Wedding Themes – For the Love of Chevron

Wedding Themes – For the Love of Chevron

Chevron has become quite the trend. First you saw it on home designs, then nails, and even on to maxi dresses and skirts! Chevron is just such a beautiful pattern and what a wonderful pattern to play your wedding theme around. It’s not so feminine that your groom will have any qualms about it and you can make it as unique as you want to make your wedding stand out.

Here are a few tricks you can use chevron for your own wedding:

1. Chevron-inspired dress

Now, don’t go raising eyebrows just yet. By a chevron wedding dress, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to be one colorful bride walking down the aisle. There’re wedding gowns made from chevron-inspired fabrics that are all in white!

Better yet, why not choose a chevron fabric for your bridesmaids to use?

2. Chevron-tie for the groom

The groom can be in on the whole thing, too! You can find him a chevron-printed tie in the colors that you want for your wedding. This lends color and style to your groom’s otherwise ordinary looking suit, no matter how expensive it is. Adding color and style will definitely make your groom stand out just as much as you.

3. Chevron-themed reception

You don’t have to go all crazy when it comes to chevron. Just a little chevron print here and there will be enough to make any table setting stand out. Use table cloths in chevron prints or table runners. For a cheaper alternative, you can have napkins (paper or fabric) with chevron prints for each guest.


4. Chevron-themed food

With the many things you can do with chevron, you can even put them on your food designs! Your cake is a great way to feature a chevron-theme since it’s going to be one of the highlights of your food station. Other than that, if you have a buffet, have a chevron-inspired background hanging around. This not only makes your food pop-out but makes the whole dining experience a fun one to have!

5. Chevron goodies

Give away goodies with chevron prints! These can range from simple and inexpensive to expensive wedding favors! Of course, we understand your budget, so let’s go with DIY favors. There are plenty of DIY chevron patters online. You can have those printed in a jiffy and wrap it around chocoloate bars with your names and wedding date on it. It’s going to be perfect!

6. Chevron gifts

Don’t forget your entourage! Your bridesmaids and even your grooms who did all that they can for your wedding to be perfect, deserve a token of their own. For the ladies, a chevron-printed make up bag would be a great way to say thank you. For the men, you can offer them chevron-printed hankies, cuff links, or yes even a chevron printed tie they can use for another occasion!

Other ways to play with this pattern haven’t even been mentioned yet such as the chevron invites, the chevron aisle runners, or the chevron decors! There’s so much you can do with chevron, it’s totally up to you!

While it is fun to play around with chevron, it can be a busy print. So make sure not to overwhelm your guests with it. Choose only a few of these chevron-inspired ways for your own wedding or you can always work with the minimal. Either way, you’ll enjoy the effect a chevron-inspired theme would be for your wedding!


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