Wedding Feature of the Week: Ombre Weddings!

Wedding Feature of the Week: Ombre Weddings!

Ombre is love! It’s so whimsical that every woman would love to have an ombre-themed wedding. What once started out in hair color has gone on to clothing and now even weddings!

Ombre can be hard or easy to pull off, it really all depends on the look you’re going for. To help make sure you’ve got the right use of your ombre wedding palette, here are some tips to consider:

  •  Ombre is perfect during the day

Ombre is a pretty light color. Light because the color goes down or up to a lighter shade. Light colors always work well in the daylight where they can be best appreciated. During the evening, a light color palette will look pale in comparison.

  •  Ombre is great for the outdoors

Ombre is also a great choice for outdoor weddings. It can be a beach wedding, a casual wedding, a barn wedding, what have you. As long as it’s outdoors, ombre works wonderfully! The natural light and the wind from the great outdoors will play up your ombre dresses, making your wedding divine.

  •  Ombre looks great on dresses

As much as you love ombre, you might not be able to pull it off as well in a wedding dress. What you can opt for is to have it on your flowergirls, bridesmaids and maid of honor’s dresses! They’re going to look equally amazing and they’ll complement very well your white wedding gown.

However, if you’re not the traditional all-white wedding dress type of bride, then a touch of ombre to your gown will be perfect for you!

  •  Ombre is great with any color!

No matter what your favorite color is, you can always make it ombre! This is what all women love about ombre. Rather than sticking to the monochrome colored wedding or if you’re having a problem finding the perfect color combination, with ombre you can’t go wrong!

  •  Ombre works in all ways possible!

Finding it hard to find a fabric in ombre? Not a problem! You can buy various fabrics and buy it in all shades until you get to white! It’s perfect and works well with:

  • Seating arrangements – begin the first row with one color and then slowly fade or build up the color and you’ll end up with an ombre seating plan!
  • Wedding cake – don’t just stick to the ombre-colored fondant, but get right down to the layers of your cake! You can have these done in ombre too!
  • Invitations – white invitations can be boring for some. A touch of ombre will give just a hint of color and will do wonders of transformation to plain invitations!
  • Centerpieces – you can even have your decorator arrange your floral centrepieces to result in an ombre look!

There are endless ways you can have an ombre wedding! Begin with your favorite color and choose to go with an ombre theme! You’ll love the overall effect and so will your husband and your guests!

Enjoy the wonderful ombre selections for your future wedding!

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