What Happens During the Wedding Night?

What Happens During the Wedding Night?

What every bride wants to know and be ready for aside from the actual wedding day is the wedding night. This is always a fun topic to talk about especially with your circle of friends and by all means it shouldn’t be something embarrassing to talk about with your soon-to-be husband!

Many stories have been circling around as to what really happens during the wedding night. But, you have to remember that not all couples are the same; not all weddings are the same; and so not all wedding nights are going to end up the same as well.

What can you expect, then?

Prepping for it is going to be exciting!

Not just for you, but also for your husband. You’re both going to be preparing for it, although women tend to do more of the preparation. What do you do? You pick out lingerie, you remove all unwanted body hairs either through waxing or shaving, and you ready your lotions and massage oils and what not. It’s fun preparing for it, so enjoy!

Don’t be shy!

Being shy just can’t be helped, especially if it’s going to be your first time or your husband’s. But, when you get through that shyness barrier, you’re going to enjoy your time together. If it’s your first time and you’re shy about it, don’t pretend that you’re not! Talk to your husband about it and he’ll do his best to get you in the mood.

Don’t expect too much…

While every woman fantasizes about the best wedding night of her life, it’s not always the case. Most of the time you’re both going to be so tired after the wedding that you end up sleeping and nothing’s going to happen. When this does happen, don’t be disappointed. You’re going to have all the nights for the rest of your lives to enjoy each other’s company! So, when you’re both tired and prefer to do something else, then do it together and enjoy the moment. Snuggle together, watch television together, or even eat together!

Be ready to laugh!

Anything can happen during the wedding night, including ridiculous and embarrassing things. But don’t stress out about it. You both want to enjoy your first night together as an officially married couple. Stressing about it isn’t going to help. So, if there’s something to laugh about, then laugh it off together. It’ll be a great inside joke in the future for the both of you!

 Put in the time, strength, and boldness for it!

 If you really want something to happen on your wedding night, then condition yourself ahead of time. Make sure you don’t spend too much time on the cocktail table so that you’ll be up and alert come the awaited wedding night. Even if you’re tired, you can always muster the energy to spend time with your husband because you want it to bad enough. Express this to your husband as well so that he’ll be mustering his energy for you as well.

 Who knows what will happen on your wedding night? It’s up to you if you want to keep it or share it with other brides-to-be. One thing is for certain, you’re going to have a unique night, no matter how simple, extravagant, or how ridiculously funny it’s going to be!


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