Wedding Tip for the Groom: Aisle Love Letters!

Wedding Tip for the Groom: Aisle Love Letters!

What woman out there doesn’t want to be surprised and swept off her feet? As far as weddings go, it’s usually the groom who goes all emotional as soon as the bride walks into the room. How about turning things around and letting the bride get all emotional? One way to do that is through an aisle runner love letter.

What’s an Aisle Runner?

For those of you who are getting married for the first time and have never yet encountered an aisle runner in weddings, this basically refers to a red carpet. But, since having a unique wedding is all the rage for the past few years, aisle runners have taken a completely different route. Gone are the days when it’s the usual red carpet you have to consider; now, you can consider many substitutes as your aisle runner.

What Other Substitutes Are There?

One red carpet substitute is a runner compromising of petals, petals, and more petals. These can be arranged as a design throughout the length of the aisle or it can be laid layer after layer to look like a plush carpet. The colors chosen for a petal aisle runner is varied and depends largely on your wedding motif.

Another substitute would be a chronological timeline of how you met as a couple, but that could be another article for you to read.
The Love Letter Surprise!

A love letter for an aisle runner is simply that, an aisle runner written with the groom’s letter for the bride. Does this mean anything goes as long as it’s a letter? Well, you might want to consider some of these tips:

  • A simple and well-thought message will do.

If you, the groom, are worried that you’re not good with putting words on paper, let alone words on a runner, you have nothing to be anxious about. You don’t have to make poetry or use literally jargons to make your woman fall in love with you all over again at the wedding. All that’s needed is your heart, laid out in the open for her to read.

  • Do write big. Big enough for her to read.

You want your bride to be able to read your letter from a good distance without her having to bend down and read it. Do an estimate and practice with friends as to what a good sized font would be like read from the bride’s walking distance.

  • You want to keep it neat.

Just because you’re writing a love letter for a runner, this doesn’t mean that you actually have to write it on the runner yourself. If you’re not gifted with the best handwriting, better let someone else do the writing for you. It can be written in cursive or print, the key point to remember is that she has to be able to read it.

  • For her eyes only, as much as possible.

Your bride won’t be the only one who’s going to be walking on the runner. Your whole entourage is. What you want to do is to keep the runner as a surprise till the end, when your bride is waiting at the entrance. When the music starts, have someone roll the runner down to meet her feet and see your bride’s emotions overflow as she reads what you have to say.


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