WebPlus X2 Website Maker Review – Create Fully Featured Websites

WebPlus X2 Website Maker Review – Create Fully Featured Websites

WebPlus X2 Website MakerThe WebPlus X2 Website Maker is a Vista certified program to create stunning websites from scratches. The websites created with the help of this software are fully featured websites that are perfect for high profile organization, small businesses and they can be used for internet marketing purposes to sell products and services as the software allows creating eCommerce store to list products, accept credit card through Paypal and offer many other methods of payment to your website’s visitors. To create website using this powerful software, you don’t need to have knowledge of HTML or other programming languages as you are presented with drag-and-drop tools to design websites, logos, and images and may other website related stuffs. The software offers too many smart web widgets, forums, site search, shopping carts, inbuilt ecommerce solution with Paypal, YouTube, Podcast, RSS content and many other powerful features to add elements according to what you like. I will say that this WebPlus X2 Website Maker is an ideal solution for home based businessmen. You get almost all the things that you need to create a professional looking website. You don’t need to create a template for your website because the software offers too many templates to choose from according to your website niche. In course of creating a website, if you made some errors, there is no need worry because the software will automatically fix designing errors. Use the pre-made templates, customize the template if you need to customize them and there are many other things as well.

When it comes to graphic design of your website, there are many objects such as instant shapes, beautiful fills, transparencies, special effects, 3D animation, image adjustment and many others. With beautiful design of your website, you are going to engage visitors on your website, and this will help increase ranking of your website in search engines. When it comes to SEO, the software will automatically do too many tasks for better visibility of your website in Google and other top search engines. So using this software means getting higher rankings than your competitors in Google and other top search engines without any doubts. The WebPlus X2 Website Maker is 100% safe to use as it offers safe surfing, user log-in, and password protected pages with CAPTCH sign-up to stop unwanted automatons from scrapping content of your website. Moreover, you get one year of free hosting that includes 10GB space, 100 GB band-width on monthly basis, 100 personalized email address and you can run up to 16 websites in this one-year of free hosting.  Read more…

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