Wedding Dress For The Groom

Wedding Dress For The Groom

If the brides dress is important then the groom’s dress is important too! While a lot of effort goes into selecting a brides dress, choosing a groom’s formal attire is not that tough. However, please note that your attire should not be taken lightly either, you have to look like the Prince Charming of the girl of your dreams. Follow this timeline to choose the perfect formal wear for your wedding:

A grooms attire can be thought for a little nearer to the wedding day, so we start with 6 months in advance: Start planning the kind of suit you would like to wear on the D Day. Visit a professional store, or take a friend’s advice, you can even hunt online for the style and make. Also, pay attention to the shirt style that you would like to wear. Color plays an important role to make a look hit or a flop, so, pay close attention to the color of your suit and the shirt.

4 months before: If you have plans to rent a tuxedo then start looking out for the best stores that can help you with this and deliver the perfect fit. You and your boys need to start trying innumerable number of attires that fit you perfectly. Do not give up until you find the perfect fit of the suit for you and the boys. If you have plans to buy your suit, your and the boys measurements need to be given by now. The material should also have been decided.

3 months to go: If renting, you should have found your suit by now, make a deposit and reserve it for your D-Day. If buying the suit should have gone for tailoring by this time.

2 to 1 month before: The first fitting needs to be done now. Visit the tailor for the first fitting and if there are changes that need to be done, give it for fixing. Also, start shopping for the right accessories too , like ties, shirts, pocket square, shoes, socks, belts and cufflinks.

2 weeks left: The tailor should call you now for the final fitting, if he doesn’t, start pushing him. Go for the final fitting with your groomsmen. Apart from the suit, you and your groomsmen have to be ready with the accessories too now. Pick up your suit well in advance, before the D-Day.

On the D-Day: Spend some quality time on your look today. Get your boutonnieres done with the florists help. Finally, mesmerize her with your look and the killer smile.

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