What To Wear and What Not To Wear For Your Rehearsal Dinner

What To Wear and What Not To Wear For Your Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner seems to be the last on a bride’s mind but it shouldn’t be taken for something less important. In fact, the rehearsal dinner is almost at par with your wedding, as far as importance goes. You not only want to impress your groom’s family, but you also want to make sure that everyone in the family goes along well before the start of your marriage.

So, when it comes to dressing up for a rehearsal dinner, most brides are at a loss. What should you wear? Should it be a short or long dress? Should it be revealing or not? Should it be dressy or casual? All these questions can run through your mind and can cause a bit of a stress. But, there’s definitely no reasons to chew your nails over picking out your rehearsal dinner outfit. It’s simple. All you have to do is to positively look forward to the event and take these guidelines with you while shopping for an outfit.


  1. Match your dress with the type of dinner you’re having. Are you having a dinner rehearsal at home or at a posh country club? Is it a barbeque rehearsal dinner or do you have hotel reservations? If it’s casual, you can opt for a casual dress. If it’s formal, opt for a classy dress.
  2. Wear a dress that flatters your shape. You want to look just as stunning at the rehearsal dinner as you would on your wedding day. Know your shape and pick a dress that suits you the most and enhances your best features. Regardless if the dress is long or short, what matters is that it suits your body shape.
  3. Love the dress you choose to wear. If you love the dress you’re going to wear for the rehearsal dinner, it changes your whole look dramatically. You stand up straighter as well as smile and talk more comfortably. Don’t just wear a dress because someone chose it for you. Love the dress! Own it!
  4. Wear any color you’re comfortable with. Your rehearsal dinner dress doesn’t have to be white. You can choose pastels and other colors you prefer. Just make sure to be careful during dinner not to stain your dress with the food or wine you’re ordering.
  5. Wear a dress that you can wear for any other occasion. It would be a waste of money if you can only wear your dress on the eve before your wedding. Make sure it’s a dress that you can wear to another party or event that you’ll be attending in the future.


  1. Wear a black dress. This isn’t because of some urban legend but because black is the safest color to wear to a rehearsal dinner and your guests would probably be wearing a black dress, too. You want to stand out, not blend right in. If you are comfortable wearing a black dress, then accessorize and have yourself made up so as to stand out beautifully from the crowd.
  2. Expose too much skin. Your family as well as your groom’s family will be at the wedding. Make a sophisticated impression by not showing too much skin wearing a super mini dress or dresses with odd cuts revealing different parts of your body. You want to be remembered as a beautiful and elegant bride to be, that’s it.
  3. Choose a dress that you’re not comfortable wearing. Comfort should come first before the look of the dress. If you’re not going to be comfortable in your dress, you’re set to ruin your rehearsal dinner experience. Not for the others, but for yourself.
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