Wedding Feature of the Week: The Wedding Website!

Wedding Feature of the Week: The Wedding Website!

Planning a wedding has its own stresses. For some the stress can be a lot, while for others, there is little stress to be experienced. Imagine when you’re planning a wedding with majority of your guests from out of town. How are you going to get all those invitations and necessary booking informations out to them just in time? Here’s a lovely idea: make a website for your wedding!

The Pros

All you need is one site!

You can tick off your checklist having to go to the post office or logging in to your mail daily to send invites, event information, and other wedding plans. With a wedding website, everything is centralized! Uploading of files, management of RSVPs, and everything else can all be done in your wedding website. All you have to do is log in regularly to check who has responded and you’re good to go.

Management made easy!

Sometimes the reason brides hire a planner is to help them with management, especially with things they think they can’t manage on their own like the number of RSVPs, food restrictions and preferences, flight and hotel booking information, and the like that are coming from their guests. With a wedding website, the management system is already in place. All you have to do is check the site and you’ll be updated on the things needed.

Announcements made fast!

You know how frustrating it is to wait for responses from guests that are located farther away than some? It is. What’s great about a wedding website is that all of your guests, including your family and entourage can stay up to date with your wedding announcements, save the dates, proposals, reception announcements, and the like by just logging in to the Internet and checking your site. Announcements are delivered fast with just one click of a mouse.

Affordable and free packages!

You’re probably wondering how much putting up a website will cost. Well, it can cost you nothing or it can cost you a few dollars that’s worthy of your investment. You get to have your own domain name, such as and you get plenty of features to play around with.

Of course, if you have some know-how on how to put up a website that can be more personalized for you or know of a friend who can do it for free for you, then go ahead and do so!

It’s a wonderful keepsake!

The wonderful thing about wedding websites is that it doesn’t have to stop when your wedding does. You can upload pictures and other media of your wedding that your guests can view and share in the enjoyment as well.

You can even request for a CD to keep as a keepsake once your website expires.

The Cons

What cons are you talking about? There’s none! Practically everybody has access to the internet and knows how to use it nowadays. So, if you’re thinking of putting up a wedding website for your own special day, then now is a great time to do so!

Have fun!

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