to change the shoe to get the perfect fit. The DJ or the band should have the song ready by now. Practice on the song. The DJ can give you the CD, but it is suggested you practice live with the band.

    2 weeks and the day before: Do not skip lessons even if you have perfected everything, 2 weeks is enough to forget! On the final day get a brief run through with your partner and dazzle the floor with your presence.

  • Get The Perfect Hairstyle On Your Wedding Day

    Getting the perfect hair style for the Wedding Day is as important as getting the perfect dress. Choosing the right dress and the right hairstyle can be a tough task, so we have a list for you that can help you choose the perfect hair-do for the D-Day.

    Relevant pages:

    Using the natural quality of your hair will help you a lot to decide the hair style. Thin hair may not be able to hold on a very complicated style, whereas thick hair will tend to get back to shape by the time the wedding is over. So, knowing these qualities about your hair will help you and your hair stylist select the best hairstyle for you. Ask these questions to analyze your hair:

    • How easy is it to manage my hair?
    • Am I comfortable with the way my hair looks?
    • Do I have any problems with my hair like oily scalp, hair fall, hair breakage or dandruff?
    • Strengths of your hair
    • How far can you go with styling? (Like coloring, styling, hair drying, hair straightening etc.)

    Once you have answered these questions, you will have a lot of options open for you. Your stylist will be able to help you with the perfect hair-do’s for the day.
    Loose hair is an all time favorite, goes well with layered and shoulder length hair. You do not have to fight with tight hair clips and bands. Your hair moves with you. The disadvantage of this hairdo is that in case your hair is not layered it would not look good. It would become difficult to manage if there is a lot of breeze and you are having an open wedding. If it’s humid or you are sweating your hair can ruin your look.

    If you opt for putting all your hair up, then the style is more versatile, you can have many options to choose from. You can have a simple bun or a very elaborate hair style with accessories. The style will stay all throughout the day, without getting messy.

    Any style you choose, make sure that you try it with your wedding attire and all the accessories before you finalize it. It should work well for your face and look good with your wedding dress. If you are choosing some hair accessories, make sure they are comfortable and do not irritate you or pinch your scalp.

  • Wedding Dress For The Groom

    If the brides dress is important then the groom’s dress is important too! While a lot of effort goes into selecting a brides dress, choosing a groom’s formal attire is not that tough. However, please note that your attire should not be taken lightly either, you have to look like the Prince Charming of the girl of your dreams. Follow this timeline to choose the perfect formal wear for your wedding:

    A grooms attire can be thought for a little nearer to the wedding day, so we start with 6 months in advance: Start planning the kind of suit you would like to wear on the D Day. Visit a professional store, or take a friend’s advice, you can even hunt online for the style and make. Also, pay attention to the shirt style that you would like to wear. Color plays an important role to make a look hit or a flop, so, pay close attention to the color of your suit and the shirt.

    4 months before: If you have plans to rent a tuxedo then start looking out for the best stores that can help you with this and deliver the perfect fit. You and your boys need to start trying innumerable number of attires that fit you perfectly. Do not give up until you find the perfect fit of the suit for you and the boys. If you have plans to buy your suit, your and the boys measurements need to be given by now. The material should also have been decided.

    3 months to go: If renting, you should have found your suit by now, make a deposit and reserve it for your D-Day. If buying the suit should have gone for tailoring by this time.

    2 to 1 month before: The first fitting needs to be done now. Visit the tailor for the first fitting and if there are changes that need to be done, give it for fixing. Also, start shopping for the right accessories too , like ties, shirts, pocket square, shoes, socks, belts and cufflinks.

    2 weeks left: The tailor should call you now for the final fitting, if he doesn’t, start pushing him. Go for the final fitting with your groomsmen. Apart from the suit, you and your groomsmen have to be ready with the accessories too now. Pick up your suit well in advance, before the D-Day.

    On the D-Day: Spend some quality time on your look today. Get your boutonnieres done with the florists help. Finally, mesmerize her with your look and the killer smile.

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