What is a Wedding Without the Perfect Lighting?

What is a Wedding Without the Perfect Lighting?

Perhaps one of the most forgotten elements of wedding decorations is the lighting. It cannot be stressed enough that lighting is important to a wedding, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event. It provides that little something lacking that can put together the whole look you want to achieve, as a decorator, a planner, and even as a couple getting married. There’s nothing like achieving the right mood with the right lighting.

Indoor Lighting

Why is indoor lighting necessary when your venue already provides plenty of lighting to begin with?

  • Creating the mood

Do you want your wedding to be subdued and romantic or fun and vibrant? Do you want to transform the night into day or the day into night? All these looks can be achieved with the marriage of well-planned decorations and perfect lighting.

Strategically placed, the venue that was once so dark can be transformed into a bright world where couples see one another and the look of the faces of each of their guests. Or, it can dim the environment where you feel like there’s nobody else on that place but you and your groom.

  • Creating an impact

Nothing says WOW like great lighting. This doesn’t mean the spotlight trained on you as you dance or the flashing lights on the dance floor. This means the reflection the lights cast off on the walls, how the colors of the centre-pieces subtly change, and all these things. Make your guests and even you feel like you’ve been transported to a whole new world.

Outdoor Lighting

A few lights here and there to light up an otherwise dark night is enough, or isn’t it?

  • Illuminating the space

You don’t want to squint at the people you’ve invited just because it’s so dark out there. You also don’t want to stare so hard at your plate to check at what you’re eating. In order for these common night wedding problems to be eliminated, you need just the right fraction of illumination to make your beautiful surroundings visible to everyone. You want to appreciate your decorations, so make the effort to train the right number of lights on them.

  • Transforming an otherwise drab space

It’s not all the time that nature will work with you. Sometimes, you’ve just got to make your own canopy of stars or make a seemingly dark and unfriendly place into one that’s full of life and brimming with warm invitation. Let everyone feel the excitement of a big event about to unfold. All this can be achieved with the perfect lighting in place.

Every couple wants a memorable wedding they can look back on. Even if you have the most minimal decor, with the perfect lighting, you can still achieve the look that you want and leave your guests feeling awed. Whether you want a spectacular result or one that’s easier and close to heart, investing in good wedding lighting will get you just that.

Your supplier of sound equipment usually offers these services. If they don’t, take the time to look for a wedding lighting supplier or ask the assistance of your planner.

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