Website Promotion

When it comes to website promotion or development, you may be using some software programs to enhance the result, this category has a wide range of software programs that will meet your website and business promotion needs.

  • Web 2.0 Link Building – Get Higher Ranking of Websites in Google

    We provide web 2.0 link building services by finding quality web 2.0 sites. If you need web 2.0 links, we can serve you with quality links that help a lot in getting higher ranking in top search engines. There are thousands of web 2.0 sites, but we select only those web 2.0 sites that are quality sites. After choosing the web 2.0 sites, we create accounts with proper information in the profile to sound like a natural user of that particular site. Then we create content, only unique content so that our account won’t have any problem and it will rank high in search engines. As per your requirements, we can do slow as well as fast link building using only popular sites. If you need tired link building using social networking sites, we can do as well.

    Web 2.0 sites are very helpful for building quality links to a website because these membership sites have earned good authority and they are very respectable by search engines. Search engines like web 2.0 sites thinking that they are free and open source of publishing content.

    We have different plan for building web 2.0 links, you can expect both long term as well as short term link building plan that are very helpful for increasing traffic and ranking of your website. Most importantly, we provide very affordable link building services means you won’t be paying too much to get our services but you will see significant improvement in ranking and traffic of your website.

  • Low Cost Advertising Method – Forum Posting Service

    If you are an affiliate marketer, you can use forums as a main source of advertisement of your affiliate products and services. There are thousands of internet marketers who are already using forums to advertise their products and services and they get positive outcomes.

    Forums are beneficial for advertising because forums provide information in a particular niche, there are thousands forums and each forum is based on specific niche means you will be getting targeted visitors to your website. The more targeted visitors you get the more sales you make and the more sales you make the more money you earn. This is very simple to understand.

    If you are going to join some forums for the purpose of advertising your affiliate products or your own products or services, please make sure that you will be joining only relevant forums; there is no benefit of joining irrelevant forums. Also, forums are generally not made for advertisement; they are place of learning stuffs, so you have to understand this thing. You have to contribute to the forums first to build a good looking profile that is trusted by other forum members. When you feel that you have built good relationship in a specific forum, you can start using your affiliate link in signature, or you can directly recommend your affiliate product to other forum members but it sounds too commercial. You have to advertise your stuffs naturally. Of course forums are a low cost method of advertisement but it requires investment of time first. If you are able to give the time for posting in forums on a regular basis, you can get good benefit from forum posting without any doubts.

    By posting in forums, you get targeted visitor s and quality backlinks to your website which is very important for your business that you get without paying a dime. So forum posting is 100% successful strategy without any doubts. Most importantly, you can educate yourself about the topic of forum that will help a lot in understanding your business as you will be participating in only relevant forums so you will be learning those things that are related to your business.

  • The Internet Marketing Bible – Learn Website Promotion and SEO

    The Internet Marketing BibleThe Internet Marketing Bible is written by Zeke Camusio, a serial entrepreneur and founder of The Outsourcing Company. Using this internet marketing book, more than 200 companies are doing business in million dollars. The books is totally different from other internet marketing books because it contains only those things that work to convert a simple person to a successful internet marketer. If you are a business owner, this is a must-have book for you; you need follow the step-by-step guidance mentioned in this book to achieve your internet marketing goal.

    Most importantly, this book doesn’t contain useless information like history or invention of internet and other related things. It tells you only those things that work. Of course, the guide takes a holistic approach to internet marketing with 100% white hat method of website design and promotion using major search engines. The Internet Marketing Bible covers all the things such as SEO, SMM, PPC, conversion rate optimization, web design and other related things. So the book has all the things that you need to learn to become a successful online marketer or businessman. Most importantly, the book gives you useful information on available tools that are very helpful for doing internet marketing. Utilizing these open-source tools you can enhance your business in terms of visibility and profitability. Read more…

  • SEO Step-by-Step – The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Getting Traffic from Google

    SEO Step-by-StepThe SEO Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide will teach you each and everything about search engine marketing and receiving traffic from Google search engine. This is an ideal SEO book for small businessmen and bloggers. You are going to learn step-by-step all the basics + latest algorithm changes of major search engines. If you follow this SEO beginner guide, you will be in a better position to know the importance of search engine optimization and why it is especially important to your business. You should know that search engine traffic is very important to a website because visitors from search engines are targeted visitors, if they visit your site; they most probably buy products and services offered on your website. The book will teach you how to get visitors from Google and other major search engines to boost earnings from your websites.

    The SEO Step-by-Step guide covers most important areas such as SEO friendly content, importance of the title of a web page, image optimization, quality links, author rank, sitemap, Meta tags, social media, site speed, webmaster tools and Google analytic (GA). The book is written in an easy to follow style so that you won’t have any problem in understand each section of the book, if you carefully follow the book, you will be a leader in search engine optimization field without any doubts. Read more…

  • SEO Fundamentals: An Introductory Course to the World of Search Engine Optimization (The SEO University) (Volume 1)

    SEO FundamentalsThe SEO Fundamentals is an introductory guide to teach you basic SEO that you need to rank a website today. You will learn all the search engine optimization tactics and skills that are required to rank a website higher than your competitors.

    The book is written by a leader in the industry that teaches you step-by-step so that you can thoroughly understand search engine optimization and apply it in your web development project to earn more revenue from your websites. The book contains only quality and researched information that is going to help you a lot in doing SEO of your website. You will learn what things are basically required to rank a website in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other top search engines. You will also get aware of changes that are made by Google previously. And you are going to know what Google want to remove spam and irrelevant content to serve with relevant content to the searchers.

    You will also know about major updates such as Google Panda, Penguin, EMD and Hummingbird as these things are very important to know if you want to rank websites in Google search engine. Read more…

  • Important Things to Know while Choosing a Forum Posting Service

    If you have a forum and you want to increase its traffic, you have to create content first. If the forum doesn’t have enough content, it won’t have high visibility in search engines and visitors would also not like to participate in the forum that looks a new forum with too little content. In this case, what you can professional forum posters, they will create content in your forum for which you have to pay these forum posts.

    Before you choose a forum posting service provider, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right forum posting service provider so that you won’t get any problem related to quality of content and other important things.

    It will be good if you ask for the trail work whether it is a paid trial or free trail, most of the forum posting service providers will provide free trail to show their quality, dedication and knowledge about forum posting. If you liked their work, you can hire that forum posting service provider to create content in your forum.

    Other thing is choosing an established forum posting company that has been for years so that you get assurance that you are dealing with a professional forum posting company that knows each and every thing about forum content creation. If the company has been in market for years, you generally won’t have any problem but you may be paying a little higher than a new company charges. Here quality is very important thing so you shouldn’t think of money, get quality forum posts paying a bit higher than others so that your forum will have good credibility and it will start increasing naturally in few months.

    A good forum posting company knows how to create using different user IDs so that the forum will look natural to normal visitors. Of course, the same forum poster can use too many user IDs to sound natural as these forum posters are paid forum posters.

  • Tips to Successful Forum Posting for SEO

    What is Forum Posting?

    Forums are online discussion boards, people join forums to ask questions and educate themselves depending on the topic of forum. If there is a dating forum, of course, you are going to get information related to dating, if you have any question related to dating, you can ask your question and it will be solved within hours or days depending on how active the forum is. You can also participate in other related live discussion and put your thoughts there. Forums are totally different from chat rooms because chat rooms are temporarily archived, while forums’ content is given good ranking in search engines and it permanently stays in search engines. When you post in forum, it depends on the rule of forum that your post may be approved by moderators of forum, or it will automatically be approved.  Also, based on a forum set-up, users can post anonymously or uses have to register first with required information to use the forum to post in.

    Forums are good for getting targeted visitors to your website if you are posting useful information in the forum. You can reply to an existing thread or you can create a new topic in the forum, please make sure if you are creating a new thread, then the same thread shouldn’t exist.

    Forums are a free and effective method of link building, for joining forums, you don’t have to pay, you can start posting in forums as soon as you join forums free of cost. If you significantly contribute to the forum, you will manage to get relevant backlinks, targeted visitors, popularity of your business brand name and you can directly sell your services to the forum members. All these benefits can be gotten by making quality posts in some high traffic related forums.

  • Forum Posting to Get Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

    You may already be aware of out bound links and their importance in SEO and receiving traffic. Forums are also a good source of building links to gain higher presence in Google and other top search engines. Not only you will get benefit from SEO, but also you get targeted visitors from different sites where you have linked your site. Of course, if you are getting more targeted visitors to your website, you are getting earning more without any doubts. Well, you can say forum posting is like article submission as you post something online and you get link back in return. In forum posting, we participate in forums posting comments to relevant topic with a link of your website in signature. The signature works for two purposes, backlinks and direct visitors to the website.

    If you decided to use forum posting to get traffic to your site and build back-links to your site, you need to follow the below steps:

    First of all, you have to find the relevant forums based on your website; you also need to check if forums are quality forums or not, forums are indexed in Google or not, and forums have too many visitors or not. For finding forums, you just need to type in Google “your keyword + forum” or “your niche + “powered by phpbb”, “your keyword + powered by vBulletine”, “your keyword + powered by SMF” etc. This way you can find hundreds of relevant forums to participate in. Those forums that come up first they are generally considered high ranking forums in that search engine. After finding forums, you need to register each forum to start posting in. When you create an account with any forum, please make sure it allows signature from the first post or not, if the forum doesn’t allow signature from the first post, you may need to contribute to the forum first, say 10 posts, 20 posts, or some forums may require more 50 posts as well.

    After you registered few forums and established your profile, this is the time to start posting in the forums. Please make sure, you are contributing to the forum so that your account won’t have any problem. Also, please respect other forum members, admin and moderators to build good relationship as well.