Wedding Feature of the Week: The Chandelier Cake!

Wedding Feature of the Week: The Chandelier Cake!

Is it real? Is it a chandelier? Guess what, it’s a chandelier cake! This week’s wedding feature will be dedicated to the beautiful creation that is the chandelier cake. Why feature this cake? Aside from the hard work put into making it, the creativity and intricacy involved is worth giving this cake a spotlight for this week’s feature.

Is It Real?

The most common question usually encountered when it comes to chandelier cakes is whether it’s real. Of course, it’s real! This is what makes this cake so wonderful. It is an edible cake and a working chandelier at the same time. Yes, it even has the illuminating lights, the sparkly crystals, and all the works to make it look like a chandelier, yet taste like a delectable cake.

Should I Go For It?

One look at chandelier cakes and many bride-to-be’s would be wide-eyed and slack-jawed. Every bride, considering their motif, would love to have a chandelier cake for their wedding. So what’s stopping them?


Don’t be fooled by the expensive look of this cake. Not all chandelier cakes come in the same package. There’s the expensive package and then there’s the reasonably priced packaged. Before giving up on your dream cake, meet with the team who makes them. Most wedding cake suppliers will always work in your budget in making your dream cake.


As have already mentioned, this cake is edible. It will amaze you that it tastes like your favorite cake. Why? Cake suppliers take into consideration your preferred flavor or cake when making this creation.

Why, yes, it is definitely sturdy. There are many ways a chandelier cake can be presented in a wedding; the most stunning one is to hang it from a source (lower than the actual ceiling, of course). You might experience a little teetering of the cake when you slice it, but with assistants holding it in place as you slice, it’s as good as sturdy and will remaining hanging or standing for as long as the reception is taking place.


While this question may seem over the top, many brides do ask this when considering this cake, especially because this cake can actually be lit. Couples don’t have to worry about being electrocuted however. This cake has been designed even with that danger in mind. So, when you’re slicing your cake, you don’t have to worry about cutting any wires accidentally at all.

The Verdict: Two Thumbs Up!

You definitely want to consider this cake for your wedding for so many reasons. It adds additional ambiance to your wedding with its soft light and crystals reflecting this off the wall. It adds to the overall look of your wedding, especially when you’re going for glam and romantic, sophisticated and classy. Lastly, it servers a dual purpose: (1) it is a decorative peace during the ceremony and, (2) it serves as your wedding cake during the reception. This two in one combination can actually help you save on your wedding budget.

So, while you’re still planning, be on the lookout for chandelier cake suppliers in your area.

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